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Am i getting somewhere?
  • alpha_1alpha_1
    Posts: 2
    A bit of back story to my experiences thus far:

    I got the MGX aneros around 1 and half years ago, did my research and was patient and found that i got absoluley nowhere, not even a hinty of progress (after a few months of trying). got so frustrated at that point that i started to try new things like masturbate with it in and found it 'stifled' the orgasm somewhat, taking all of the sensation away almost 100%. Not good. I followed all the guides on here and everywhere inclusive of mr Mayfields, not avail whatsoever.

    I then got the helix which i found to be less of a discomfort and have been trying regularly over the last month or so. I tried something last week - a sort of breakthrough perhaps? If i lie on my front and tense (and i mean REALLY tense) my legs and the contraction muscle inside (ie contracting and HOLDING it for as long/as hard as i can) i found that it started to 'move' or 'pulse' in some way, like it was moving without my touching it, like the muscle was subtley moving it, it feels rather nice but no O's yet, i feel that more practice may result in getting closer. I have felt it move with my hand, though most of the time when i get my hand there to feel it moving it stops haha, not sure why.

    When i try on my back or ANY other position, this tensing doesnt work at all, no involuntary movement or feeling whatsoever. So my question is; am i starting the process of being re-wired and am i making the correct kind of progress?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I got the MGX aneros around 1 and half years ago, did my research and was patient and found that i got absoluley nowhere, not even a hinty of progress (after a few months of trying).

    I sympathise with your problem but I think you might have to go back to 'square one'.

    The significant word in the quote above is "trying". I think you have to stop trying and just allow what is going to happen, happen! You don't mention how often in the one and a half years of your endeavours you have had sessions but I would suggest two or three times a week maximum at this stage. Make sure the MGX is well lubricated, slip it in for a couple of hours and do nothing except to concentrate on pleasurable thoughts (making love to your girlfriend perhaps). If nothing happens after a couple of hours or so, simply remove the tool, chalk it up to further rewiring and move on to the next session.

    If you follow a regime like this for maybe some weeks, you will suddenly (and without warning) receive a surprise in the form of tingling feelings in your pelvic region. When that happens, you will know that rewiring is positively happening.

    I really do think that activities such as masturbation are counterproductive. Use of strong contractions might work in the short term but should not be necessary to your progress. (Sounds like too much hard work to me)! I'm in my 70s so I'm not in to strenuous exercise and frankly don't think it is necessary. My best sessions are those in which I am totally relaxed and the orgasm simply come to me.

    I hope this has been of some help and I wish you good luck.
  • alpha_1alpha_1
    Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice, apreciate it! i didnt include an important part of post, that i got a helix recently and found i got somewhere at last! see if it makes more sense if you can re-read my post, sorry again about that!
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    I believe the best position for starting off to jump start involuntaries is the fetal position, legs at 90 degrees.
    It puts the just right amount of pressure on the prostate from the Aneros.