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Huh, well that was interesting. (Newbie)
  • Hey folks,

    Newbie here and I just wanted to recount my experiences with the Aneros so far.

    I came across the Aneros initially while reading up on Prostate health. After a couple of months of delay punctuated by reading up on it, listening to various podcasts, as well as reading this forum and the wiki, I finally bought an MGX at a local sex toy store here in my area about three weeks ago.

    So far, I've only done about 8 sessions, limiting myself to about a max of 2 hours with the MGX inserted. I've experimented with various positions (on my back, on all fours, on my stomach, kneeling & bent over onto the bed, sitting between two facing chairs) and while I can't say I've had a Super-O, I've definitely have felt something occasionally during my sessions.

    It can be best described as a tingling/electric sensation developing in my lower abdomen between my navel and the base of my penis, traveling down into my scrotum, and then up the shaft and then to the tip of my penis. This occurs several times and then subsides. When this happens, I ooze a considerable amount of precum and have the urge to repeatedly thrust my hips. While this has happened only a few times overall, it's something I hope to achieve (as well as something better, hopefully) as I start each new session.

    And while I know it's recommended not to stimulate the penis at all, especially when you're a newbie and still learning all the new sensations involved with the Aneros, I need to recount an interesting new experience that just happened to me.

    Earlier tonight, I had another session with the MGX and when my two hours were up, I took a warm shower as I usually do when I plan to remove the MGX and then clean up. I still had some images in my head though, from the porn I was watching earlier during my session, so I started stroking myself as well as alternating anal contractions and Kegels. I slowly built up and then something happened that I've never experienced before.

    I know quite well the feeling of having an orgasm from penile stimulation as well as the consistency of my semen when I cum. This wasn't that. It was somewhere below that and more intense than the electric feeling I described above and it was coming in waves. While this was happening, I was expelling/ejaculating a considerable amount of clear, thin fluid that was definitely not semen nor precum (neither thick and white like semen nor sticky/stringy like precum). I kept up the stroking & contractions and this mini-orgasm with ejaculation of clear fluid happened one more time maybe 5-10 seconds after the first one ended. After this one subsided, I kept up the stroking & contractios and then had the familiar orgasm from masturbation and accompanying ejaculation of the familiar, thick, white colored semen.

    This just blew me away. It literally felt like a multiple orgasm slash a multi stepped orgasm of increasing intensity. Yeah, I probably shouldn't have done any penile stimulation, but DAMN if that wasn't fun. :)
  • The fluid from your mini-orgasm was probably prostatic fluid. There seem to be three distinct sexual fluids we make as guys, and a lot of people only know about the first two: pre-cum (Cowper's gland fluid) and semen. The third, which a few members of this forum have discovered to their delight, is prostatic fluid, which is not thick like semen but also not quite the same as pre-cum. I remember somebody saying that one way to tell prostatic and Cowper's apart is to rub it between your fingers. If it foams up a little, it's prostatic fluid. I've heard cowper's is also stickier when dry. It's really cool to hear of you kind of ejaculating the prostatic fluid, not sure if I've heard that before.

    Your story was really arousing, by the way. :D Good vibes to you!
  • I now get what you are describing on a regular basis. I'm pretty sure it's prostate fluid, which comprises the bulk of a mans semen/ejaculate wad. It usually takes about 45-minutes into a session but I'll get the feeling of a traditional orgasm coming on, with the pleasant almost-stinging sensation in the head of my penis but then instead of spurting out a bunch of spurts of semen like in a normal ejaculation (and sometimes with a normal ejaculation, I've shot so forcefully it's hit me in the face or even flown over my head!), I'll ooze out the same kind of fluid you describe. It feels just like cuming but stretches out over a much longer time than a normal ejac. The fluid is more clear and has a smell close to semen but it's not opaque and creamy. It's more thin and clear, as you describe. I've tasted it and it is a bit salty and slightly bitter but not entirely unpleasant. Precum tastes sweet at times and as you say, precum is also very slimy and much thicker than this. I sue nipple stimulation regularly as a part of my Aneros regimen if at this point, I continue the nipple stimulation and the contractions/movement of the Aneros, I can repeat this prostate orgasm/flowing ejaculate ooze several times in a row. I've gone up to five in a row and in some cases, it's become one very long, continuous orgasm. Enjoy!
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    Hey, newguy8762. I get orgasms exactly as you describe--feels just like an ejaculatory traditional orgasm though very prolonged and it has that prostate orgasm character of a hot, almost stinging but pleasant sensation focused in the head of the penis, and I'll feel like for sure I'm oozing out fluid it feels so vivid, but when I check I'm bone dry (I guess with no pun intended as I have about the hardest boner one can imagine with this going on). Question for ya, when you ooze this fluid out, and sounds from your description almost like it would be a volume equivalent to that of a traditional ejaculation, do you get the usual refractory feeling afterward as with a good traditional ejaculation? Any other guys that experience this kind of flow during sessions feel refractory afterward?

    After my dry orgasms, even some of the most intense, I feel relaxed and peaceful, like after regular ejaculatory sex like with my wife, but with absolutely no refractory feeling like I wouldn't care for sex, say the next day. In the usual sense with prostate orgasms, I feel peaceful, but still fully "charged up" for sex later if I wanted it.
  • Hey slimjim...the volume of what oozes out is much less than a traditional ejaculation but it's more than a coupe of drops of Cowpers fluid. I'd say it's about a teaspoon full of the more clear-ish prostate fluid. I guess I'm like most guys in that if I haven't cum in a few days, I can produce quite a wad...never measured it but I'd say it's about a tablespoon full. Of course, if I have multiple ejaculations in a 24-hour period, this amount will go down substantially. In terms of a refractory period, no I don't get it with this prostate orgasm/oozing ejaculation. I can have several of these in a row and I too get that very blissful, peaceful relaxed feeling but not like with a traditional orgasm/ejaculation where you want to go to sleep or take a nap. I'm still sexually ramped up. For example, I'll do a session to where I get this prostate orgasm/ejaculation a couple times, then take a couple hour break and either come back and do it again (and the second session is always more intense than the first) or have sex with my wife later at night and have a tremendous traditional orgasm. I read a post on another site a while back, where a guy described in great detail, his masturbation technique to get to multiple, sustained orgasms and it was very similar. He would bring himself just prior to the point of no return then back off a bit, rest then pick back up his penis stroking and do this in several cycles. He described becoming sensitive to the feeling of semen and prostate fluid engorging his prostate and seminal vessels, which I've also become sensitive to (you know this better than me but I guess there are seminal vessels on both sides of your groin area, almost right above the hip sockets and I can feel this swell and ache with semen after these's like a blue balls feeling in that area of my groin). He said the key to stellar orgasms is to repeat this process of engorging the prostate and seminal vessels a number of times...he called it "hardening them" and that the engorgement produced by the blood flow and fluid and the eventual release in an ejaculation is where the pleasure really ramps up. It's fun to discover all these new pleasure capabilities of our bodies after all these years of masturbation and sex. If only I'd known this stuff as a teen..I'd have never left my room!
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    Not sure I left my room much some days back then as a teen myself, newguy8762, even considering "point and shoot" was all I knew about at the time! Interesting about the masturbation technique, bringing yourself near PONR and backing off several times to super-engorge the prostate and seminal vesicles with fluid. The increased fluid pressure there is most likely what causes the eventual orgasm and ejaculation to be so intense as that pressure is relieved nearly at the bursting point, or so it would feel.

    The same issue with prostate and seminal vesicle engorgement is at play when you think off and on during the workday about having sex that night. The sexual thoughts increase that pressure and desire to empty those structures causing sex later on that evening to be more intense, often with greater ejaculate volume for that same reason.

    I also think the Aneros similarly works better when the prostate and seminal vesicles are engorged, perhaps not uncomfortably so by utilizing the masturbation technique you described, but by waiting a day or so after having traditional sex and thinking about it off and on during the day leading up to a session. I know when that happens with me and the wife isn't interested in sex that night that the dry orgasms from the Aneros are noticeably better.
  • The fluid that you guys describe is not prostatic fluid which is white and wattery but it's seminal vescicle fluid which is clear. I have expressed this fluid sometimes without the aneros when I have not ejaculated in a long time.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    Good thought, reddog15. The fluids relative to their origin that I've observed are as follows. Pre-ejaculate during normal sexual arousal and produced during super-O sessions--clear, stringy, what we're all familiar with. Then prostatic fluid--thin, milky, no stickiness or body to it like semen--have seen a drop of that come out during a urologist's firm digital rectal exam or on occasion getting a large harder than normal stool started out the anus where it evidently squeezes up against the gland. And then what may be similar to what's being described above, a semen looking fluid that's "pourable" and runny, i.e., not "clottable" like normally ejaculated semen which, as we've all seen, literally clots so that it can "stick" to the female cervix so those little sperm buggers can swim upstream. I wonder if that's what newguy and others see with sessions, though I do not, and that it comes from the seminal vesicles.

    When I will see it is when I've taken a dose of Sudafed to open up my sinuses and I've gone a long time without ejaculating. Sudafed is an alpha agonist that binds to the alpha receptors in the urethra and related structures in the prostate and seminal vesicle region and clamps the urethra down (hence the danger of taking "cold" medications with prostatic hypertrophy and lower urinary obstructive symptoms as it can put you in urinary retention, thus the warnings you'll see on the box). Alpha antagonists, like hytrin and flomax do just the opposite and block the alpha receptors in this region thus opening up the urinary stream for those with obstructive symptoms.

    About an hour after taking the Sudafed when it's in my system good and I have to go pee and it's been a while since I've ejaculated last, i.e., my seminal vesicles are full (like we can all feel when we're horny), at the end of my pee stream this kind-of "runny looking semen" stuff that won't clot will come out, almost the volume of what a good normal ejaculation would be, and I'll feel "relieved" inside of the congested "I want sex" feeling, though it's not a true refractory. I've always figured this to be seminal vesicle contents I've expelled.

    Anybody else ever seen this?