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Which one to start with.
  • I had a radical prostatectomy three years ago. As a resuly I have had big problems with erections and very weak orgasms.

    I have only just learned that provided both nerve bundles are intact Aneros should work as well for me as anybody else.

    So, using logic and bearing in mind there is now a space where my prostate used to be I decided to go for a larger Aneros and puchased a Progasm.

    I have had about eight sessions with this so far with no great expectations on my part as I am in it for the long haul.

    Of late I have noticed that the aneros now draws in more "tightly" and feels very comfortable.

    Question: Is aneros going to work with my condition and is Progasm a good choice to be starting with?

    Thanks for reading this I would be pleased to receive advice on these points.

  • It seems that might be a question for your Urologist. If there is no longer a prostate, are the nerve bundles sufficient to react as a prostate would(?) I hope you are able to get some reaction, because it can be wonderful. Sorry if it doesn't work out for you. Of course, there are other ways for you to experience sexual pleasure I would think.
  • I'm told it still works without a prostate.

    But I would love to know whether I've started with the right Aneros

    John Paul.
  • John Paul
    Most start as I did since it was recommended with the MGX. Some shorter (than what I'm not sure, seems like maybe 4' 6". I don't know what metric would be) are recommended to start with SGX. It certainly worked for me, and I have in 2 years acquired others, and they all work great for me. It has been a blessing since I have suffered from ED for a number of years, most likely due to circulation problems from diabetes. I like the bigger ones, like Eupho and Maximus, because they seem more like a penis.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    Sorry I can't be an authority on what to do in your situation, palmspring, but if your nerve bundles are intact, I would think you should be able to experience some results with Aneros use. It's the nerves, at least in my opinion, that with internal massage where they usually lie over the back of the prostate become stimulated sufficiently to bring about orgasm--albeit a dry one that is uncoupled from the ejaculatory process--and not the prostate gland itself that is central to the orgasmic aspect of the experience.

    Nonetheless for those with a prostate gland, relaxation of the prostate capsule and improvement in urinary symptoms can result from regular Aneros use, though these benefits of Aneros use may not be necessarily orgasmic related. For many, including myself, "less is more" in terms of size of the tool. I have a Progasm, but rarely use it as I experience the least in terms of orgasms with it. It's the thin, nimble Eupho that can drive me just about up the wall with orgasmic intensity. So you may want to try one or two smaller models as you go through the re-wiring process. And finally, for anyone, don't be in a rush--prostate or no prostate--to reach the super orgasm phase. Try to enjoy all the sensations you experience along the way.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    Also, as to a couple of other points you raised. Yes, the involuntary drawing in sensation is one of the early milestones of making progress with re-wiring. And 8 sessions is "just getting started" so to speak with the journey you're on. Lastly, I wouldn't worry about the "empty space down there now" you've got to make up for with something the size of a Progasm. Our bodies are made with the remarkable ability to "fill in" those kinds of spaces post-operatively and your nerve bundles should be reachable through the rectal wall not too much unlike other guys with prostates.