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Many Mini-O's or Dry-O's?
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    Great session this morning. Had close to 100 mini or dry O's...I suspect these are really one in the same. But it's the sensation that you're ejaculating very slowly as it climbs up you're shaft. Some leakage with it...but not a lot. One if them seemed to last forever though. Taking a break at the moment. Will go for another round shortly and see what comes next.
  • I've had this sensation several times and never considered it an orgasm. Yesterday, it seemed to go on and on. I was expecting a puddle based on the extended feeling of leakage, but there was little more than a drop.

    Will I know when I have a Super O, or is it possible to mistake or classify those feelings as something else as well?
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Good description Stumpy of how a prostate orgasm builds and from this description I think you're on your way to some intense super-O's coming pretty soon. Mine come (I have relatively short sessions, usually no more than 30 minutes) in about 3 minute cycles with a warm build up in the pelvis, a wonderful can't quite ejaculate feeling that travels out into the penis shaft, and then an incredibly intense just like I'm ejaculating as hard as I could feeling in the glans that lasts for a minute or so, then fades away for a minute or so, then starts all over again, each successive one getting more intense than the last.

    This will go on for about 20 to 30 minutes (i.e., about 7 to 10 O's) before they stop wanting to come at which point I feel incredibly relaxed. There's no refractory as with traditional ejaculation but I am so relaxed by the time it's over, I don't even want traditional orgasm and ejaculation. An incredibly wonderful way to keep my sexual sensitivity and erectile performance up during times my wife isn't in the mood.
  • That is the best explanation of a Big O I have seen so far, Slim Jim, although there are probably others in forums I haven't seen. From your description I don't think I've had one yet, although I have super stuff in sessions, better each time than before no matter whicn aneros I use, although the Maximus, Eupho, and Ice Progasm are my favorites because they seem to fill me more like a penis. Before I got them I liked the Helix better than my first, the MGX. However, I am almost never left satisfied the way you describe w/o the desire to jack off. Only recently have been able to finish a session without traditional jacking off on rare occasions. I have never experienced with aneros the impact of the old way, with spasms or contractions in the perenium (spelling for the area between the scrotum and anus?). I have had bits and hints, but only once or twice and not many contractions and not strong there. In the anus and prostate area yes. For sure the orgasms in jacking off are better than ever before aneros. Nothing like them. The last few sessions since learning of the mangina I have been doing that with wonderful sensations front and back, but not often without ending up jacking off after the little turtle sticks his head back out, and is all nice and slippery from pre-cum, especially a couple days ago when I had not ejaculated in a couple weeks. The urge was just irrisistable. I am at a hotel, and last night after swim, hot tub, and sauna, although I was tired when I went to bed, I was relaxed as a wet rag, and felt the need to try to sleep with largest Peridise in. I have only tried to sleep with aneros in a time or two before w/o satisfaction because I just couldn't get to sleep with it in, and took it out soon. I felt nothing last night with the Peridise (which usually are great, but not always, so switched to the Euphro I had brought with me (I don't carry the whole arsenal I have!) I finally bought some vaseline yessterday. I had used some of a friend's a couple times earlier in this trip, and found it great. When I didn't have that available the last 2 sessions before last night, I used margerine, and it did the trick. I am liking thick lube better than thin, although I like coconut oil, and have been putting chunks of raw shea butter up my ass at home. Haven't gotten around to melting it in a mix into cocktail ice cube trays yet. To get back to last night. I drifted off to sleep after nice feeling with that nice Eutpho penis in. After a few hours I woke up to pee, and took it out, and went back to deep sleep. When I woke up pretty refreshed I put the Maximus in and did the Mangina thing and had some super sensations for a good 30 minute changing positions from side to side, and back with pillow under my lower back to let the tail (mine and the Maximus') free movement. Didn't jack off, and didn't feel a strong urge or probably would have, but have had some blue ball feelings. I have never been one to resist the urge to masturbate if at all appropriate. I don't think it is healthy to fight it. Am horny as hell, but I like that. I am single, never married, was engaged some years ago, but we had decided not to go all the way before marriage, and then never did. Now I am tying to figure out how to go about having the experience with a man. I am admitting I am more on the homo end of the continuum, but have had no experience other than attraction and what i see on gay porn, which really turns me on. I want to try it all!