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Strange question - need advice on length. . .
  • I bought the Helix hoping to experience what everyone in those videos have been experiencing. Although it felt really nice inside me, there was always that not-quite-there feeling. Certainly not even close to some of that convulsion-inducing sensations.

    I gave it several months, patience and I never did it when I was feeling rushed or seeking something in particular. Sometimes, I'd just stick it in, and just go on about my business watching TV or reading on my stomach for hours.

    Part of my question is, how do you know whether the tip of the Aneros is touching your prostate? I'm of average height and weight (5'11", 170lbs). How many inches from the opening of your rectum is it to the tip of your prostate? I'm really really interested in getting the Vice, but I see from the site's specifications that the insertable length is exactly the same for both. But I don't want to waste my money getting it if it is not going to hit my prostate? Should I go for something like the Progasm, which has a slightly longer insertable length?

    Thanks in advance for any advice or information you can provide.
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    I'm very tall, over 200 cm. And fairly slim. Yet Helix is enough for me. That's not to say I'm not keen to try Progasm. Most guys just don't need a long toy.

    It just feels nice when it touches. A tingling sensation below my balls, and a hard to localize warmth in my lower body. I always start my session with 15 minutes of relaxation. Sometimes I read a book. During that time, I start getting very minor unvolountaries. It made me intrigued on my first ride.

    For me the best position is on my back. I tried a couple of others and this is the only one that really works. My feet are not flat on bed, that doesn't work too well for me. Instead, I bend legs in my knees and place them on something high, like a chair or a coach/bed (depends how high your furniture is). You should already feel something strange when you insert aneros and lie in that position. I relax for 15 minutes just to be sure.

    I use quite light contractions, at least initially. I hold only for 1 second or so. Rhytm is very important, too fast and it dulls the feeling for me. When I make sure it hits the spot, I make one contraction, and wait until I want another one. I just focus on having regular, not so strong pleasure and build it up very slowly. No trying to force it with long contractions. Works great for me.


    You know what ? Try with your fingers. You can use a rubber/latex glove (with lubricant or at least soap) or even a condom. I had to stretch my fingers a bit, it's not as easy to reach with my fingers. But it's actually pretty easy to find on my front wall. Massage delicately, as if you'd touch an eye. I can't actually feel any shape with my fingers, but if I touch this spot for a few seconds it gets pleasant. I started playing with my prostate in bathtub. I managed to jack off with little penis stimulation. It made me intrigued, and I decided it's probably worth to try a specialized toy.
  • I found the same thing with the Helix and Progasm, but I've managed to figure out both. Position plays a lot into it. After checking my prostate distance I found I was likely overshooting it a bit with both, so I got the shorter MGX.

    Wow! The MGX is right on for me, but it's narrower and has more motion. I like all three for different reasons and moods. If you're considering a second Aneros, and you think the Helix is overshooting the sweet spot, consider the smaller models like the MGX (which isn't much smaller than the Helix, just a different shape). Good luck!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I go along with RigelOrion's thinking. A tool for each occasion. I like one for sessions aimed at dry-Orgasm. I reserve another for just, 'all-out' athletic stimulation of my prostate. Yet another for penile stim to Trad-O.

    When dame Eupho or Helix goes in, my brain and body "know" that this will be a gentle build to grand dry-orgasm. There will be no penis play or a shortcut to a fast finish!
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    I'm using 3, MGX, Helix, and Progasm. The Progasm does not seat well, it is too long and according to the specs it is 4.5inches vs 4.0 for all the other models. When I use the Progasm I has to sit down on it to get it in there properly. The 4.0 inch models fit great.