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My Super O ends up being a regular orgasm
  • I find that position that works best for getting me the best feelings, is lying on my side with my penis between my legs. As it starts to feel really good, I think that I am headed for the Super O, but then I end up having a regular orgasm. Is this because there is slight touching of the penis in the process? I'm not using my hands on my penis, but it is slightly rubbing between my legs.. Do you know what I mean?Also, this happens when I am slightly touching it on the bed sheets as I am using the Aneros. It's almost as if the only way to have a Super O is without "ANY" contact with the penis whatsoever. Rob
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    The Aneros massages the nerves overlying the back of the prostate gland that go down into the penis producing an orgasm that is prolonged and uncoupled from ejaculation, and hence "dry". Any stimulation to the penis, for some individuals however small, quickly overrides the stimulation to the nerves where they overlie the prostate resulting in traditional orgasm accompanied by ejaculation. In your case you will probably have to assume another position that will completely avoid this. For many, including myself, that's on your back with knees up and relaxed gently apart.
  • impimp
    Posts: 95
    robnshirz, Here's a radical solution to your unwanted stimulation problem.
  • Yea, I'd say that's radical... LOLI think I'll try some other options first..[QUOTE=imp;47184]robnshirz, Here's a radical solution to your unwanted stimulation problem.
  • Imp--=good choice of name!