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First time user needs help
  • Hey guys,
    I am a complete newbie and recently purchased the progasm on accident. I didn't do enough research before the purchase as I understand that it is for the advanced user. Anyways, I decided to just go ahead and try it out..A few nights ago I had my first session lasting about 30 minutes. Put it in slow and it felt like a nice fit when I got it in. I lubed up with a little vaseline and olive oil. After no real sensations came about, I decided to take it out. My second session was last night. I decided to leave it in for 3 hours. I started doing some contractions and started to get a nice pulsating feeling that would come and go. I felt really relaxed. I think with practice I will soon be able to have a dry O...However, unfortunately I decided to ejaculate and out came blood in my semen..It wasn't completely red but kind of a murky redish brown color. This has really worried me and I almost decided to throw the thing away...Eventually I calmed down and started to do some research. I guess the blood in the semen could be because I aggravated the prostate? Could the progasm be to big for me..should I have not kept it in so long because Im a newbie. The only thing I can think of is I was sitting in a lounge chair for a bit and it kind of pressed up against the tabs for added pressure..I left it like that for a minute and til it hurt a bit so I stopped..other than that I used plenty of vaseline and olive oil and I was just on my back with my legs bent..Im a little sore but not much pain..Its unfortunate that I might not be able to use it again because it did sure start to feel good...For the record I am 26 years old in good health...Anyways hopefully someone can help me out here...THANK YOU!
  • I think the best advice anyone can give is to go see a doctor.
  • You think so? I just feel like it could be from the progasm and overuse..not sure though u might be right it could be something else, but I've never had anything like that before...kinda scary
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    Hey, I'm a doc but don't want you to necessarily take my suggestions over seeing someone if you have continued concerns. First at your young age and good health, I can think of nothing that should be wrong with your prostate. You're too young for prostate cancer or benign hypertrophy of the gland and about the only thing that can happen to the prostate at your age is an acute infection, i.e., acute prostatitis and believe me, you'd know you were sick with that if you had it and would never put a progasm in there under those circumstances.

    Use of the progasm in and of itself should not cause blood in your semen, but blood in the semen is seen in some circumstances and in otherwise good health with no age or other related concerns with the prostate, there is nothing of significance it indicates. You may have just been overly vigorous with it for a first time or times starting out.

    I'd give it a rest for several days, and maybe hold off even traditional ejaculation a couple days, then try "gentle" (i.e., not hard contractions) traditional ejaculation and see what you put out. It should be clear by then, or clear fairly rapidly over a few times like that. You could try the prograsm again at that point, but just relaxing with it in and learning the techniques for generating involuntary contractions and dry orgasms that provide so much enjoyment. You might also consider a smaller massager in the near future as sometimes it helps going from one size massager to another to identify the subtle sensations that bring on dry prostate orgasms.
  • I've had this very same experience (without the Progasm) when Im was your age. It can be a result of an infection in the epididymis, which are the chords that carry sperm from the testes to the seminal vessels and prostate. You can feel them though your scrotum if it's nice and relaxed (like after a long, hot shower or bath) and you gently pinch the skin right at the top of one of your balls. Feels like a tiny bunch of squished up spaghetti noodles. There's typically a harder, little peas shaped area at the topmof the testicle connecting the ball and the tube. You might have noticed an aching feeling like blue balls prior to or even after ejaculationg and this could be indicative of an infection...that and the mild, persistent aching feeling. The advice my urologist gave was to actually cum more often to clear the pipes out and he prescribed doxycycline to clear up the infection. Blood in your semen is kind of freaky but it will probably clear up if you squeeze a couple out in the next 24-hours. Fn and cheap therapy. If it persists, then go see a urologist. Good luck.
  • CV,

    What you are describing is certainly out of my scope of practice. Speaking from a medical standpoint, I have no basis to form any opinion.

    That being said, speaking from a standpoint of being in your shoes, I personally would go see a physician. First and foremost, you don't have the required knowledge or training to self diagnose. If you did, you would not be asking this forum's opinion. So, if something serious is going on, you are not getting the treatment that you need. Second, if in fact this is a fleeting instance that happens to be nothing major, knowing that for a fact will bring peace of mind. I recently had surgery that caused my penile shaft to turn so dark purple it was almost black and swelled about 4 times its normal size. Having seen a documentary about a guy that fell on his shaft, and a similar set of circumstances occurred made me nervous. I was nervous because the man in the documentary actually lost blood flow in his shaft and lost his penis. Much reconstructive surgery gave him a sort of penis, but nothing that was practically functioning. Point is, I went to the hospital. I learned that all of what happened to me was perfectly normal, after waiting about five hours, and when the swelling increased a little more, I didn't worry about it after that because I knew what was going on. I knew what signs to look for if I needed to go back to the hospital.

    So, I suggest seeing the doctor. Getting answers is worth the trouble in my opinion.
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    3 hours is a long time. I don't think I could concentrate that long.

    I would see a proctologist. Keep in mind that a finger wave is only to feel for abnormal prostate, if it is swelled or perhaps a nodule, you will probably be scheduled for biopsy, which is no big deal but a little scary if you are freaking out early in the process. Have a positive attitude. The results will come in and you will be informed.

    I had it done and thought the worst, what did it turn out to be... nothing, but the biopsy revealed that I was suffering from chronic inflammation (which is always systematic, not specific to the prostate), I took antibiotic theropy for 30 days with antibiotics that would cleanse a Bangkok prostitute and I felt much better. But these things took me out of action for several months as I wanted to ensure that the biopsy site was well mended.

    Because of the biopsy I did pass blood for a day or two. After two weeks I wanted to test the prostate so I masterbated and it was very red and quite shocking. I checked with the doctor about this, it was normal. Over time it became rather brown and then cleared after several weeks had passed.

    You may have a precondition that needs attention. Only a trained proctologist can help with that determination.