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Dual-Gasm (aneros inspired experiment)
  • Hey whats up forum! I conducted a little experiment the other day and i wanted to drop by and share the formula... so to speak, lol

    First of all, I'd like to mention, I've had my aneros "helix" for over a year now and have experienced the experience! This little toy is everything they say it is and I can't say enough about it! It has opened up a whole new dimension, the pleasure realm, which i never knew existed! ORGASM... more than I ever thought it was! in fact, i've now come to realize that there are many many amazing facets... anal orgasms, multi-orgasms, mini o's, super o's, to name a few... it has greatly improved my sexual performance and endurance (my wife appreciates!) It has drastically increased the intensity of ejaculatory orgasms... my erections are stronger, bigger, firmer.. like back at the age of 17, riding the bus, sitting right next to that hot little dick-tease Amy... she did everything but put-out... not too easy hiding your feelings behind a 3-ring binder! In any event, before i get too distracted of why I originally dropped by... I just wanted to show some forum appreciation and give you guys a little insight into what the aneros has done for me.

    The other morning i woke up, drank a cup of strong coffee and smoked some good bud. not something that i normally do in the morning, but my wife and kids were out of town for the weekend and i had the day off work. wake and bake, for me, is like a aphrodisiac... so naturally i took advantage of the situation! just the night before i used my helix, had a mind blowing 4 hour session and then somehow i managed Not to "jack it" afterward as i normally do. Doing so, then going about my day without masturbation, built up a very powerful load. Instead of using my helix this time, I was in the mood to try something different for a change. I decided to get a little creative and went on a search to see what i could find in our sex-toy drawer. Here is what i came up with...

    My wife's vibrating anal plug, a small vibrating silver bullet and a magnum condom. I lubed the plug and myself generously and then slid the plug into my ass. I did not use the vibe function right away. Then i put the condom over my penis. I lubed up the vibrating bullet and put it inside the condom, held tight to the underside of my penis, directly on the sweet spot... you know, that "feel good" spot that every guy has on their dick! After everything was in place, i started with the anal plug vibe first, at slow to medium speed. I laid back and enjoyed the sensation of just the plug for a while and experience some very nice waves. I became more and more horny and the feelings grew more and more intense. After a good 30 min or so, i turned on the silver bullet, matching the exact same speed as the anal vibe. The key here is i did not touch my cock at all, the only thing touching my cock was the silver bullet vibrating directly on my sweet spot. So i had two vibes going, one in my ass and the other vibe on the feel good spot of my dick, which is held in place via condom. Using the condom to hold the bullet in place provides a hands free experience and will allow you to stimulate your nipples and other parts of your body. Now this is where it get's interesting... I just let the vibes do their thing, laid back, closed my eyes, rubbed my nipples and just let the orgasm mount. The pulsations and contractions became very spontaneous as i grew closer and closer to orgasm... i was not sure what was going to happen or what type of orgasm i was going to experience, if at all... the contractions and sensations started switching back and forth from my anus, prostate and penis... it was sort of mechanical in it's pattern, like a robot gone haywire... and it felt really good! Wave after wave after wave... jolting... my body buckled... an extended pause, like i was being dangled over the edge of a huge cliff... and then one of the most unique and powerful orgasm i have ever experienced... a dual "ejaculatory type" orgasm... anal and ejaculatory at the exact same time... but at different intervals... it's kind of hard to explain but it literally took my breath away!

    If this thread has sparked your interest and you decide to give this technique a try... please share your experience.

    *btw, one thing i feel is important to mention. I'd be very reluctant to recommend this technique to new aneros users... as a matter of fact, if you are then don't. if your new to anal and prostate pleasure, you should stay away from vibrating anal toys altogether as the vibrations will be a huge distraction while learning to contract your anus, enjoy sensations of new found nerve endings and will distract the development of needed muscles. I would recommend this only as a occasional alternative to regular masturbation.
  • movermover
    Posts: 69
    I was poking around looking for multiple types of orgasm and stumbled onto this thread.

    I must say that lately I've been able to separate my dry, prostate/anal (not sure which or if the same) Os and my traditional penile ejaculatory orgasms. I can get the two to align while I masturbate but haven't been able to accomplish this hands free - I think your technique sounds like a great experiment!
  • Hmmm... forgot all about this post! Almost a year old without a reply. I was getting prepared for a session, logged into the forum... after reading a few posts, saw the thread and didn't even realize i posted this, not until... "hey, this technique sounds familiar!" haha! I only tried this experiment once... think i might just re-employ this after a few hours of super-o's just to finalize the deal :)

    btw, thanks for your reply! if you try the experiment, please let me know how it works out for you.

  • RandoRando
    Posts: 19
    I often use a similar technique. I lay on my stomach with my Vice inserted and I use a tight sock, rubber band, and a bullet vibrator to make it so the vibrator stays in place directly against my frenulum, then I angle my cock downwards, so it's pointing towards my feet b/c I don't like laying on my erection. Then I turn on both vibrators and have fun.

    When I get it just right it is like having 2 intense orgasms at once, but the good thing is I never ejaculate b/c the vibrations are directed towards the frenulum/glans and usually I need a bit of shaft stimulation too to ejaculate. The penile orgasm pretty much feels like I'm ejaculating for a couple minutes straight and combined with anal pleasure waves it is about the most intense pleasure I've ever experienced. Unfortunately I can only keep the very intense feelings going for about 5 minutes, but it's totally worth it, and probably the closest I've come to literally passing out from pleasure.