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What does the Prostate feel like?
  • It only just occurred to me recently that using the Aneros is all good and well but I never even felt anything when it's inside, aside from the p-tab pressing firmly. Often when pre-lubing I can find what I believe to be the prostate and once I try and magnify on the sensation and feelings, it feels kind of nice - I tense up and that stuff. I get no feeling like needing to pee, however and the prostate just...disappears after a minute or so. It also aches somewhat when the Aneros presses against it. I haven't get any p-waves of sorts, either.

    This causes me to get somewhat lost in what I should actually be focusing on in my sessions. So often when my dick starts to erect
    and feelings flow there, I 'get' that. But every other sensation, save for the PC muscles/perineum, can't exactly be felt.
    Here's a break down of what occurs when the ball is rolling:
    1. Slight involuntary anal contraction
    2. PC muscles swell
    3. Erection
    4. The Aneros is suddenly absorbed further in
    5. The erection grows and pretty much steals all the sensations and vibes
    6. Then the ball stops because of this

    When it gets to No. 5, that's always the stopping point and I have no idea how to work around that. Again I can't feel any sensations per se from the anus, rectum or prostate. And if it means much, my model is MGX.

    Would really appreciate help! Thanks, everyone!
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    Okay, let me see if I can help any. First, I'd say you're exactly on track in the early phases of what's often referred to here as "rewiring" in which your nerves internally don't actually establish new connections but rather become trained to identify and amplify a neuro-feedback loop in which internal sensations, some of which you may not necessarily feel at this point, become coupled with involuntary muscle contractions in the anus and rectum resulting in P-waves and ultimately dry prostate orgasms, which are incredibly intense and prolonged and super pleasurable to experience.

    I think your MGX is an excellent model to train and stick with for now, and though you may wish to try other models later on, I wouldn't be in a hurry. As I say, you're on the right track in the early phases of the "rewiring" process and this can be a longer and steeper learning curve for some guys than others. It took me almost a year but others claim they've gotten the hang of it over just a period of weeks to months. Patience is a virtue here.

    Okay, trying to feel the gland. Don't try and don't worry about it. If you're trying to find and feel of it with your finger you probably won't be able to, especially if you have a small healthy gland because of the angle involved in getting one's finger positioned over his own gland. If you mean trying to feel of your gland as in sensing when the Aneros is touching it, don't worry at this point if you can't specifically tell that either. Human male anatomy is very consistent in this area and unless it's a really big tall guy trying to use the smaller SGX model, your Aneros will make contact with the gland. The different models just do so in different ways and the MGX is well suited to making good contact. For many guys, when slowly inserting the Aneros there will come a point just as it "settles into place" you'll feel a pleasant "ah, that kind of tickles up inside" feeling but even that is more readily appreciated as you go along. The first couple months I felt absolutely nothing except a funny feeling piece of plastic in my rectum. And you shouldn't feel much in the way of aching or uncomfortable feelings unless you've had some long sessions just getting started and try having another one the next day or so. If you experience this early on, just give yourself some time between sessions it will become less noticeable as you go along.

    The numbered steps you're experiencing at this point actually represent perhaps one of the best descriptions I've read of how "involuntaries" start developing when you're at this stage in the training process and this is exactly what happens, at least to me, as my prostate orgasms come on. First you'll feel that funny involuntary wiggling/tightening up of your anus associated with a feeling your PC muscles are getting full, then a quick erection begins, the Aneros gets sucked into your rectum further and the P-tab presses hard against your perineum, and the erection becomes almost painfully hard and intense. At this point however, and you simply haven't gotten there yet in my opinion--keep practicing and it will--you'll typically feel a funny warm pre-orgasmic sensation growing in your pelvis, kind of behind your pubic bone, but it's not that focused in location actually. When I was at your phase in the rewiring process it took a couple more months before it happened but with sessions this warm feeling in my pelvis would flow into the base of my penis. Then with subsequent sessions it would flow further and further into the shaft, until finally one night, wow, it happened and this burning warm feeling went all the way to the glans of my penis where it felt very hot and pleasant and lasted about 3 minutes.

    Over subsequent months (like I say it took a little longer for me than others) this hot pleasant feeling in my glans "matured" with sessions to where I'd feel like I was ejaculating all over myself for 2 to 3 minutes at the time and it would come several times in a session, separated by a minute or so apart. During that minute or so before the next orgasm came I'd feel like nothing was going on until the waves started building again inside and the next orgasm came. I think that's exactly what you're feeling when you say the "ball stops", because at that point it normally does. Sometimes my erection will soften during that brief pause before the next orgasm comes and then when it does start to come and build I'll harden again and the whole sequence much like you listed it, starts over, usually with an even more intense orgasm and giving you that "one orgasm building upon another" description you'll hear about.

    Just keep up with what you're doing. You're almost there actually. Just don't get in a hurry to get there. Enjoy all the neat sensations you discover as you go along.
  • Thanks a lot for the reply! It was really detailed and helpful - settled my concerns.
    The odd thing is, I swear up and down that I became rewired last year after practicing Tug-of-war outside of sessions. Good feelings in the pelvic area, heightened sensitivity and whatnot - but a few days after I desensitised - plateaued. This might just be that I hit the right moment at the time, like being in season and it wasn't actually legitimate. Still, I hope you're right and my prostate does become more aware with use.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    I went through a similar experience. After my first prostate orgasm it took about 3 more months before I had another and thereon successively shorter intervals and more consistency with sensations until they became as consistent and intensely pleasurable--like the most intense ejaculatory orgasm you could ever imagine but lasting about 3 minutes and returning 4 to 6 times over an about 20 minute period of time--as they have been for about a year now. There definitely was a "maturing" process to the orgasms.

    Sorry also for the length of the response. Your question was so well stated and typical for the experiences in that stage of the "rewiring" process I took the liberty to offer several thoughts about it.
  • Hey guys. I feel like I'm much around the same stage as DarkEngine describes getting a swelling feeling in my rectum and an erection (sometimes it only happens once a session). Just curious if you currently (as well as initially) use(d) the relax-and-do-nothing method or contractions. I've tried both over the last few months and I seem to get more of a response from using contractions but I still do not achieve any noticeable feeling in my rear that I feel like is my prostate being stimulated.

    Instead, I get slightly pleasurable feelings coupled with an erection at times.

    P.S. On a side note, when I use nipple stim when I start getting contractions I feel a warm feeling do through the tip of my penis and take away the focus from my rear. Is this normal?
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    What I did early on, Valhalla41, that helped the most and what eventually brought on the first orgasms (they come pretty automatically now without really "trying" so to speak) was the following. Warm the massager and slip it in with your preparation and lube of preference and relax completely for 5 to 10 minutes which lets your rectum accommodate to the presence of the tool. Then lie on your back knees up and relaxed apart slightly with a small pillow under your hips (which helps the angle of contact with your prostate) and practice holding gentle PC contractions (the contraction you'd use to cut off urine flow midsteam--not an anal pulling in contraction) for about a minute then relaxing completely for about a minute repeating this 10 to 20 times all during which you lightly tickle your nipples.

    That will make for about a 30 minute or so session which you should try to repeat at least about 2 to 3 times a week but without ever touching or stimulating your penis as part of it . During sessions, "listen" and feel for what your anus and rectum want to do. One of the first things to identify is a wiggling, wormy feeling in your anal sphincter and eventually a funny feeling involuntary contraction where your rectum sucks in and grips the massager all by itself without your doing anything voluntarily to make it happen. This is the so-called "involuntary" contraction which is the basic engine that drives the orgasmic sensations, though it often takes further training time for those sensations to come.

    When the orgasmic feelings do starting coming in sessions they will often feel at first like warm pre-orgasmic like feelings filling your pelvis frequently accompanied by an erection. With training they become more intense and become more focused in the penis itself and when you finally have your first real one it will feel like a really pleasant hot feeling concentrated at the end of your penis. With further time and practice the sensation will come so vividly you'll feel like you're ejaculating and swear you're wetting yourself but you will be dry, or at most a drop or so of clear Cowper's gland secretions (pre-ejaculate) will come out.

    Sometimes I'll have sessions where one fantastically intense, prolonged orgasm (and erection) will come and remain sustained for 20 to 30 minutes and other times they'll come (with a hardening then softening erection) in cyclical fashion, each lasting about 2 to 3 minutes each and returning 7 to 10 times as if they're coming "one of top of the other". Obviously there is a lot of variation amongst those who've experienced this but hopefully this description of what I feel can help you identify some milestones to look for.
  • Thanks for the sound advice slimjm. Perhaps I have been focusing too much on anal contractions or whatever type you use to "hold it in" or "squeeze" down on the aneros. I will focus more on PC contracts to see how that turns out. When I do use PC contractions, I get to a point where my penis pulsates in and out sort of. I suppose this is the beginning stages of the direction you want to go.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    Yes, a number of interesting sensations that accompany the "direction you want to go" occur as you do this. The whole fun of it at this point, even before the full blown involuntary contractions and orgasms come, is discovering these new sensations and tweaking what you do with holding the PC contraction and tickling sensitive parts of your body, especially the nipples but just never the penis, to help amplify and feed them.

    Don't become frustrated if they fade, because typically they will come cyclically like I was describing even when you're at an experienced stage of enjoying the orgasms. Just keep up the training routines to see if they will return in a session. If they do, keep experimenting with what encourages them to grow and develop and if they don't, relax and don't wear yourself out in a session. If nothing happens in 30 minutes or so, quit and give it a go again in another couple days. With time and patience they will eventually come.
  • One more question (I promise) and sorry for hijacking your thread DarkEngine ^__^

    At the end of a session, I usually finish up with a traditional penile orgasm with the aneros in place. Is this counter-productive to the rewiring process since I'm not introducing penile stimulation and confusing my body?

    Should I abstain from penile orgasm all together on aneros days or simply do so without the aneros in place?

    Thanks :)
  • Hey, thanks for asking those additional questions! They actually helped quite a bit :P

    And I'm not sure on abstaining - generally speaking though, it's preferred since the build-up increases the sensitivity around your body and pelvic area or so I believe. The problem is that Aneros' 'edging' can be so intense that it's difficult to avoid just letting a penile orgasm rip.
  • Thanks DarkEngine.

    Last night I had a session with my Helix and got to a point where my body was somewhat trembling. It felt kind of like when you're really cold and your teeth chatter (in fact mine were). My chest and lungs felt like they were vibrating really fast as well. It seemed like the beginnings of involuntary body contractions but with not much more than some slight pleasurable feelings every now and then in my prostate/pelvic region.

    Perhaps I am getting closer to my body learning what to do?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Member 'slimjim' has given you & 'DarkEngine' some excellent advice and information. The only thing I'd like to add/clarify is in response to your statement -

    It seemed like the beginnings of involuntary body contractions but with not much more than some slight pleasurable feelings every now and then in my prostate/pelvic region.Perhaps I am getting closer to my body learning what to do?

    Unless you were actually cold, the trembling, shivers you were experiencing ARE exactly the types INVOLUNTARY contractions your body may experience from Aneros use. IMHO you are more than "getting closer" - you are already there.

    The variation of body responses to Aneros use is very broad, some men experience quite dramatic (bordering on violent) body shaking while others may experience only occasional minor isolated muscle spasms beyond their pelvic floor muscles. You may never experience large muscle spasms but you can certainly enjoy the pleasurable feelings you are getting. IMHO, it is a mistake to focus on generating, obtaining or experiencing the large muscle, full body spasms. If they occur fine, if they don't occur that's fine too.

    With regard to your earlier question -

    Should I abstain from penile orgasm all together on aneros days or simply do so without the aneros in place?

    Since there aren't any real 'rules' regarding Aneros use, it is your choice about what you should or shouldn't do. Also, for most men, Aneros use is all about the pleasure, so what is pleasurable for you is the direction you will probably wish to pursue. However, the 'rewiring' process to get to the Super-O may be negatively impacted by associating Aneros use with the traditional ejaculatory orgasm, hence the admonition to avoid such interaction until you've firmly established the neural pathways leading to the Super-O. In this regard I recommend you read the Penis, NOT! thread by 'Cockadoodle' for some insight.

    It is important to remember that when relaxed and well lubed, you may barely feel your Aneros inside you at all. Simply breathing can be enough to gently move you massager enough to stimulate your prostate. These initial physical sensations are quite subtle but as you mentally focus upon them they will tend to grow but they grow on their own, You can't force them to become more intense through faster or harder PC, sphincter or rectal contractions.

    It is also important to remember the journey to the Super-O is very much a mental exercise and the physical stimulation aspect is only a part of that process, Please read 'rook's thread Whole Body/Whole Mind - the mental side for a little insight.
  • Thank you for the detailed response rumel, you're certainly an asset to the forums.

    I understand that you say with these involuntary body spasms that I'm "already there." However, with a relative lack of any intense pleasurable feelings, are you saying that over time they will develop and become more and more noticeable and pleasurable?

    In other words, the more I practice and achieve these feelings, the further down the path I will be until eventually obtaining the "super-o"?

    Sorry for the confusion but I do appreciate all of the clarification.

    My teeth were chattery and cold during these spasms but certainly not cold enough to achieve the level I was at. You would have thought I was outside in 0 degree weather.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Yes, I believe those shivers you are experiencing are really forms of full body orgasmic response to your Aneros use. I think the more you accept and invite these sensations to occur the greater your incidence of P-waves will occur as well.

    When I say "invite" I mean you are saying to yourself/body "I enjoy the sensations you are providing me, please continue..."

    The following is my simplistic explanation and understanding of a very complex phenomena.

    Aneros usage opens the opportunity for our conscious minds to develop a unique dialogue with our body and sub-conscious. The body has it's own language based upon sensations, chemical reactions/transformations, electro-neural transmissions, etc. occurring all the time without conscious intervention. Our conscious minds try to provide words to these events but it is nearly impossible to describe all the levels of pleasurable sensations our bodies are capable of providing. The process of 'rewiring' gets us into better communication with ourselves, this opening of communication allows the pleasure signals to more easily be accepted and interpreted by our brains and by extension our minds.

    Some men are fortunate to be 'pre-wired' to this open communication while many of us take a considerable amount of time to establish these communication links. I believe we can learn to strengthen this communication through practice, patience and relaxation, allowing the subtle body signals (language) to emerge and become the center of our mental focus. Once they become the center of our focus, continued focus increases their strength and energy leading to the Super-O.

    The "do nothing" approach accomplishes this focusing indirectly but you need to quiet the "mind noise" for it to occur. The more traditional gentle contractions approach accomplishes the focus directly at the source of the emanating sensations. Both approaches are valid, they are just different and one approach will work better for some men than the other.

    It is our mind which makes the distinction between pleasure and pain, the body is just sending signals to the brain about the system status. Stage hypnotists have repeatedly demonstrated how the power of suggestion can alter one's perception of reality, turning a soft caress into a searing burning sensation. Likewise, medical hypnotists have used this same ability to reduce or eliminate the sensation of pain for many people. The point being if you believe and tell yourself you are sensing pleasurable sensations from your Aneros use then you will, if you tell yourself "nothing is happening" or "this is painful" then that is what you will experience as well. Continued practice and sensate reinforcement through mental intent is what the 'rewiring' is accomplishing and yes you are actually "rewiring" parts of your brain through this learning process, it is not just in your imagination. You are establishing new synaptic links in the brain (this is what 'learning' does) as those links become stronger and more numerous the sensations perceived become stronger and more numerous as well. Increased sensations lead to the possibility for increased pleasurable perceptions of those sensations, increased pleasurable perceptions can lead to Super-O's image
  • Far out and very informative! Thanks again rumel :)
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Thank you so much for your very lucid and detailed explanation.

    May I just add that, from my own experience, patience and faith in the process are very important to the achievement of positive rewiring. One should expect that several consecutive sessions may seem not to be achieving anything, but progress is still proceeding in the background without one being conscious of it.

    Even the achievement of one's first super-O is no guarantee that super-Os will consistently happen from then on. The practice must continue until orgasm are more common than not.