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"been trying for four months with Helix. please help me."
  • ansiansi
    Posts: 11
    Hello gentlemen (and possibly ladies as well, but I'll assume gentlemen here).

    I'm a male Asian of mid-twenty, 6 ft, and straight.
    I've bought Helix about four months ago and ever since I've been trying to get my 'first time' without much success and today, for the first time I've felt something...different and I've gotten scared; which is why I came here for assistance.

    A lubricate of choice was water-based lubricate which seemed to get 'sticky-and-not-so-sliding' after twenty or thirty minutes. It was recommended by the shop clerk and I didn't know much about lubricates.

    Here are some essential information.(I've copied questions from other article in this forum)

    * What model(s) do you own, use & for how long have you been using them?
    - Helix and I've been using it for four months.
    * What is your level of experience with anal play?
    - None prior to this Helix.
    * How often & how close to a session do you masturbate?
    - I often abstinent at least a day or two before each session.
    * How often & long are your typical sessions?
    - thirty minutes to forty-five minutes. Any longer would be pushing for the short-lasting lubricants.
    * Are you able to relax & have undisturbed time for your sessions?
    - Yes.
    * How is your lubrication applied?
    - I posture so that my anus faces the ceiling, and let the fluid sip down the rectum. Then I coat the Helix with the lubricants.
    * What type & quanity of lube do you use, internally, externally & on your Aneros?
    - Water-based anal-play lubricant; I think its label is 'Jo'.
    * Do you pre-flush your rectum or enema?
    - No. I do not have equipment for that.
    * What kind of contractions/techniques do you use during a typical session?
    - For the first few weeks(very unsuccessful) I've repeatedly contracted the anus heavily. It did not work and I decided to read the tutorials thoroughly.
    - Lately I've come to contract the muscle from either side of the balls(if it makes any sense), and/or squeezing the muscles so that anus 'feels like' getting pulled towards the P-tab. (does that make any sense?)

    * What is the duration and intensity of the contractions you use during a typical session?
    - I generally keep the contractions soft indefinably (around 20% of heavy contraction?). Then after I get comfortable I can feel the Helix tingling and shaking very little. When I feel that I strengthen the contraction by 5~10% and the tingling gets harder. It feels like I'm trying to grab and hold perfectly frictionless object with two palms.(at least that's what I try to picture)
    - When that passes(by accidental relaxing or heavier contraction or twitching and recovery) I try to keep the similar level but heavier contraction for indefinite amount of time.

    * How often do you end a session with a traditional orgasm?
    - I find myself the unsuccessful session very unsatisfying and about three out of five times I end up masturbating to close the session(either with the aneros in me or out)
    * Do you have any medical issues that could affect your sexual response?
    - Not that I am aware of. I'm a healthy man of mid-twenties. I am little over-weight, however. 6 ft and 83 kg.(around 180 pounds)

    * What forms of physical stimulation do you employ prior to & during a session?
    - I do not.

    * What forms of mental stimulation do you employ prior to & during a session?
    - I used to open a nude pictures(of lewd poses and often from pornographic movies) but lately I've stopped. I try to focus on the movements of the Helix.

    In today's session, things went as usual except I felt the lubricant drying up sooner than I expected(as in, getting sticky in the rectum.). For some reason I decided to take the Helix out, re-lubricate, and re-insert. After a few minutes and while I contracted and relaxed, the helix 'hit' or positioned so that the tip landed somewhere. And whenever it landed 'that' place I've felt like my nerves tingling with electricity.(figure of speech, but 'different' from anything). I tried to manually contract and out, to stimulate that part and it kept feeling interesting but it didn't start twitching or 'super-O'-like or even building- for it. It did feel interesting, though.

    I was wondering if that 'somewhere' is supposed to be the prostate. If it is, why wouldn't the place hit for the past four months?

    Also, the Abutment, upon insertion, does not seem to touch my perineum if I lie down on my back. It touches only when I lie on the side and bend the legs.

    Lately I've been thinking if I made a mistake by getting a Helix.
    Would it be better if I get the MGX instead? The Abutment(or P-Tab) problem as well as 'I-don't-think-it's hitting-the-right-spot' problem have been bugging me for a while.

    Please share your thoughts.

    thank you.

    p.s. by the way, is it me, or is the site connected not to but ?
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    I had the same problem with the Helix, the P-tab just didn't seem to be connecting strongly. I find the MGX a much better fit and wish I'd tried it much sooner.

    I was wondering if that 'somewhere' is supposed to be the prostate. If it is, why wouldn't the place hit for the past four months?

    My theory is that it was hitting that place, but it takes time for your prostate to respond to it. A kind of awakening. I've found the feelings get better by themselves with time and practice. It's not all about technique, so don't get frustrated that you're not doing the right thing.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hello ansi and welcome to the Aneros Forum,
    On behalf of the Forum membership I want to thank you for a very complete post. The detail makes it much easier to understand what you are experiencing.

    First, about changing from Helix to MGX.

    The MGX might be more compatible with a 'contraction' style of session, as opposed to a 'do-nothing' (alternative) style of session. However, you are starting to feel some tingles and pleasure. I'd suggest reading over the Wiki's discussion of the two session styles and consider incorporating elements of the more modern 'do-nothing' style into your sessions. -- -- . It's important that you are able to devote a minimum of 45 minutes to these early sessions for the 'do-nothing' approach to work it's magic. (see lubrication below)
    If, after a couple of weeks, you feel that the MGX might be a better choice then make the switch. The Helix will stand you in good stead later on for its better agility.

    Lubrication: Generally your choice of lube should support a session between forty-five and ninety-minutes.

    While Jo is a popular anal lube for many men it sounds like you are absorbing it rather rapidly. I'd suggest lubing your sphincters and the Helix with a thin coating of a thick lube like Vaseline or partially-solidified Vegetable Oil. If you are still absorbing the Jo you might consider a bit of vegetable oil (Olive and Walnut are good choices) in your rectum.
    (I'm not sure of your geographic location. If you are in Europe where Spry is difficult to find and there are no Grocery stores that carry Crisco, some U.S. toy stores offer it for export. Here's one: -- -- )
    I don't want to minimize your dedication and desire to 'keep trying' but feel that it's more important for your to relax and allow the pleasure to invade your body and wash across your being. Your 'tingles' indicate that you've 'awakened' your prostate. With time and more sessions those p-waves will increase in frequency and duration setting the stage for more ventures.
    Please report more of your progress here.
    ... rook
  • ansiansi
    Posts: 11
    Thank you for quick response and the messages.

    While Jo is a popular anal lube for many men it sounds like you are absorbing it rather rapidly. I'd suggest lubing your sphincters and the Helix with a thin coating of a thick lube like Vaseline or partially-solidified Vegetable Oil. If you are still absorbing the Jo you might consider a bit of vegetable oil (Olive and Walnut are good choices) in your rectum.
    (I'm not sure of your geographic location. If you are in Europe where Spry is difficult to find and there are no Grocery stores that carry Crisco, some U.S. toy stores offer it for export. Here's one: -- -- )

    Just to be clear on this point, though: when you mean Vaseline do you mean 'the' vaseline'( i.e., skin lotion?
    More so, by 'Vegetable oil(olive)' do you mean 'the' cooking oil like Crisco or etc? While I see the point it seems rather bizarre idea; wouldn't oil affect the material or flesh in rectum? I'm not a chemist nor a biologist and that's why I find it hesitant to try.

    I do have sunflower oil in my kitchen, would that be safe to use?
    thank you.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Apologies, I forgot that there's also a "Crisco" cooking oil. We're talking about thick lube like regular Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (plastic jar with the blue cap) or Crisco (white shortening in the blue can) smeared on the entire surface of Helix above the tapered stem and applied internally to your sphincters. (a great opportunity to give your prostate a small finger tickle) to let it know there's soon to be joy. :) Either of these is inexpensive and both have good lasting qualities. They are a bit more difficult to clean up. Consuming a high-fiber diet will help clear out lube residue with each bowel movement. Generally, natural oils and shortenings will clear out faster than silicone based lubes. That done, inject a couple of ml. of fluid lube or smear a generous amount, over the thick lube, onto the Helix. (sunflower oil is fine). Avoid highly aromatic oils like Sesame. Avoid anything that's not OK for internal use like a skin lotion or anything that is marked for "external use only." A refined vegetable oil should not be on your list of things to try. Some of us blend and heat unrefined Shea Nut Butter, unrefined Coconut Oil and a bit of Beeswax to produce rumel's "Natural Jelly," a lube that combines lasting quality with slipperiness. But, I'd suggest that, as long as durability is an issue for you, that you stick with easy to use, durable lubes like Vaseline, Crisco and cooking oils. Avoid nut oils if you are allergic to peanuts. Very honestly, we don't know much about long term safety of any anal lube. Studies are limited in their scope. Slippery Stuff (gel) had good reports in the Cadie/Johns Hopkins study. Most of us seem to agree that, if it's safe to eat it's OK in the rectum. However we all realize that the lower GI tract was 'designed' to deal with digested foodstuffs. One thought though: India's traditional medicine involves Basti (small enemas) that inject a variety of herbs and vegetable oils into the rectum. That practice has been essentially unchanged for about 3000 years and Indians, seem to enjoy a long life with minimal illness. Hope this helps.

    Yes, is an affiliated site and deals in the same product line (made in the USA). Aneros is a highly respected product in Japan. I'm no longer a student of Kanji, katakana or hirakana but can tell the site is well designed to really promote the product. ... hth.... blessings.... rook
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Another name for Vaseline is petroleum jelly. Spread a thin coat over the head and shaft of the device, but not all the way to the base of the Aneros; only as far as it's normally inserted. For anal lube, I've found Slippery Stuff Gel is very thick, very slippery (inside the rectum), and long-lasting (inside; outside, it drys out quickly). I use a syringe like a Lube Shooter, to insert a premeasured amount of Slippery Stuff Gel into the rectum. I've had it inside for several hours (6-9), and it's still slippery inside when I squeeze it out.
  • I like thick, so like to hear that about Slippery Stuff. I've been trying without results to find out if an ingredient of Slippery Stuff is glycerin. I avoid it because of its laxative effect (consider glycerin suppositories used as a laxative.) On Amazon I see Passion Lube does not have it. I have a thick lube in a tube that is something like surgical lube. It comes from the company where I got my cock pump (I suffer, to say the least!, from impotence.) It is pricey. I use also the Walmar Equate equivalent of KY (also pricey) but it has glycerin. My latest session (2 days ago) I tried vaseline, at seeing it referred to so many times. It is great! I also like the raw shea butter, but use chunks. I want to try the version mentioned above, mixing it with coconut oil and beeswax. I have shot melted coconut up with a syringe. Great, speaking of slippery stuff.
  • Hello, this is my first time replying to a thread, I've tried to make my own before but I would get logged out for some reason, but anyways this is just my thoughts and what I've been through in about the same time as you (4 months) give or take. When I first started I got the progasm as my first aneros because I was a little experienced with vibrator and the such. No matter what I did I got no feeling but some precum coming out then I tried with the anerosession and still not much. Then after awhile I was curious about the eupho because it was more expensive but decided to get the sublime set, the helix and eupho. When I got my helix I gave my self an enema first, applied astroglide to the helix only (before I put it on anus and progasm) relaxed layed on my side with my bottom leg straight and upper leg bent into my chest, put in my headphones in and started to listen to the second part with the moaning I held a light contraction the whole time, then I felt some thing I never did before, like electricity, a little muscle spasms in my legand arm then when the lady would start to moan I would feel pounding like in myballs a little thenwould go faster and found my fingers were tightening on my asscheek while it happened. So far my best experience since I started. And started to rub my nipples a little during it didn't hurt to try. O and ididn't focus on the helix I was focusing on the moaning. This may help if you tried it like that but as everyone here says everybody responds differently. BTW I'm about 5 11 just a little shorter than you and about 230 pounds. Hopefully something I wrote here helps you
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    No, it does not have any glycerin; it was considered the most anal-safe of several tried in a study that the info is no longer available.
  • [QUOTE=Adidas718;47156]started to listen to the second part with the moaning...when the lady would start to moan.
    What exactly is it that you are listening to??

  • [QUOTE=Lenny Bruce;47158]What exactly is it that you are listening to??Thanks.Oops spelled it wrong earlier lol I was listening to HypnAerosession that I downloaded to my phone from the store, its the second half of the download
  • ansiansi
    Posts: 11
    thanks for the replies; I've been trying a couple of sessions and it was great, I don't think I've 'crossed the line' but with the oils it was...different.
    I'll let it rest for a bit and give it a try some time around the weekend... hopefully the newly accquired Hyperanerossession would give me an edge. :)

    thanks all again.