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How much pre-lube do you use?
  • I'm new at this and still learning...and enjoying, with mixed success over the first month. After pre-lubing by hand, I just purchased a little plastic medical syringe and am wondering how much is typically used. (New Paragraph)According to the Wiki, "They only hold about 2-3 teaspoons, which is all that is required." That's 10-15 cc. According to B's Keys, "On some occasions I precede this by prelubricating my anus/rectum with a small amount (4 or 5 cc’s) of KY liquid."(New Paragraph)Having now measured, I know that I've been pouring between 1 and 2 cc. of ID Glide into my palm and pushing it with my fingers through the sphincter into my rectum, mushing a fair amount of it around my anus in the process. I then lube my MGX, Lucille, and slide her into my lightly lubed butt.(New Paragraph)My question is: how much do you use to pre-lube? (I'm going to go, for now, with B's 5 cc.) My second question, which I'll answer myself in about 30 minutes, though I'll gladly listen to other answers, is how much different will my experience be with Lucille swimming in a bath of lube?
  • So here's what I've learned. Wow. I lay me down and shot meself up with about 5 cc of ID Glide. I then find Lucille, my MGX, a nice place in the shade. I lay down on my back, knees bent, feet flat; I relax and breathe for about five minutes, immediately noticing a difference. While before there was nothing, Lucille is clearly floating around some, making some sporadic contact as I breathe. This feels nice.(P)I start contracting gently and within just a very few minutes the P-Waves (I think) start and the pre-cum starts a-flowing. My hips are shaking, my sphincter/anus is twitching involuntarily. Some 20-25 minutes into the session I feel the need to pee and get up and head off to the washroom (Question: should I resist this urge and just continue? I think not, but I'm all ears.) Uh-oh. As I stand and head off, I realized that I've put enough ID Glide into my rectum to create a laxative effect, only realized when standing. I relieve myself from both ends and, reasonably sure that my rectum is clean and clear, I lay back down, shoot myself up again and the P-waves start immediately, slowly at first, increasing in intensity. I'm still producing pre-cum, though not as voluminously as before. Another 20 minutes pass and I feel the need to pee again. I get up again, again the laxative effect. (P) I've been at this for about 50 minutes. I think I'm going to draw this session to a close. I feel great. There was one brief moment when I felt like the P-wave was going to push over the top, but it didn't. I think I may try again later today with Stella, my Helix, just to see what happens.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    First I apply a thin coating of Crisco or Vaseline to my Aneros toy and put it aside. Then I use my fingers to apply a heavy coating of Vaseline or Crisco to both my inner and outer sphincters. (during this, gently rub your prostate to awaken it to the forthcoming session.) ¶¶ If you wish to keep your fingers grease-free for better nip stim later on, use some plastic wrap to lube the toy and your sphincters.¶¶ Then douche and shower. (while showering your rectum should absorb most of the residual water from douching) If you are planning a long session consider re-lubing your sphincters. ¶¶ After drying off, I inject some fluid lube or insert several of Xochipilli's Shea Butter "bullets." For Helix and smaller toys I use 3 or 4 cc. For Vice 5-6cc and for Progasm 7 or 8 cc. Those numbers work for either Slippery Stuff (gel) or She Butter/Coconut lubes. When I opt to use a vegetable oil (Olive, Walnut etc.) I reduce the amount of injected lube by about one-third. ¶¶ It's important to me that any toy move easily with just my breathing. This is most important with smooth stemmed toys like Helix, Eupho & Maximus. ¶¶
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
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    Hello, Lenny. WOw, you are uaing a lot of lube. The glycerin lubes make me poop and also burn, so I avoid them. After a 2-oz douche, I thinly coat the Aneros with Vaseline, then coat that with enough Walnut or Olive Oil to make the thing shiny. I don't pre-lube my butt. Cheers, Dave
  • movermover
    Posts: 69
    I prelube with olive oil but my prelubing device doesn't have measurements on it - I personally find it more pleasurable when it's well lubed, especially the larger models.
  • for progasm i fill my medical syringe about 1/3 of the way and shoot it in my ass then lube the toy up well all around and finish with a nice glob of lube on the tip, this seems to last for hours, with helix i dont use any lube in my ass i just warm the toy up with a generous amount of lube.