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Getting close, any suggestions?
  • Hey guys,

    I bought an MGX a couple of months ago, have been using it off and on like once every two weeks. Most of the time I smoke weed before and during a session, and have noticed that it makes a lot of positive difference. The farthest I've got is holding an anal contraction while breathing slowly, which led to heavy involuntary contractions of my perineum which went all the way to the head of my penis, which sometimes is rock hard at this moment and sometimes completely soft, and the Aneros is really rocking inside my body heavily. At that moment I feel like I'm getting really close, and am able to hold this feeling for like 3-5 minutes. Moaning occurs sometimes, but I don't really know if I should keep relaxing and try breathing slowly or letting the moaning go which mostly leads to my body cramping up. During this time however I'm not fully able to keep the rocking sensation, and sometimes it feels like my anus cramps up and I lose the feeling for a very short while, which leads to me losing the feeling of really getting somewhere.

    So basically, my question is: Should I try and relax and breathe slowly when the Aneros is rocking inside my body and my perineum is contracting heavily or should I let the moaning do its work and take it from there?

    Some additional info/questions:
    - I watch softcore porn (xart) which has soft music intros etc which really relaxes me, but I notice that most of the time my eyes are closed during a session. Would it help putting on relaxing music instead?
    - I masturbate like 4 times a week, never gone more than 3 days before using the Aneros, would waiting a week make a big difference?
    - After a session, which mostly takes 2-3 hours, I can't resist having a Super-T as these are the best orgasms I've ever had, they're like 5 times as instense and create a lot more sperm that litterally goes all over the place in comparison to normal orgasms. Is it better to end without one? Any tips would be helpfull, thanks a lot in advance!
  • breonyxbreonyx
    Posts: 19
    I find it counterproductive to think about the session too much, rather to let go and go with the sensations, being very aware of what enhances it. direct/manual penile stimulation i find is most productive, of course it takes time to learn this, always pushing the envelope/on the edge of cuming, there are times when concentration breaks and an ejaculation happens, for me after i guess 6 years those are rare indeed. the more buildup, to an extent, the better, time between ejaculations. 2 days minimum (between ejaculation), for me, im 47 so that may be 6 hours for someone younger. the longer the wait the more sensitive it all gets. i prefer to go weeks before ejaculation but there are times i will do it more frequently. after a very long play session 8+ hrs i get so horned out all i want to do is play more, yoga does help to relieve this, sometimes i give in and just cum so i can get on and do things like go to work and clean the joint up.
  • I've been with Aneros a couple years. It is only recently that I can go without traditional masturbation at the end. Otherwise I felt unfinished, horny with blue balls. Since I got the Max I have the best sessions ever, and don't feel the need for ejaculation as often and much. I get a sense of when I am satified enough to end the session. I said the sessions are better since I got the Max, but sessions have continually gotten better with any one of them. I thought the Helix was best for me until I got the Progasm. Then what others have said about the Peridise, "little is better than bigger" was my experience, but when I used any of the others the session was better than the last one no matter which one I used. I really like bigger though since it seems to me it most closely resembles a penis, which I have never experienced, but wouldn't mind doing so. I sometimes have Aneros-like sensations without one in, but not very often, and not as strong as some others have described. The whole Aneros experience has been a treasure to me. I have been impotent for quite a few years, probably due to Diabetes, which I have had now for 49 years. I usually can achieve an erection with a pump, but it is a bit of a bother, and sometimes doesn't stay up if the cock ring isn't tight enough. I now have sufficent pleasure without the need for the erection, although that is nice, too, but pretty much has always led to ending with traditional masturbation. You are certainly correct about ejaculations being better than they ever were without Aneros. As for deeper breathing, I think it is always helpful. I think repressing moaning and other vocal sounds would tend to limit pleasure and spontaneous bodily reactions. It is like trying to be quiet during any sex.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 601
    donniebrasco: Just out of curiosity, which browser are you using and which operating system?

    I thought I was the only one getting paragraph breaks working. Nice to see someone else who can do it.

    (Chromium 18 on Debian Linux)
  • firefox and windows 7 32-bits, just used html codes, not that hard is it? :)
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 223
    [QUOTE=donniebrasco;47102]I masturbate like 4 times a week, never gone more than 3 days before using the Aneros, would waiting a week make a big difference? The problem I've found with this is two-fold:
    1. You want it more
    2. You feel like you deserve it after waiting so long
    I've found this frustrating early in the session when the fireworks aren't happening, and it only gets worse the more frustrated you are by it. I haven't tried waiting that many times, but the times I did try it didn't seem to make much difference. [QUOTE=donniebrasco;47102]Is it better to end without one? I tried ending without one once. The following day I was still feeling horny, I found it too distracting. The next Aneros session was disappointing too, considering the general sense of arousal I had to sit through until my next session. [QUOTE=donniebrasco;47102]Would it help putting on relaxing music instead? I prefer no sound or distractions at all, just silence and darkness.
    But, as with all this stuff, your mileage may vary, so try it out for yourself.
  • movermover
    Posts: 69
    I read a post that suggested moaning (either silently or out load) when you're on the brink and I must say that it really works for me - the more I'm teetering on the edge the more imagining a moan seems to set me off. KSMO studies also seem to suggest this - it doesn't necessarily matter if you moan or make the key sound out loud. Early on I also found listening to/imagining the sounds a woman would make during an intense vaginal/squirting orgasm to be very helpful. As for everything else, I honestly believe that anything that helps you focus is key, especially in the beginning. Interestingly enough, I find music distracting but binaural beats, or erotic hypnosis like the hypnaerosession to help me focus. Also try to remember that your mind will need repeated exposure to the practice in order to rewire, and this takes time. ---------As for the html codes, please excuse my ignorance - how do you use them to get line/paragraph breaks? What are the codes? Not to hijack the thread but it would be super useful to learn.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 601
    Try going into the "General Settings" (from the "Forum Actions" drop-down above) and in that page you'll find under Miscellaneous Options the setting "Message Editor Interface". Change that to Standard Editor and save changes.