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Shea Butter Suppositories
  • I've become quite the fan of shea butter when it comes to lubrication, but it can be a bit messy to work with. While the Progasm-tab-sized ball method worked quite well (I typically used two balls per session), forming the balls was a bit messy, not to mention labor-intensive. So I started researching the subject of do-it-yourself suppositories. While dedicated suppository molds are available, they can be quite expensive. So I started experimenting with a more economical solution: ice cube trays.

    After a few tries with mixed results, I happened upon a style that works quite well: Sport Cubes, made by the Arrow Plastic, although I suspect any ice cube tray with similar characteristics would also work well. I happened to find mine at the local Fred Meyer store.

    I discovered that two shea butter balls around the size of Progasm P- and K-tab knobs melt down to around 3 ml, and that is very close to the volume of each "cube" produced by this type of ice tray. Once cast, the suppositories have the perfect shape for easy insertion. I store them in a plastic bag or jar in my fridge.

    Here's a picture showing the tray and a collection of suppositories I molded with it:


    (Click here or on image to zoom in.)

    Here's how I made mine:

    [*]Purchased 2 pounds of Ivory Shea Butter from Halaleveryday via Amazon
    [*] Pasteurized the shea butter in a double boiler and strained through a fine wire mesh strainer to remove a few stray bits of shell and other non-butter matter.
    [*] Poured the melted butter into the ice tray - 60 cubes required close to a half-pint of melted shea butter.
    [*] After cooling in the freezer, I removed the cubes from the tray--this was a bit tricky as about a quarter of the suppositories didn't want to leave the tray. So, I loosened them up applying some heat from a blow dryer to the outside bottom of the tray.
    [*] Store in the refrigerator.

    These suppositories work great. I'm just a little sorry that this method doesn't work for natural jelly, which doesn't ever get solid (the way I've made it, at least), even at freezing temps.

    I welcome your questions or comments.


  • I also use Shea butter as my favorite lube and also found it labor intensive and ineffective to make balls & insert them.

    My method of pre-lubrication is to just cram a small amount of solid Shea directly into my lube syringe then run it under some warm water for a moment, just letting it get melted enough to slide to one side. Once it is that "liquid" you can then easily bleed the air out of the line and inject.

    This works for me.
  • My method is to take about a half teaspoon of shea butter placed in the center of a small piece of cling wrap. Bring the corners of the cling wrap together ( helps if the cling wrap is more or less square ) and twist it into a ball. I'll usually do about a half dozen at a time and store them in the refrigerator. Works quite well for coconut oil too although I'm certain the ice cube tray method would be better for coconut oil. You have to work fairly quickly as coconut oil melts fast.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Will run out a tray of these little beauties this weekend. I think this may cut my lube waste considerably. No more melting, then injecting my lube !!

    Thank you Xochi !!!
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Fantastic post Xochipilli! That's more work than I care to do to use shea butter. But if it works for you and you are happy with the results... Great! :) I'm going to post the link to this thread in the main shea butter thread in an attempt to keep all this information in one area.

    Thanks again for sharing your approach and technique with us here. :)

  • Just freeze it and cut out slivers!
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124
    Has anyone tried the crayola crayon maker? I saw it in Target over Christmas. It's intended use is to put in broken crayons and melt them with a light bulb and form them into new multi colored crayons. Would work wonders with Shea Butter and it would form them into crayon shapes to cut up and put in the freezer.
  • petardpetard
    Posts: 27
    I recently discovered a very simple way to make shea butter suppositories: Take a drinking straw (preferably one with a fairly large diameter, like at fast food restaurants) and punch one end of it into your jar of room-temperature shea butter. The butter goes up into the straw. Repeat this process until you have a column of shea butter a few inches high inside the straw. Then gently squeeze out the column, like squeezing a tube of toothpaste. The butter will come out as a perfectly smooth cylinder, like a core sample taken from the earth. Allow it to drop into a bowl of cold water to firm up, then cut it into your preferred lengths. No melting or special equipment needed.
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    Innovative! Thanks for the ideas. I have tried (and enjoyed) flax seed jelly. This looks promising as well.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Some months ago, I bought a set of stainless steel kitchen spoon measures and have reserved the quarter teaspoon (1.25ml) one specifically for making shea butter plugs. Using this spoon as a scoop, I create a batch of three or four plugs (about 2 ml) which are then placed in the freezer compartment of my bar fridge which happens to be in the office next to my bedroom. This way I have about a week's supply on hand for use at any time I need one.

    BTW, my tool of choice is also thinly coated with either shea butter or Vaseline. Works a treat and is simple if you have the handy fridge!
  • I also purchased the ice cube tray you suggested. I also had a hard time getting the shea butter out. Have you any additonal suggestions, from your longer use of this divice, how to best remove these things?
  • Gentlemen!

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. This ice cube tray has been working really well for me; and I'll probably experiment with some of the alternate suppository methods just as soon as my ice cube trays are worn out, lost, or stolen. (Suppositories are more convenient for me than melting the shea butter for injection.)

    As for those of you experiencing difficulty removing the suppositories from the tray, here are a few words of advice:

    • Do your best not to overfill the individual "cubes" (they're more like fat bullets) such that there is a connective layer of hardened butter between adjacent cubes.
    • You can scrape off some of this layer after hardening with the edge of an old credit card.
    • Harden the cubes in the freezer to make them easier to pop out.
    • I actually slam the tray down some wax paper over a hard table top.
    • Between slams I twist and bend the tray to coax a few more out.
    • I also direct some of the slams towards the ends of the tray, depending on need.
    • For really pesky cubes that just don't want to come out I use a blow dryer on the bottom side of the tray. (Only takes a little bit of heat--too much will make the cube(s) all gooey.)
    • Refreezing the tray might also help getting at the last few stragglers.
    • Some batches of shea butter work better than others when it comes to getting an easy release from the ice cube tray - my Halal Everyday Ivory has been the stickiest, with the Ivory Shea/Coconut Oil mix, as well as the Halal Everyday Yellow Shea releasing somewhat more easily.

    I hope some of these tips may prove useful for those of you experimenting with similar ice trays and shea butter.

    Good luck!!!

  • I am very new to this and all I have used so far is regular old KY from the local Mart. Is there anything in shea butter than can be dangerous?? I have never heard of using it as a sex type lubricant except on this forum. Thanks!
  • There is an entire thread about shea butter that includes much discussion about potential health risks, which you may read at your leisure:

    Unrefined shea butter,how much?

    I believe the short answer is that anecdotal experience and a little deductive reasoning suggest that shea butter is "safe" for rectal use. My understanding is that there have been very few studies about the health impacts of sex lubes, and even fewer where anal use was involved. Perhaps someone will respond with other thread links (as I'm sure I've read about the subject in this forum)?

    You should know that some consider KY and similar water-based lubes to be potentially "risky." A quick trip to Google turned up this article arguing this very thing. Plenty of Anerosians avoid glycerin-based lubes (like KY) because they can irritate/stimulate the bowel such that there is the classic "urge to purge" which can abruptly terminate an Aneros session.

    Basically, as shea butter is edible, one presumes that it is not "poisonous." Compared to other "food oils" like straight walnut or almond oil, shea butter doesn't seem as readily dispersed or absorbed, which might provide some comfort to those concerned about the long term effects of something like this. Shea butter comes from nuts so anyone with nut allergies should proceed accordingly.

    My current approach to lube safety involves deliberate "lube balancing" by cycling through different formulations of both shea butter (I have four different varieties "in rotation" these days), and three different "natural jelly" mixes (sweet almond, roasted almond, and walnut), typically alternating betwixt a shea butter variety and some natural jelly variety.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Production:  I've expanded my "production facility" to four trays and find it easier and faster to skip the outer rows of holes. A 1600 watt heat gun  seems to get the 'unmolding' job done faster and with less waste due to melt. (perhaps our old hair dryer was getting tired)  An insulated, "BBQ glove" saves the fingers from a scorching.

    Health Concerns (summarizing info in the Shea Butter thread): 
     ¤ Avoid Refined Shea Butter and perfumed butter that's advertised for cosmetic use. 
     ¤ When compounding lube, "Pasteurize" it by heating to somewhere between 195 and 235 deg. F. and hold it in that range for about 5 minutes before pouring it into the trays.  Rumel's double boiler technique does this quite nicely or use a microwave-safe thermometer in a glass measuring cup.

    Keeping suppositories chilled until just before use:  During the summer, elevated room temperature softens the bullets rather rapidly.  So by the time I've douched and showered, insertion is more messy than it was during the winter months.

    Solution was simple... toss a couple of icecubes into a half-mug of water.  Add the bullets from the fridge and paddle off to the bathroom to prep.  That keeps the bullets quite firm while I'm preparing my bod for a session.  
    Carry along a couple of small scraps of plastic wrap to use during insertion.  That way you minimize the amount of lube that gets on your fingers.  Plastic wrap is also handy to smear Vaseline or Crisco onto your Aneros toy and into your anal canal.