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That's unfortunate
  • WalnutWalnut
    Posts: 19
    I had quite a good session just now. Completely different to what I was expecting, because I'd only planned to pop the ol' MGX up and an assisted traditional before retiring to bed. I didn't bother prelubing, just a coating of Vaseline and up it went. I changed the plan and laid on the bed. I thought I'd give it half an hour maybe, just to see what happens.

    To my surprise, once I'd relaxed nicely, I could actually feel my prostate. I think this is the first time I've been able to feel it specifically. And I could manipulate the Aneros, to a degree, so that it massaged it! It felt good. Now, I realise it doesn't make much sense, but as I focused on it, I thought that it felt.. 'watery'. But good too. I'm not explaining myself very well here, so I'll just leave it at that.

    There were some good feelings going on and building, and for the first time, now that I had a target and I could aim, it felt that I was able to dance around the prostate a little. I was able to nudge the feelings back when they left. I was surprised at how delicate the movements needed actually were.

    At one point, which to my mind was the beginning of the end of the session, I felt a warm rush in my pelvic area and I could have sworn the Aneros got pushed out to some degree. Things felt different down there and I thought to myself, "Well, that's unfortunate", because I was convinced I'm just had a movement. I tried to ignore it, the solder that I am, and carried on. Much of the previous mobility and feelings had gone despite my efforts, so I called time on the session and nipped off to the toilet, preparing myself to the inevitable...

    Which never came. The Aneros looked like new and the only other thing I expelled was air. I was relieved and surprised at how the trapped gas had impeded what was otherwise a very promising session. Since discovering the flax/linseed lube, I must admit that I may have been over-doing it with the prelube. Normally 10ml, sometimes a bonus 5ml for good measure. I'm not sure whether I'll use 5ml for my next session, or try out Vaseline only again. Perhaps it was just a fluke..?
  • PareidoliaPareidolia
    Posts: 90
    Ah yes, that damn gas. It'd be nice if they made a model with a blow hole some day :P
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    I've had that problem, and with only one shot of Slippery Stuff from my Lube Shooter, and some Vaseline on my Aneros. A few times after an overnight session, as I reach down to remove it, it shoots out my butt with accompanied gas, and nothing else. Yes, and it does feel like I have to poop before I remove it. I'm not sure about the why's and wherefore's, but it is annoying.