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Beginner question - Wet not dry
  • I have been using an aneros now on and off for a few months and am progressing well, I think. I am now starting to have incredibly strong orgasms whilst my penis is soft. The orgasms are much stronger and long lasting than normal penile orgasms and as such much more pleasurable. I have never moaned as much as I have using the aneros and it certainly takes me to a new level. The experience is generally like five or so distinct contractions of the prostate in a row and is always accompanied by ejaculations of relatively thick fluid. I'm wondering what these experiences are and how I might graduate on to dry orgasms.
  • Hello Nunnster,

    I don't have an answer to your question, but I wonder why you are seeking a dry O. Why not enjoy the ride wherever it takes you.


    P.S. You can always stop in the chat room where you can ask questions in real time.