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Aneros and acupressure combined
  • Dear all,
    I am new to this forum, but have been an Aneros user off and on for about 6 years. I started with a Helix and a Progasm, but got a bit bored and dropped using them. However, a year or so later, I picked a Peridise and later a Tempo to help relieve constipation. It worked Bingo! and I got really addicted to both of them. I now love them both, and in fact am using the Peridise as I type this post!

    The acupressure thing started for a different reason - I contracted Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2007/2008 and needed some counter stimulant to relieve the rather painful symptoms. With the agreement of my Consultant Doctor, I used the Shakti and Yantra Acupressure mats for this. For those of you who have not heard of acupressure, it is similar to acupuncture without piercing the skin. You lie completely naked on one or more prickly mats which have thousands of plastic points to take your weight. See their websites Shakti Mat | Acupressure Mat | Indian Bed of Nails and Yantra Mat USA | Spike Mat | Acupressure Mat | Acupressure Therapy. I started with a single standard size Shakti mat 30 x 17 inches, and later added standard and extra large Yantra mats (the latter 35 x 23 inches). The sensation from the prickles liberates Endorphins in the body, which give you an intense euphoric feeling of well-being after about 15 - 20 minutes. With experience, I now lie on the extra large Yantra, with the standard Yantra under my bum and legs, giving prickles from neck to heels. I also put the Shakti on my chest up to my chin. I call this "the sandwich" and it gives absoilutly great feelings.

    The problem was that taking both treatments singly consumed a lot of time! One day I got the idea of doing them both together, and the result was absolutely mind-blowing. I suggest you try the following as the best way, from my experience, of optimizing duration and intensity of effects on the body. I aim at 2 - 3 hour sessions, sometimes two of these in the night, one in the evening and one in the early morning, but this takes practice and experience.

    I first insert the Tempo, and then after stretching out full length on the two Yantra mats (extra large under the back), I put an acuprssure massage ring on my penis to get a moderate erection and expose the sensitive glans. I then put the Shakti mat (which has somewhat sharper prickles) on my chest from just below the penis to the neck. Cover all with bedclothes to keep warm. The resulting external stimulation of the penis increases the erection to hard, and the Tempo gives its delightful internal stimulation of the prostate. The result as I said before is mind-blowing, and can go on for as long as you like or have the strength. You can give extra stimulation by massaging the penis through the Shakti mat. This gives the classic feeling of continuous ejaculation (dry) as described by "carolinaguy" in his post "Tempo: intense elegance" in this forum. In fact, if I go to sleep during the session (as I frequently do), I wake up to find the penis still with an erection, and still feeling as though it is about to ejaculate at any moment. All the while, the acupressure mats release the euphoric endorphins.

    I would be most interested to find out if any other Aneros user has tried anything similar, but I really do recommend the combination treatment!
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    At my doctor's recommendation I went to a vegan diet which keeps me well regulated. The accupressure sounds very interesting to me, I will have to research these techniques. Perhaps my message therapist can accomodate me on this. She has been most helpful in the past.

    If you are thinking about message you will have to interview, some understand and others just want to rub you down, real theropy requires a thoroughly trained theripist who understands concepts and holistic approaches to varieties of conditions.
  • hydrogenhydrogen
    Posts: 115
    I got one from Amazon cheaper. It just too distracting to use it with Aneros, not good enough to use by itself. The picks on their are too sharp and small. A duller and bigger bed of studs might be a better choice. Not a total loss, I find it's OK to use as a warming mat. I find it's stimulating to walk on them with my socks on.

    A product I definitely can live without.