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Aneros: The Essential Mind State
  • Gentlemen, welcome.

    If you're here, you're curious and interested. Your curiosity and interest may be leading you to a desire for a powerful experience. Let me first say, enjoy! Enjoy the journey and experience that you seek.

    This thread is dedicated to the journey the mind takes during Aneros practices. The aspects of physical pleasure are great and enticing, very tempting. As such, it is easy to dismiss the importance of the mind in the journey of Aneros.

    One may be wondering, why is the mind important if I am physically stimulating myself? If my body is being stimulated, won't the pleasure come? This is true to a degree. Manual and physical stimulation of the penis causes great sensations that lead to an ejaculatory orgasm. However, there are other types of orgasms as well.

    One such avenue of pleasure involves the mind. Let me restate that....the mind must be involved.

    In the posts that follow, an outline for esoteric and meditative practices will be given in order to fully incorporate the mind into the body and total enjoyment of Aneros. When the mind and body align, a harmonic convergence occurs releasing a fantastic energy and orgasmic sensation.

    The key concepts that greatly assist in Aneros enjoyment stem from a meditative state where the mind can relax, be free, and fall in tune with the body. Once in tune, stronger links can be created between the mind and body, allowing for greater sharing. This greater sharing in turn allows for more sensation and enjoyment.

    As you read the posts and information to follow, you have already taken the first steps in the mind's involvement in Aneros.

    You have an open mind.

    Please remember this as you further your progress.

    Have patience. Have a sense of excitement. Let go. Enjoy. Have fun.

    It is the hope of this section to offer a key and insight into the mind's powerful and active role in the Aneros journey.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    Thanks for starting this thread, I have long believed that 90%-95% of Aneros use and success getting to a Super-O is a mental leap of faith, a belief in the intangible qualities of our minds to manifest amazing phenomena. The physicality of Aneros use is actually only a small aspect of the Aneros journey, this was eloquently pointed out in the Penis, NOT! thread. The thread Whole Body/Whole Mind -- the mental side is an excellent introduction to the intricacies of thought processes involved with Aneros use. There are several insightful posts contained within the Automatic tantra? thread which further demonstrate the importance of the mindscape needed for orgasmic success.

    It has been said the largest sex organ is the brain, not the genitals. More specifically, it is the nebulous entity we call the "mind" that is the ultimate interpreter of the body's sensations, giving rise to the experience of pain or pleasure. The mindscape we create determines the extent of pleasure we derive from these simple prostate massagers. Stage hypnotists have famously demonstrated the power of the mind to influence human behaviors by altering perceptions and actions though suggestion alone. Your reality is formed by your perceptions, your mind assembles sensations to form perceptions. How you go about forming those perceptions can alter your reality and what you believe to be a successful Anerosession.

    Three of the The Tao of Aneros - User Theorems specifically reference the importance of the mind in achieving orgasmic success. Hopefully this thread will expound upon the qualities inherently necessary for you to create the optimal mindscape for your next Anerosession.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    Here are some further thoughts on The Essential Mind State. Although all mental activity is interrelated, I think I've identified three important divisions in the mental aspects of Aneros practice, my AAA list, those are 'Arousal', 'Awareness' & 'Attitude'. Each can have a significant impact on your ability to achieve orgasmic success.

    In my previous thread Are you "aroused"? we discussed the importance of 'Arousal' in the Aneros experience. I'm in agreement with 'B Mayfield's definition [QUOTE=B Mayfield;86759]Arousal

    An excited physical and mental state marked by physiological and emotional changes that normally occur in preparation for sexual activity. Physical changes may include: elevated heart rate and blood pressure, increase in respiration, trembling, hot flashes and erections. Mental changes may include: strong sexual desire, giddiness, the persistence of erotic fantasies, etc.I like that little 'catch-all' - [I]"etc" because it can include a LOT of qualities, in this post, it is the mental aspects of arousal to which I will be referring,

    Remember, your Aneros is a better arousal amplifier than it is an arousal generator. Insufficient arousal was a listed element in the post Identifying Obstacles to Progress. Building your 'Arousal' before even starting your Anerosession will greatly increase your level of enjoyment and enhance your ability to enter the Super-O zone.

    Building mental arousal means using all of your body's sensory mechanisms as potential inputs of sensory data. Visual, watching pornography is an obviously popular method but not necessarily the best or most effective. The concept here should be to get the mind fully engaged, reading erotic literature, viewing beautiful men, women, or anything that stimulates your mind in the erotic direction is the objective.

    Taste, eating certain foods can be a turn-on for some, evoking thoughts/feelings for partners past and present. The texture and flavor may be sensual reminders of sexual acts performed or desired sparking a desire for further satiation.

    Aural, listening to erotic or non-erotic sounds/music may help excite and relax you simultaneously getting you mind into a focused mode of sensual pleasure.

    Tactile, your skin is your largest sense organ and has numerous "hot spots" that may invoke erotic thoughts and feelings, increasing arousal not only in the body itself but in your mind as well. Getting yourself engaged in very tactile, sensual activities can be arousing (I personally like a potter's wheel working with wet clay).

    Smell, The olfactory sense is the only sense that is not moderated by your ego consciousness, sensory signals are processed/interpreted directly by the brain and thereby integrated directly into your mind. For this reason your olfactory sense can be a very powerful arousal tool, going directly into your sub-conscious unfiltered by attitudes.

    Combine any or all of these methods into your mental fantasies for an even more potent effect, the idea here is to bring the high arousal prior to your Anerosession so you won't be distracted by those events during your play time.

    Your 'reality' is pretty much determined by your mind's interpretation of perceived sensations from all your senses. The problem for us all is that our minds selectively filter all this sensory input so we can understand and function within that perceived 'reality'. The sheer volumn of sensory data our bodies are capable of generating would be too chaotic to comprehend were it not for this selective filtering, we would literally go insane from sensory overload. As a result we have become accustomed to ignoring a great deal of this sensory information, this is particularly acute for men who are focused on their external position in the 'real world'. Probably the most frequently heard word of advice on this Forum is to "RELAX" a big reason for that relaxation is to allow you to shift your focus of attention away from the external world and bring it into an 'Awareness' of your internal reality.

    Becoming 'Aware' of all the subtle sensations and feedback your body streams to your brain is an essential part of the rewiring process and successful use of your Aneros massager. If you ignore or worse, dismiss, these sensations as "...nothing to speak of..." or some other denigrating remark, you do yourself a great disservice. It is through building an 'Awareness' of all these subtleties you allow and encourage your body to produce more of them. As you produce more sensations, they stack upon the previous ones increasing the overall intensity of feelings. If you downplay the significance of these initially very minor sensations, you remove the foundation for growth.

    This quality of 'Awareness' spans both the conscious and sub-conscious mind but is non-manipulative, it is cognitive but non-reactive and non-judgmental. Your 'Awareness' is not concerned with time, focus is on this moment and then the next moment. You are developing a nurturing 'watcher' of your own internal body state, a recorder for each little twitch, spasm, tingle, pulse, shiver, jerk, flush wave and energy movement occurring in your body. At some point these sensations will trigger your orgasmic response. With experience you will begin to understand the great variety of sensations your body wants to present to you and you will learn the trigger level and intensity of your orgasms is not a fixed point but a sliding scale. Your 'Awareness' knows these things, you just need to "Let Go" of conscious control to let it flourish. As your 'Awareness' of your inner 'reality' grows you may find the ability to change focus and interact with the external world is also changing. Your sensuality externally begins to attune with your inner sensuality, a sense of balance between your inner and outer worlds becomes a 'reality'

    We all come to the Aneros experience with a certain amount of psychological 'baggage'. This 'baggage' started accumulating the day we were born, as children, we take on the belief systems of our parents, our friends, a religion, a culture, a nation, etc. mostly without questioning or understanding why. These belief systems became the foundations of our attitudes and our attitudes influence the filter system of perceptions mentioned above. Thus it is our underlying belief systems which have created our present day 'reality'. The problem here is those belief systems often do not make sense as a whole, they are riddled with misconceptions, errors and even lies, but as children we lacked the skills and psychic filters to keep the truth and discard the dross, hence we go through our lives dealing with contradictory attitudes about a multitude of issues.

    Each individual has attitudes which can negatively impact his Aneros journey success. In the post Identifying Obstacles to Progress, "Attitude & Beliefs" was listed but there were also a couple of other topics which are 'Attitude' related as well, they were listed as "Expectations", "Fears", "Impatience", "Erroneous Knowledge", "Obsessive thinking" & "Non-Acceptance". If you have an attitude expecting the Aneros to provide you certain results, you will be disappointed. If you have an attitude that the Aneros will turn you 'gay', you will probably never get to the Super-O. If you have the attitude the Aneros should work its magic the very first time you use it, you will be disappointed. The "should of..." "could of..." "would of..." attitude is just a waste of energy. So what kind of attitude will be beneficial?

    The term open-minded is often put forth as a good attitude to have and it is. The contrarian response sometimes goes "Yes, I'm open-minded but...". The "Yes, but..." attitude completely wipes out the open-mindedness. Almost all of us have these 'Yes, but..." arguments lingering in our psyches, the more of those you can 'let go', the better off you'll be. An attitude toward increasing 'Awareness' as explained above will also benefit your journey.

    The use of the Aneros involves anal penetration, which in western culture, is considered a rather taboo act for men and for too many men implies a loss of their manhood. The receiver of the penetrative act is usually a woman and hence the association of female attributes to the receiver. While being the receiver of anal penetration does involve surrendering to a certain level of emotional vulnerability it should in no way be interpreted as a loss of masculinity. An attitude to accept and embrace the more passive role of receiver does not diminish your manhood, it expands your capabilities for feeling.

    If you are carrying negative attitudes toward anyone or anything you may wish to reconsider, IMHO, it is energy wasted in trying to maintain them. That energy is lost and unavailable to you for pleasure generation. If your attitude is not helping your Aneros journey then it must be hindering it, removing yourself from the problem is part of the solution.

    Given that NONE of us has a perfect body (impossible to define or achieve in this world), adopting an attitude of self-loving action is beneficial. Pleasing yourself, caring about and for your body, accepting your whole body (including perceived flaws) with loving forgiveness. This care and concern will optimize your health and happiness making pleasurable Anerosessions more likely. Your reality (world) begins and ends each day with you, your attitude in your interaction with others in this world is the only thing you can really control. I hope you make all your attitudes positive ones, for the benefit of yourself and those around you.
  • hydrogenhydrogen
    Posts: 115
    Totally agree.

    Using aneros while performing cunnilingus is one of my preferred method.Taste,Aural,Tactile, Smell,Visual are all covered.

    I don't know for sure. But i think a submissive attitude is easier to get to super-O than a dominate attitude.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    Yes, performing cunnilingus, does indeed engage all your senses and is a highly effective way for many men to raise their arousal levels, though probably not for our gay brethren, For gay men, I would think fellatio would provide a similarly arousing experience.

    I intentionally avoided use of the term "submissive" in reference to attitude as that implies a subservient power position and by extension implies someone else is in a 'dominant' power position. While such relationships do exist and Aneros use in those relationships may make the term appropriately applicable, in solo use of an Aneros device there really isn't a D/s relationship to consider but rather a distinction between 'passive' and 'active' attitudinal roles, hence my statement ->An attitude to accept and embrace the more passive role of receiver does not diminish your manhood, it expands your capabilities for feeling.My intent here was to point out that assuming the passive role (traditionally the female role) actually broadens your capabilities without any sacrifice or diminution of the ego's sense of power. You could even argue that it expands upon a man's power attributes in that his ability to assume a wider range of experiences is enhanced. It is while you are in the 'passive' mind state you are more able to focus on the sensations you are receiving instead of thinking about generating sensations as the 'active' role partner. IMHO, it is the act of receiving and allowing the sensations to occur that has the highest likelihood of leading one to the Super-O, the active generating, force-of-will approach only pushes the Super-O experience further away.
  • hydrogenhydrogen
    Posts: 115

    Yes, performing cunnilingus, does indeed engage all your senses and is a highly effective way for many men to raise their arousal levels, though probably not for our gay brethren, For gay men, I would think fellatio would provide a similarly arousing experience.

    I'm not sure about that. In terms of yin/yang taoist theory, performing cunnilingus is actually to receive yin energy (water) from the female. The receiving Aneros is also a act of awakening yin inside yourself. Performing fellatio is to receive yang energy (fire).

    I'm sorry. The gay brethren have to come up with their own tantric theory.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    Yin/Yang energy discussion is a bit off-topic for this thread, besides, many men who indulge in Aneros practice are unconcerned with esoteric eastern philosophies. IMHO, Tantric theory is not exclusive to straight men and women but applies equally to gay and lesbian relationships as well. While our bodies and play toys may be differentiated, our souls are not gender specific. Whether one is receiving Yin energy or Yang energy in the 'Arousal' phase is immaterial.

    It is whatever gets you mentally aroused that is important in the journey toward a Super-O. It is your 'Arousal' which "...primes the pump..." for the Super-O.

  • [QUOTE=rumel;102454]rikaaim

    Here are some further thoughts on The Essential Mind State. Although all mental activity is interrelated, I think I've identified three important divisions in the mental aspects of Aneros practice, my AAA list, those are 'Arousal', 'Awareness' & 'Attitude'. Each can have a significant impact on your ability to achieve orgasmic success. image

    You know, I like that... the three A's. It's so true as well. The big one for me was attitude, and once I nailed that (so to speak) it went a long way towards my enjoyment.