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A Movember Contest for Forum Members only.
  • We are loving Movember because it has men all over the world thinking and talking about their prostates. Of course the goal is to raise both funds and awareness of men's health issues with the focus being on men's cancers - prostate cancer in particular.

    We would like to share YOUR thoughts during Movember - (you're the pros after all) so we would like to ask you a couple of questions.

    How has your experience using Aneros changed your awareness of men's health issues?

    How do you feel using Aneros has affected your overall sense of health and wellbeing?

    Some of your answers (and only your answers, not your names) will be tweeted and posted on Facebook. You're welcome to Private Message your answers if you don't feel comfortable posting publicly.

    We'll be giving away a Helix goodie bag on 11/10, a black Progasm goodie bag on 11/17, and a Tempo goodie bag on 11/23. Winners will be chosen randomly from all participants and announced in this thread.

    Good luck, guys!
  • I will say that due to this community and Aneros in general, I am having a surgery in December to have an undescended right testicle removed in order to ensure it does not become cancerous. I have had this issue since birth, but never thought it could become an issue. I know this is not a prostate related procedure, but because of all the care and attention given to men's health overall, and in particular to prostate well being, I have found the courage and strength to get my personal issue checked out and taken care of. If not for the copious amount of research done by High Island Health, I would not realize how serious men's health issues can be. I have an understanding that some pending danger could present itself, but the dedication of forum members sharing their own stories has driven into me a sense of very real and urgent risk. As I progress in the future monitoring and managing my particular men's health, I will, and have already, cultivate a very strong desire to ensure prostate health along with the health of the rest of my body. Feeling such strong support from the medical input all the way to personal stories, I have no sense of embarrassment when it comes to my health, but a sense of pride and responsibility in taking care of me. I know that from this point I will not be a stubborn male who thinks that all issues disappear. I will move forward with confidence that I can handle what ever comes my way because others have gone before me and because wonderful procedures and devices like Aneros have evolved to specifically care for the needs of men.
  • Aneros has done wonders for me, way more than I ever expected from a small piece of plastic. The direct physical benefit I got within weeks, relief from prostate aches and pains would have been plenty enough. And then, there was a huge boost to our sex life. My wife and I now have better sex with increased frequency and variety. Incorporating Aneros devices into lovemaking opened up a new world of sensual exploration for both of us.
  • AztecAztec
    Posts: 47
    I was initially afraid of using Aneros because of the way society brands sexual behaviors. Being straight, that was a hurdle. I am glad I found this little toy. Sleeping through the night, and the sex life is back with the wife. Thank you Aneros team, you did alright! I couldn't feel healthier inside or out after using your products.
  • Love these stories, thank you! Post more!
  • PrograProgra
    Posts: 34
    I love how the Aneros has awakened once dormant pleasures whilst using and a pleasant feeling there when not.

    The fact that it has good health benefits is a major bonus.

    The wide range of shapes and sizes available means there is a device for all, from beginners to the experienced.
  • I am new to the use of the Aneros prostate massager. Even early in this journey the benefits are readily apparent. Taking control of my prostate health and exploring a new world of sexuality speaks for itself. I find that the positive feelings I receive from the use of the Aneros make me more conscious of other aspects of my health and appearance. I find that I am working harder in my daily regimem, watching my diet, and experienceing a positive outlook on my personal life.

    It may sound like I am overstating the benefits of a piece of plastic, In reality it is the information and encouragement I have received from the Aneros community on this forum that was the catalyst in my new outlook on not only my sexuality but my health in general. I know for some there is a barrier in their own minds to get over before using the Aneros. Break that barrier and the benefits will be evident quickly.
  • We've had 6 responses so far, so we literally rolled the dice. (Well, one anyway). Congratulations Progra! Will you please PM your shipping info so we can send you your Helix goodie bag?

    To the rest of you that have shared, thank you and you're still in the running for the other 2 goodie bags I'll be giving away for this contest.

    Everyone else - tell us your story! We are happy to preserve your privacy. You're welcome to send your responses via PM.

    Next goodie bag will be announced 11/17!
  • PrograProgra
    Posts: 34

    Thanks very much, chuffed to bits.
    Look forward to trying the Helix very much.

  • Since starting aneros I have become in-tune with many aspects of my body that I was not previously aware of.

    Most notably so being digestion before I never really knew when something was disagreeing with me, now I can tell much sooner and it has helped greatly.

    Due to the dedication to get real results with aneros I have begun planning out my time a lot more than I previously have, making sure to make time for this special hobby.

    Theese and many other countless little steps I have taken since starting aneros has in the last few months gotten me to the point where I physically feel better than I ever have in my life.

    The sheer nature of the device's success is reliant in many ways on you knowing your body and the desire to achieve that has improved my life and optimism greatly.
  • One summer out of boredom I started to peer into the world of various sex toys. Eventually I came about the topic of prostate orgasms and the male g-spot - and aneros was most talked about on the subject. After a few weeks of browsing the forums here, I bought a helix which turned out to be one of the best purchases I have made in my 22 years of life, now I have a total of four massagers. Currently it has been about a year and a half since I have started use and nothing but good has come from it. For one it is great to have a medical tool to massage the prostate and help with circulation as prostate cancer is an issue that many men have to worry about, and although I am young it doesn't hurt to have something like this contribute to my health.

    Really though, the main reason I bought the aneros was in the pursuit of pleasure. And I can say with 100% confidence that nothing compares. From the first few sessions I knew that it was quite different from anything I have experienced before and that there was more to be had. As it stands now I frequently have sessions of a minimum hour, some going on for 2 or 3 even. The pleasure can get very intense and does not subside until I tire out or decide to end, it beats out traditional masturbation any day. Why jerk to ejaculation while I could just bask in seamless pleasure for hours? I only go for a traditional ejaculatory orgasm every week or two as my aneros sessions fully satisfy my sexual cravings.

    Another plus side to my use of aneros is the rewiring of my body's sexual response. I have learned to develop immense pleasure from gently stroking my nipples or other erogenous zones in my body, even just by just focusing I can invoke such pleasure that can be comparable to what I feel when I actually have the aneros in. It is amazing and, while some of the things you hear on the forums sound a bit "out there", it is very easy to be skeptical until you actually feel the pleasure for yourself. I am very happy where i'm at and know that in the many years to come there is much, much more to be experienced.
  • Your stories are all fabulous. Thank you! Still time to add yours before the next goodie bag giveaway on Thursday!
  • I'm very new to all of this, so I'm not sure I have the most insightful things to say, but I would like to contribute to the event.

    I'm not sure I've thought that much about men's health issues until fairly recently. The men in my family tend not to talk about health issues. It's an uncomfortable subject and I think we'd rather just assume that as long as we're feeling OK at the moment, there's nothing to worry about. When my grandfather passed away from an unexpected attack of pancreatic cancer, I think it hit me that I should start thinking about what I can do now to prevent complications in the future. I've started exercising more regularly, watching what I eat carefully, etc. as general measures. Recently, as there has been more and more awareness about prostate cancer and how common it is, I think it's been floating around somewhere in my consciousness, but I haven't worried much about it or any specific cancer at this point in my life. All this to say that when I found the Aneros, I wasn't exactly thinking about the possible health benefits, but I think that definitely pushed my decision. I don't know how certain it is that prostate massage helps prevent prostate cancer, but it does seem clear that there are some health benefits to prostate massage when it's done right, and the Aneros is a safe mechanism for it. If nothing else, it increases awareness of the prostate and prostate health, which in turn encourages healthy lifestyle choices (diet, exercise, etc.). One can even look at this in an economic perspective and say that, whether directly or indirectly, this is a tool that allows for preventative measures that can ultimately help lower health care costs. So how's that for stimulating the economy?

    Those benefits aside, I think the Aneros really opens up a new perspective on sexual health. Again, I was not necessarily looking for this when I found the product, but it seemed like in addition to the obvious fun factor, this seemed like a good investment in exploring sexuality. It really forces you to think about what it is you're looking to get out of a sexual experience. If you just want to "get off" and go about your business, that's fine, but you're missing out on quite a bit of potential sexual experiences. It also forces you to think about what it even means to have a sexual experience. It's a completely different concept if you take the time to release any expectations and let the feelings direct you rather than for you to attempt to direct the feelings. I've only had the product for a couple weeks, and I haven't yet gotten the "Super-O" that this tool is said to create, but I can already tell that if I focus on what is happening as opposed to what should happen, it is a completely different experience. It allows me to appreciate the moment and really enjoy it, and not worry about the end result. It makes me think about how the French sometimes refer to the orgasm as "le petit mort" ("the little death"), which is a concept that the end result is not the best part, but the journey. Of course, the idea with the Aneros is to rethink the orgasm entirely, but there is a similar concept in that a sexual experience is not about getting to an endpoint--but taking a wild journey and enjoying every minute of it. I think by experiencing sexuality in this way, you can feel a different sense of overall well-being. Sexuality is a part of your lifestyle that you should invest some time in, in addition to exercise and diet and whatnot. Obviously, the Aneros is not the only means to achieve this, but I think it will help a great many people figure it out.
  • Did you know that there is online dice roller that will let you roll an 8 sided di? I'm glad I did, because there are 8 of you in the running this week.

    Congrats to Rikaaim for winning this weeks Progasm goodie bag!

    Still a week to go guys!
  • I've been using the Eupho for over a year and the SGX for about 6 months. The SGX is awesome, though actually they both are, but the SGX just hits the spot.
    Since using I have better sexual health. I'm 63 and though beginning to "sag" a few years ago, I have been revitalized no end. I feel now I am "always on", like an electrical appliance, in a good sense. My health and appearance are better, with quite a few folks mentioning my youthfulness in terms of looks. Thank you Aneros.
  • Woot! I'm very excited! :D

    I'm more excited that other are chiming in with their stories. I encourage everyone to share. Sharing is like a snowball rolling down a mountain of fresh powder. It may start out slow with just one person's story, but it quickly grows into large collection of unity. We are each a snowflake in this growing snowball. Let's keep it rolling! :) The more awareness we provide is the more chance a man has to learn about his own health and have a chance to save or better his life.
  • We are THRILLED that you are all sharing - and I'm looking forward to more doing so!

    I could possibly negotiate different options for prizes. Happy to discuss in a PM
  • Got to use that 8 sided di again :) Congrats imperium - on the Tempo goodie bag. Would you PM me your details?

    And because I can - and because you guys have been great - and because I want to give everyone one more chance to participate - We'll give away one more goodie bag on the 30th. I haven't determined what that one should be yet, tho - why don't you all chime in with suggestions?

    For those of you in the US, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  • Thirteen years before I got my first Aneros I began a journey of sexual discovery. The goal was to learn more about my sexuality, my sexual response, deepen my erotic life with my wife, and achieve an elusive Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO). I studied, read a lot of books and took some workshops and attended some retreats.

    Then I stumbled into this forum and learned about these wonderful little devices.

    The combination of peer support and the miraculous ability of Aneros was amazing. In weeks I was getting new and wonderful feelings. In months I was sailing in blissful MMO sessions and experiencing mind boggling rapture. When I became proficient I realized what my Aneros Peers referred to as being rewired. I was transformed; I became a very sensual and sexual man. My erotic outlook was expanded and intensified. My sexual performance was enhanced. I turned back the clock 30 years. I performed with the virility of a young sexual man but I had the control, patience, knowledge, wisdom, sensuality and insight of a mature man.

    The last three years of Aneros use and peer advice have been transformative. The years of reading, studying and learning gained amazing clarity. I now understood the complex depth of my sexuality and the wonderful breadth of my erotic outlook. I am better for the insight and the pleasure that came with rewiring. Thanks Aneros.
  • [QUOTE=Aneros;102212]Got to use that 8 sided di again Congrats imperium - on the Tempo goodie bag. Would you PM me your details?

    And because I can - and because you guys have been great - and because I want to give everyone one more chance to participate - We'll give away one more goodie bag on the 30th. I haven't determined what that one should be yet, tho - why don't you all chime in with suggestions?

    For those of you in the US, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    YAY Sending PM now.

    Thank you for having the contests.

    Edit: I wonder if growing out this facial hair has had something to do with my luck lately....
  • More appreciation for Aneros.
    What a product! I mean, if there was a prize for the gift that comes closest to world peace, the Aneros experience must come close. What does this product offer? Good prostate health. Good vibes. Awareness of sexual issues. Good sexual health--important in this day and age to de-stress and enjoy life.
    Another genuine appreciation I have for Aneros, is their website. I have read posts that sometimes touch on the positive AND the negative, but they are posted and maintained nevertheless. Not quickly called down in case of negativity "hurting sales". I appreciate that. Aneros the company know that have a good product (500,000 sold) and it's good name can keep it's reputation going without views or contrary views that may occasionally come across as being "negative".
    Also, what a great collection of blokes that use the forum! Humorous, witty, intelligent with a good attitude to other members and to life in general. It's a great site!
  • AAaaaaand.... Congrats Bigguy! The di roll made you the lucky winner this week of a Vice :)

    Can you PM me your shipping details, please?

    And to everyone else, thank you so very much for participating. It was truly an honor to get to hear your stories.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Congratulations Aneros on formally joining in Movember this year and encouraging Forum members to get actively involved!! :D :D

    I have been active again this year and raised more money this time!! However, as last year, I am part of the Canadian wider team. Notwithstanding that, I have "liked" the Aneros Team (USA) and hope this initiative can build and Aneros teams will be possible in many countries next year, and we can actually have fun competing in raising prostate health awareness and research funds in our home country's communities, including our celebrating our Whole Male Health Aneros practices.

    thanks again all at aneros for this amazing range of devices and the community that brings it to life for each and all

  • Team Aneros:

    Thanks guys!!!!! I am thrilled to have won! Actually I won three years ago when I got my first Aneros. It (and the full line that I own) ended a long struggle I was having trying to achieve a higher sexual plateau. The rewiring I have experienced is profound and has changed my life!!!! I am spreading the word about Aneros on my blog
    Linghamans Log and in other forums I participate in, as well as with friends.

    I can't thank you enough for your creativity, customer service and particularly for this forum. You have a uniquely wonderful product and a community of followers who appreciate the support you provide and things you make.

    Bigguy / Linghaman
  • PrograProgra
    Posts: 34
    Has anyone received their goodie bags yet? :(
  • [QUOTE=Progra;102843]Has anyone received their goodie bags yet? :(

    Nothing here yet.
    Actually when I 1st exchanged shipping info with the "admin" They informed me that the anticipated shipping date would be araound the end of November & that they would make a post when they were shipping.

    So I Patiently waited until mid December, still no reply or package, so I sent a PM to the "admin" again requesting an explanation or something, got no response. Waited another 5 days sent another PM, no response, waited a bit longer & sent another PM, no response, sent an e-mail to "support" no response.

    By now I'm needless to say a bit frustrated that something was promised & that promise was never held up.

    I have yet to call in to thier offices and ask & the reason I haven't called yet is I doubt the poor employee that answers my call would have any clue about this contest or how to go about having this sorted out.
    I don't really wanna stick this on some random employee's back but they aren't responding to any other attempts to contact.
  • PrograProgra
    Posts: 34
    Still nothing.
    I take it we're to forget about it now?
  • Can't you send the admin a CQ via private message? (Using Aneros link above?) If you click on link and select "Private Message"?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    I will look into this and get back to you.

    BF Mayfield
  • [QUOTE=B Mayfield;103232]I will look into this and get back to you.

    BF Mayfield

    Thanks B we do greatly appreciate it.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    HIH should be contacting the winners within the next several days. If you don't hear from them by next week please send me a P.M.

    BF Mayfield
  • [QUOTE=B Mayfield;103247]HIH should be contacting the winners within the next several days. If you don't hear from them by next week please send me a P.M.

    BF Mayfield

    Once again thanks for contacting them when we were not able to get through.
  • PrograProgra
    Posts: 34
    Thanks very much.
  • Happy to report I received my prize today.

    Thank you Aneros & BF Mayfield.
  • I got mine last week as well!!!!!! Thanks very very much!!!!!! I did a review of it on my blog ...used it last Thursday. I am getting emails from people who are interested based on several of my Aneros focused posts and are going to buy.

    Linghamans Log.

  • I have not gotten a PM yet, but have not been to check if I've received the goodie bag yet or not either. So, I'll check that first, then repost if need be. Brian, thanks for always supporting those who need a link between the forum and the company. I'm not sure exactly what you're role is, but you've always been a most gracious ambassador to everyone who needs help.
  • PrograProgra
    Posts: 34
    No PM here yet either, but I did supply my address when originally informed I'd won.

    Hopefully mine is on it's way. :)
  • Just wanted to say that I got my package yesterday. Thank you so much Aneros for sending such a thoughtful package! I love the T-shirt, belt clip, and neck clip thingys (I never did know what they were called). Even the quality of these items is pretty great! This is one company I shall continue to support. You really know how to reach out to your demographic and exceed well beyond expectations.
  • PrograProgra
    Posts: 34
    Well.....I never did get my Helix goodie bag. :(

    I figure it's because I'm in the UK and this is a U.S. site?

    Ah well, won't stop me visiting this forum. :)