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I can't fully relax in the "knees bent, feet flat on bed" position?
  • wontquitwontquit
    Posts: 43
    Am I positioning myself correctly? I cannot relax my legs without my inner knees touching and resting on each other. This creates a weird sort of limbo state where any slight movement will make my legs fall to the side or just become a spread-eagle.

    How exactly are YOU utilizing this position?
  • bsmith14bsmith14
    Posts: 35
    I have used that position for most of my sessions for 3+ years with good success and lots of pleasure (p-waves, dry-o's, mini-os and full body shaking/contractions, etc) but never got to the super-o. I tried many other positions early on but none of them worked for me.

    Recently, I tried a new position that has brought me some incredible new pleasure that I would consider very close to the super-o. I believe it gives me better contact with the prostate and is much more relaxing overall. This position, is me lying on my back with me left leg out straight. My right leg is bent in a position where the right knee is pointing out to the right. The right foot/sole would be close to the left knee/upper calve area. I don't have them foot touching the other leg but its a couple of inches away. I can lay in this position for as long as I want my sessions to last and the pleasure seems to last as long as I want to where as before I would fatigue about an hour into my sessions with my original position.

    One thing I noticed was that I have cut way down on the body shaking/spasms by about 90%. I also have yet to have an hfwo in this new position while the other one I would get those in about 25% of my sessions.

  • imperiumimperium
    Posts: 92
    I do that position.
    Instead of both knees up I bring the feet together.
    Then allow one knee to rest off to it's side down to the bed.
    When the up leg begins to tire I switch.
  • I usually start out in the sometimes recommended position, lying on (usually) rt side. knees bent almost at 90 degrees, top leg a little higher than bottom one. Sometimes I return there sort of like home base. I am so rewired that almost immediately I feel the aneros (no matter which of the 5 taled + 4 Peridise I have) moving ever so slightly on my prostate. My anus starts to spasm. Very soon I feel an urge to turn slightly on my back and stroke my inner thighs and groin along the side of my balls. One leg has the urge to stretch out. From there I keep gettng a sense of where to move my legs and rest of body slightly this way or that. I touch myself ever so lightly usually. Almost my whole body has become full of numerous erogenous zones, with some spots that send me shooting to the moon. I can't believe how aneros has triggered such sensations. When I lie on my back I put a pillow under my lower back so the tail of the aneros is free to move. I am ready to remove the tail on my MGX as is often recommended in these forums. If that suits me I may do it to others. Some speak of using aneros while sitting up. I can't see how to do that with the tail on it. How can it move freely? I have tried it with a Peridise since it has no tail, but felt no effect. The most important thing is to have patience and keep at it, yet not forcing it, but letting it happen. Once the various feelings came I found I could somehow experience them more and more. I suffer from ED no doubt because of years of diabetes. Aneros has been a blessing for me. I recently learned of the mangina, and it has really increased the thrills. I only have sex with myself unfortunately, but that's the way it is despite desires, especially for experience with other men.
  • buttfunbuttfun
    Posts: 60
    [QUOTE=imperium;47397]I do that position.
    Instead of both knees up I bring the feet together.
    Then allow one knee to rest off to it's side down to the bed.
    When the up leg begins to tire I switch.image

    This is exactly what I do as well, and the switch made it way easier for me to relax. Far less "fatigue".