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What I call the "Frosty Chill"
  • AztecAztec
    Posts: 47
    It has been a long time since I have posted, but I’ve been pretty regular keeping up with everything, and everyone. This is both an update to get stuff off my chest in hopes it may help someone else, and also a post looking for some possible feedback near the end.

    I had to post how my last few sessions have gone, but before that, I have to thank all you older married guys out there who swear you should tell your wife/girlfriend so they know what you are up to. Things changed for me shortly after telling my wife. Mind you, it took a couple of drinks to show her my Helix, and I didn’t show her my MGX, Peridise or Progasm, Lelo Billy, or Rude Boy. Anyway, I then explained why I use it (Thank you High Island - ), and what the possible side effects maybe. Such as a violent orgasm that looks painful but is claimed to feel wonderful. (I’ve still not achieved the Super O, as far as I can tell)

    I’ve been using my devices for about a year and a half. I told my wife about this new passion about two months ago. Things changed the day I told my wife I was heading upstairs to massage my prostate, and that I’ll be down in an hour or two. I had no idea what was going to happen and I was sure I wasn’t stopping an hour in if things were feeling good. I needed that buffer.
    Needless to say, I had a wonderful session. I was not holding back my breathing, vocal grunts, or worried if she snuck upstairs to see what I was up to. She still isn’t interested to see it in action… yet… but I’ll change her mind with that once I gain control over my Helix.

    I’m mostly using the Helix at this time, because it is providing amazing sessions for me. I’ve also added another weapon to figuring out why I can’t go over the edge, and I’m literally seeing a trend in my lack of progress, so I think. I’m using a video camera to tape my sessions. I know, perhaps a little overboard, but I know I’m at the gate, and I’m trying to figure out why it won’t open.
    So what am I feeling that is making me feel as if I’m close? I will try and explain it using today’s session as it is fresh on my mind. I can feel the contact on my prostate almost immediately these days and after about 10 minutes of using the ‘do nothing approach’ via breathing and relaxing I start to get great p-waves. I’m getting good at focusing them throughout my body. I can make the electric feeling trickle down my legs or into my chest, and if I’m lucky both at once.

    Upon reviewing my video, I confirmed what I thought I felt today. I had multiple orgasms, about seven maybe eight in total, some mild or mellow that lasted a long time with great p-waves associated with it. Three of those seven or eight, are what I’m going to call mini-O’s because they were very intense, sucked the Helix all the way in and hit the spot just right to make me arch in a wonderful bliss, but it was short lived. Perhaps 10 -15 seconds. It was like a good orgasm, but extremely tense throughout my body. On my last mini, I had an amazing feeling that I’m going to try and explain.

    This feeling I felt will be called the “Frosty Chill”. I sometimes use a visual of a strawberry, and see it from a distance. I then zoom in on it as the feeling becomes more encompassing. I focus on how the seeds on that strawberry are slowly being touched, and how those seeds make me feel the more they get touched. I know… odd, but it works for me. It keeps my mind occupied, and focused on that ‘scratch’ or ‘itch’ we all know about, instead of trying to chase it with my muscle manipulation. Anyway, the Frosty Chill felt like someone ripped the roof off my house, and allowed artic air to surround me in a big gust. Surrounding me for what felt like 30 seconds, and then it felt like wonderful prickly ice shards all over my arms and legs for the most part. I then began to ‘shiver’ as I will call it. I was shaking uncontrollably, yet not in a violent manner. It was if I was really cold. I held and really enjoyed this feeling for a long time, until I lost control of the Helix. It was sucked in, hit the spot, I arched my back, whipped my head quickly to one side for no reason, while it pumped a few times and the peak of intense pleasure was reached. This lasted a total of 15 seconds or so. Wonderful P-waves kept me happy after this, and I’m not upset at all. I’m happy where I’m at, and hope everyone who is struggling keeps up with it. I’ve been at it for a year and a half, and have enjoyed every second.

    Now my video evidence and questions:

    - I can tell I’m not breathing when I approach that irresistible itch inside. I saw myself no longer breathing in a controlled manner. Is there a technique one can do to practice breathing through distraction? I’ve not had any luck with finding good resources on meditation. I would love ideas on books and even better, a DVD instruction on how to better meditate.

    - Next, I appear to be tense. My toes are lifted a lot, as in they curl towards the ceiling. Although I was feeling rather excited for about an hour and a half today none stop. Something was constantly going on down there. Could this be a result of my incorrect breathing pattern, or is it because I had an active day with amazing feelings?

    - Lastly, I’ve seen some videos online of other users. When they have anal orgasms or prostate orgasms, the device thrusts in and out a good inch or two. I don’t have that happen. My orgasms tend to be more pulling up and down due to muscle contractions, with limited mobility. I am well lubed, using a homemade recipe consisting of Shea Butter, Coconut oil and Walnut. Slippery as all get out. My device only comes out about a half inch on occasion and thrusts back in, yet twitches up and down from my contractions. I see amazing muscle work. My question here is simple. Is this answered as a simple everyone is different? Or is my breathing, or being tense, getting in the way and I’m puckering/clamping down to hard on the device instead of relaxing through it.

    Thanks a million for reading, and any insight you might have if you have experienced anything along your journey that helped set you free.

  • I have to repeatedly remind myself to breathe deeply, but it sure makes a difference when I do. Lots of people only breathe in the top part of the lungs. Diaphramatic breathing is way down at the bottom of the lungs. Watch a baby lying naked on its back, and see how the whole lung moves. We tend to lose that ability. When we have strong emotions, especially uncomfortable or painful ones, we tend to stop breathing, hold our breath. It works, but then where are those feelings going, and what is the effect on the body? Better to let the feelings go their whole cycle. They pass eventually and are replaced by other feelings. That may explain your tenseness?

    Thanks, Aztec, for the idea of adding walnut (oil I presume, not the nuts!) to shea, and coconut. I'll give it a try. I suppose there are other food, nut oils that can be added. It's hard for me to imagine the addition doing anymore than shea and coconut, but I'll find out.

    You are so right in encouraging those who consider not continuing. It so marvelously pays off. Whoever thougtht we could have such pleasure?
  • AztecAztec
    Posts: 47
    Thanks, Aztec, for the idea of adding walnut (oil I presume, not the nuts!) to shea, and coconut. I'll give it a try. I suppose there are other food, nut oils that can be added. It's hard for me to imagine the addition doing anymore than shea and coconut, but I'll find out.

    I added about an ounce of oil, not nuts, to the recipe found on the forums. Keeps the mixture a little smoother in my opinion, and melts quickly.

    I know the feelings are all normal, that cause me to hold my breath. I also know it will pass seeing how far I have come lately. Very repeatable, compared to my early days, so I should accept it soon.
  • Of course, Aztec, I was kidding about adding the nuts rather than oil. I really like your avatar.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 602
    The movement of the device doesn't have to be much to cause intense stimulation. A few millimetres can be enough in some cases -- you may not even be able to consciously feel it moving.

    Everyone is different. I am sceptical about some of the videos out there -- my own sessions are nothing like them.