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The Importance of the Craving
  • I've noticed that my sessions are distinctly better when they're instigated by a strong craving for anal pleasure. Sometimes my butt is just begging for it, while other times I just put the Aneros in as a matter of course, as a fairly routine thing. I'm also noticing that there's a distinct difference between when I want anal pleasure and when I want penile pleasure--For example, today I fell asleep with the Aneros in (NOT typical for me) and when I woke up, my lube had mostly dried up (I use Slippery Stuff Gel--good in the short term, but not optimal for overnight sessions.) So I removed the Helix, luckily without any real mishaps or discomfort, and massaged myself a little by hand. But the massage just wasn't that good. I didn't have any discomfort, which is sometimes a small problem for me, but I didn't have that anal craving, and so it didn't really go anywhere. A few minutes later, I got into masturbating normally and found that I REALLY wanted to cum.However, in light of my desire to amplify my sessions by holding off on ejaculation, I didn't give in. (I'm a little proud of myself for that, historically I'm not very strong-willed when it comes to that.)

    TL;DR: The anal craving is another very important part of a productive Aneros session for me.
  • Welcome to the rewired world!!!!!! The desire to feel the mesmerizing rapture that is anal pleasure is a result of rewiring. It is a craving indeed. We all share it.

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 757
    That's odd, MindTravels. The only place I've noticed dryness with an overnighter using Slippery Stuff Gel, is around the opening, because it dries out when exposed to air. Every time I've had an overnighter, I've been able to push out Slippery Stuff Gel behind the Aneros. Try using a thin coating of Vaseline on the Aneros, especially in the stem area at and outside the spincter. You don't need much; just enough to see some lines from your finger spreading it around is good enough.
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    Craving is like a fast, and fasting can improve cravings in many areas. If one fasts lets say 24 hours, or drops animal products from the diet, cravings will intensify as you are then in a condition of acceptance of stimulations that the foods used to satiate. I would also drop stimulants for a few days, like caffine, alcohol etc... this will increase sensitivity as the toxins exit your system and are no longer dulling natural senses, hightening the sensations.

    As an example I would like to note that after a 36 or 56 hour fast my sense of smell increases and after that first 24 hours I fall into a deep dreamless sleep that totally refreshes my mind and body. It is very interesting to attune yourself in this way. I doesn't take many days and nights of fasting.

    In my practice, I go to bed at the usual time in the evening and then when I wake up I do not break the fast. That whole day is without food, but with pure water, that night I go to sleep and sleep at a very deep level. In the morning after that 36 hour period I break the fast... or you can continue into that night which make 48 hours, go to bed and turn it into a 56 hour fast (give or take). Very refreshing.

    At the 36 hour point is where I would be taking the aneros session. It is a very sensitive session as the tactile feedback from the aneros device comes to be very perceptive to my craving neurosystem. Stimulating is not the right word but the concentration that I can produce is fundemental to my successes with this pleasuring.
  • rookrook
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    On your back, prop the lightly greased Aneros between your anus and a small towel-covered pillow, then, hands-off -- slowly gobble it up to a full insertion. ... enjoy!