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Are the minimum post counts for blog creation and chat access?
  • Hi Guys!

    I couldn't find the sort of "Introduce Yourself" area here that some forums have. Sincere apologies if this is in the wrong place.

    I am delighted to have discovered this amazing resource for Aneros users and I hope I can participate in co-creating the rich knowledge base reflected herein.

    I was wondering if there was a minimum post count for live chat (when scheduled, of course) and setting up a blog here? Even though I seem to have an account, I have no idea whether I'm able to actually participate. If I succeed in posting this, at least I'll know that I can participate in the forum here. I know some boards, perhaps most, require a certain number of posts before activating certain features, like private messaging, chat, blog creation, and so on.

    Thanks everyone!

    Blessings all around....

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome Xochipilli!! :D :D

    Xochi there is no test to pass, no registration beyond joining the Forum as you have already, before diving into the great chat tanks each weekend starting at 3:00 pm EST Friday afternoons!! Please launch your blog as soon as you like! And PM anytime too!

    We tend to do "throw down" spontaneous introductions in key points form, at chats, with any gathering where there are members old and new who simply haven't chatted together before, and only ask for info the persons are comfortable revealing then. Also note the weekdays 24/7 UnOfficial Chat at twlltin's thread of that name here in the forum:

    blessings to you too and again welcome to this great community

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    I do know that the policy has changed in the last few months. Chat/blog access has to be manually approved by the admins.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks twlltin!

    Given the hacking attacks I understand, but I was not aware of this change.

  • Greetings artform and twlltin!

    From the sound of it, until I learn who the admins are, and prove myself worthy (or that I don't seem like a risk), I'll have to be content with being a basic forum member.

    If either of you know who I should contact to at least start the blog, I would really appreciate it. I'd like to start the blog near the start of my Aneros explorations so that my "beginner's impressions, experiences, and mistakes" might help others. While I'm keen to participate in the forums, I'd like to "lurk around a bit" to get a better sense of the community here, before I start spouting off.

    However this all plays out, I thank you two gentlemen, and I'm glad to know that I can participate in the forum here.

    Blessings Brothers!

  • Xochipilli, welcome to the forum and the community! I'm glad that you posted and created a username to join in! :)

    I was just posting a new topic to the "chatguest" lurker who observes weekend chats. I fully encourage observation and hope that information is learned, but ultimately would like to see more willing to jump in and participate such as yourself. I am very pleased to see that you are excited and wanting to document your progress. I fully agree that by starting at the beginning you can become a valuable well of information for a new user down the road.

    I hope to see you join in a weekend chat session. We are very encouraging and welcoming. I must honestly say that it is rare to find such a close knit group of men who openly, honestly, and in a supportive way uplift each and every person. It is my wish that you and every other member get to experience the sensations of Aneros that are non-device related, such as this wonderful community and company. Welcome again, please stay awhile and contribute more! Each post has value and merit.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    My suspicion (and that of others) is that the regular "chatguest" is a member of Aneros staff.

    Incidentally, unoffical chat is open all week. Unofficial Aneros Chat
  • Well, that could very well be Twlltin. I still would greatly encourage any and all who are lurkers to join in and be welcomed! I never thought of a staff member lurker around though. :P
  • [QUOTE=rikaaim;102380]
    I hope to see you join in a weekend chat session. We are very encouraging and welcoming. I must honestly say that it is rare to find such a close knit group of men who openly, honestly, and in a supportive way uplift each and every person. It is my wish that you and every other member get to experience the sensations of Aneros that are non-device related, such as this wonderful community and company. Welcome again, please stay awhile and contribute more! Each post has value and merit.

    Heya rikaaim!

    Thanks for chiming in with the very warm welcome. Much appreciated!

    I've tried joining the scheduled chats since becoming a member here, but apparently I need to be "approved" for this, and I'm not sure who to properly approach on the subject. I've also successfully logged into the "unofficial" chat during the week, but have always found that room empty.

    As for the Aneros products and this related community, I am very impressed by what I've discovered thus far. I'd be content to just use "search" to get a lot of info that I need--but I like to sometimes pose "newbie" questions out in the open in case others might be wondering the same things and could benefit from the discussion.

    I've been informally recording my observations and experiences with my Aneros stimulators in my hand-written journal. I'll probably just formalize this a little bit--making the entries look more like blog entries here, and if anything happens worth transferring to the blog once it's authorized, I can do so at a later time.

    As someone who is currently not in a relationship and whose "solo sexuality" has primarily revolved around "hands on" masturbation sessions in the presence of pornography, even with only four days' experience with my Aneros stimulators, I believe a "major shift" is starting to happen. Although porn can be really fun, and some is even satisfying as "art," I feel that it tends to "lack heart" as I have generally experienced it. When I explore the Aneros dimension, I find the experiences so rich and engaging in themselves that I haven't had any interest in incorporating any pornography, although I did try early on. For lack of a better way of phrasing it, I find my Aneros experience more "heartful" and "spiritual," aspects of being alive that I both treasure and try to nurture.

    I've also been interested in MMO, Tantra, Toaist Yoga, etc. for quite some time, but never immersed myself in the exercises in any sort of committed way. With my Aneros tools this door beckons, widely (and wildly!)

    I'll write more about these things at a later time. I have to get ready for a meeting.

    Peace guys!

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Welcome you to the Aneros Forums,

    As far as I know there are no minimum post counts for joining the Chat sessions or creating Blog entries. I know there were some recent problems being experienced by a few members in getting their memberships approved and posting to the Forums.

    Since you are able to post to this Forum, you are already a fully Registered Member here and have all the permissions necessary to create your own BLOG, participate in the Chat Room and send Private Messages. Check to be sure that "Cookies" are enabled on your computer for the Aneros website. Here's the procedure for creating your BLOG :
    1.) You must be logged in to post.
    2.) Click on "Blogs" on the upper Main Menu Bar.
    3.) Click on the "MY BLOG MANAGER" button in the upper left corner of the "Aneros Blogs" main page.
    4a.) Create a name for your Blog in the edit box on the "Blog Manager" page,
    b.) Then click the "SAVE" button,
    c.) On the bar immediately below you will see "ENTRY NAME (ADD NEW ENTRY)", click on the "(ADD NEW ENTRY)",
    d.) This will open a new page titled "Create Blog Entry", fill in the appropriate information, then when finished click on the "SUBMIT" button on the bottom right corner of the page.
    5.) Following submittal you should get a screen which says "The entry was successfully updated." and then after a few moments will show you the Blog entry.

    If the above doesn't work for you, you may need to contact Support for further assistance.

  • Hey rumel!

    It's an honor to be contacted by one of the "rockstars" of this forum!

    I already tried the procedure for creating a blog as you described, numerous times. Things proceeded accordingly to your list until Step 5, Following submittal you should get a screen which says "The entry was successfully updated." and then after a few moments will show you the Blog entry. But after the "successfully updated" message, no blog page appears--just the following:

    Aneros Blogs > 's Blog > View Entry

    As you can see--no username appears, and although this line implies some sort of a hyperlink, that text has no hyperlinks within it.

    I've already contacted support, thanks.

    So...thanks again, rumel!


  • Well guys,

    I don't feel I'm getting anywhere with my quest for blog assistance. I'm not even sure support is getting any of my messages as I've never gotten a single confirmation email from them--and these systems will often send an auto-reply letting you know that the inquiry was received. For all I know, the support message system may not even function, or may suffer from a similar "glitch" that the blog-creation system appears afflicted by. I tried being creative by writing directly to [email][/email] explaining the situation, so hopefully that will move things forward. But I wouldn't be surprised if that address is only used as a "reply-to" and may not be set up to receive actual support inquiries.

    I know I risk seeming impatient or ungrateful by pursuing this, but sometimes a situation like this requires more direct action. If there really is some sort of problem with the support messaging system, it would be in Aneros' interest to know about it so they can address it. My aim is to be "persistent" but never "annoying." I'm trying to communicate a tone of "eager anticipation" rather than "entitlement." I know being here is a privilege, not a right. But I really feel I might be able to contribute something good here, and I'd hate to give up on that due to some technical difficulty or some other, as yet unrevealed reason.

    Thanks to those of you trying to help me here. I really do appreciate it.


  • Someone told me you might trying creating a new account and see if that fixes things. Good luck!
  • After sending several messages to Aneros Support with no indication that the message system actually works (for me), I gave them a call at their listed support number a few days ago and spoke to a very nice young woman named Mollie. She said she would forward my concerns to the technical team and that I should be hearing from them soon. I suspect their response time may be longer than usual given the upcoming holiday. However, if I haven't heard anything in a week or so, I'll probably write a dead tree letter and see if that does any good.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays guys!

  • Hi Guys,

    I know some of you have told me that the only "admin" presence on this board is "Aneros Support." So it seems there is no forum user through whom I might be able to better direct my requests for assistance, and therefore I must completely rely on the Support system currently in place, which appears restricted to the modes of contact listed on the Contact Us page.

    I've tried several messages sent via the form on that page, as well as two phone calls, and around 10 days ago--a dead tree letter via USPS as well. I've shared my email address and phone number in most every communication, and I'm certain that at least one person employed by Aneros is aware of my predicament. Unfortunately, she could only pass along my details to the technical team, and as of nearly 3 weeks since speaking with her, they have not responded in the "2 or 3 days" she mentioned in my calls with her.

    I know this isn't the "biggest" of "big deals." I can still read the great info on the site, and I can even create a blog off-site if I so desire. But being here with my wings "clipped" as it were sort of makes me feel like a second-class citizen. I read in posts, particularly some by artform, suggesting that some pretty interesting, and even magical, things can occur during chat. And I know from other online forums that chat services can allow a more rapid dissemination of really pertinent information than waiting for feedback from a forum posting. A user blog is a brilliant way to not only track one's own personal progress (particularly if one doesn't dedicate some other journaling approach to the purpose), but to share one's discoveries and stimulate further exploration with and by others.

    Some have suggested this is likely a technical issue on my end--either with my computer, operating system, or browser. I've considered this--but my testing using other computers and different software, still having the same problems, suggests that this is not the most likely explanation of my difficulties.

    I know the Aneros email system works (in terms of sending mail out) because I ordered a complete Peridise set off the website and received confirmation emails from [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]. I didn't try replying to any of them--so it's still a mystery (to me) whether any email sent to that address actually makes it far enough into Aneros to be read. The order worked out brilliantly--things arrived quickly--so there was nothing to "complain" about. So I don't know what would have happened if I were trying to resolve a problem with an order--hopefully someone in that position would not have to experience the problems I have trying to resolve these forum-related issues.

    I suppose my next step is to try calling Mollie again--she's the very nice customer service rep who took my two phone calls a couple weeks back. She was very supportive of my efforts to resolve this, reassuring me seeking help from Aneros Support was completely appropriate, even if it was in regard to a forum issue (or issues, in my case) and not about a pending order.

    Well, that's where I'm at today. I will continue to patiently "work the problem" until it gets resolved, or until I feel so neglected that it feels better to focus my energies elsewhere--whichever comes first, I suppose.

    In any event, I hope everyone is having a pleasant 2012 thus far.

    Bless up!

  •'s me putting a close to one of the more boring threads here on the Forum. But at least it echos the sense that "patience" is a word every Anerosian needs to embrace, whether it's unlocking the elusive (for some) Super-O, or working through a technical issue with participating in the forum.

    My task now is to try my best at making a useful contribution to this community. I'm bound to make some mistakes along the way, so I'm trusting those more experienced among you to offer me advice, including of the "stern" variety, when you see me mess up. (Although this forum involves "adult" topics, I'm not sure how "colloquial" I can be in terms of language. I seem to notice some people here trying to keep things "PG" - and although my knee-jerk response to this is that it is "silly" to go through such trouble...there may be very good reasons for doing so.)

    In any event, Big Thumbs Up to Aneros Technical Support for getting me sorted! Thanks guys (including the "gals")!!!

    See you guys in Official Chat sometime!