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Peridise make me wet
  • Damn it's been a long couple of unproductive months. I've had four "dud" sessions in a row with the Eupho. Before that I had been riding SO high. So many great sessions, with massive super-O's. I thought I was unstoppable. The Aneros can be a cruel mistress. So much pleasure can be given...and then taken away. I had seriously lost my mojo. Then I began to TRYING to have good sessions. My mind was in the wrong place for anything good to happen.

    Last week I was on the same path, working with my handy Eupho, no real progress to speak of. So I busted out the Peridise beginner aneros (the smallest) just to change it up. Man, after a few minutes...I could feel the tide turning. So exciting to think about, getting those aneros butterflies. The Peridise is great for sitting when inserted. I reclined on my bed and watched a video of women having real orgasms. My involuntaries were ramping up with each new scene until I was in an midst of building a Super-O that was just so delicious.

    The Peridise was hitting me in just the right spot. The spot I was searching for months for. Pure fucking ecstasy. Just gorgeous. I was enjoying this so much I had no restraint, I was contracting harshly bringing myself to the point of no return. I had been so long I could not help myself. I clamped down and the Peridise fucked the joy juice right out of me. I screamed with delight as I had a hands-free explosion all over myself. Fuck me, it was so good. So satisfying. I feel like I am in love all over again.
  • [B]Great to hear Bishop!
    The Peridise ( the smaller the better) is capable of amazing things for sure. It seems to be a somewhat under-appreciated model.
    It definitely is not for the novice but if given enough time/experience, it is a tiny beast.
    The Tempo is a great big brother as well. It seems quite a few dwell on the Progasm and tend to write off the smaller models. To me, that is a huge mistake.
    The Peredise absolutely has it's place in a well rounded collection.
  • Great story!

    The Peridise is the only model that I have ever had a super-o with. If you want to talk about dry spells, I haven't had another super-o in more than 4 years (not like the one the Peridise gave me).

    I have had plenty other "types" of orgasms though, so I'm not complaining. There are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many ways to bring about a "type" or orgasm with the aneros. I love coming up with new "exciting" ways all of the time.
  • Hi ALL,
    Peridise has always been the best for me. Bishop I have had a lot of wasted time with my eupho, I like my hilex better, but for the most part I use the little guys and their bigger sister Tempo, I just wish HIH would make the peridise in stainless steel, O-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h that would be great.
  • Ok, before I give another prostate massager a try can someone explain what this Peridise thing is? It doesn't stimulate the prostate, right? Yet it seems guys are getting just as much if not more pleasure out of it... :confused:
  • neubieneubie
    Posts: 17
    The Bishop, That's awesome news. Glad to hear you're back in the O-zone. I've been O-less since mid August. Perhaps it's time for me to wipe the dust off my Peridise.
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    This thread has been worth reading for the video of real female orgasms alone.