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My experience - For What It's Worth
  • I have been a long time lurker here and first time poster.
    I have been using Aneros for about a year. I have tried the MGX, Helix and Peridise and have had best results with the advanced Peridise. I have achieved regular Super-Os and particularly crave the "calm sea" orgasms.

    I pursued the Aneros because I wanted to experience orgasms the way women do, prolonged and intense.
    To this end, I have followed the advise about "Penis Not!"
    I have tried to perfect the art of imagining myself to be a woman masturbating or having lesbian sex.
    But, being a man, this re-wiring has always been a challenge.

    I recently tried something that has worked wonders in this regard and wanted to share it.
    I have tried the Hyno Aneros CDs and highly recommend them! But,even while using them, I still fantasized too much like a man.
    So, I decided to try recording the audio (using a program called Total Recorder) of women orgasming through masturbation or lesbian sex.
    The sources were videos on xHamster's Free Porn Videos (search for "orgasm compilation")
    I then played the MP3s on my portable player during sessions.

    This has been phenomenal! I do not get distracted or think of penis related sex.
    I feel like I am the women in the audio.
    I just have intense, continuous orgasms almost from the get go. One long peak.
    And I am rock hard the entire time.
    I try to limit my sessions to 10-20 minutes but it is so incredible I have a hard time stopping.
    I would be interested if it works for anyone else.
  • PrograProgra
    Posts: 34
    I do almost exactly the same, using the same female masturbation compilation videos but on my iPad.

    It's amazing.