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A little trick i found to ease things along
  • At first i was realizing that the presence of a cool aneros and cold lube was
    causing me some discomfort (it's starting to get pretty cold where i live).
    I use Probe Thick and Rich lube in the largest available bottle, and had
    purchased a generic Walgreens medicine syringe (not recommended
    for direct anal use!).

    I discovered that the medicine syringe almost is a perfect fit for the Probe
    bottle, once you remove the pump screw off top. Just a finger around the edge
    to keep any lube from escaping and turn the bottle up, you can get out
    the amount of lube you need into the syringe. Then, I put the chilly aneros
    and lube syring between my thighs while i'm laying down to relax. In about
    5-10 minutes, the lube and the aneros are a much more comfortable temperature.
    I just slowly squirt the lube onto the aneros and i'm ready to go.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 602
    I've been known to keep my lube and Aneros devices in the warm airing cupboard for a few hours before use.

    I did try using a chilled Aneros once. Not recommended.
  • You could also warm both the device and lube in the sink in warm water.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Coffee cup warmer in the bathroom. Seems like a rather stupid place to warm coffee, doesn't it ?
  • Dcotor, you wouldn't by chance be Zoot would you? Just curious...if so, we have some connections from a while back.