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Are dildos Dangerous?
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    I have several questions,

    Never used a dildo before, but its been on my mind. What should i be concerned about?

    I saw these and might just bite the bullet and get one. The video says its made from silicone, should i use a condom or is the material safe in your opinion?

    Tantus Silk Dildo Canada

    one is 3/4 inch, the other is 1 or 1.25 in girth(pretty sure its suppose to be 1 inch) . Which size should i get?, 3/4 inch might be good for now but i will probably want the 1.25 later on. Definitely wont get bigger than that , i get turned off by the larger ones. Just concerned about hurting myself with the 1.25, or even the 3/4 for that matter.

  • Hello, Legace.

    My wife pegs me about once a week with one of several dildos. The smallest one is 1 inch at the tip and 1.25 inches at the base. The largest one is 1.25 inches at the tip and 2 inches at the base. They are each about 6.5 inches long. The bigger one can be a bit breathtaking when driven in all the way. :) In any case, if you use plenty of lube and start slow, I don't think you can hurt yourself with a reasonable size dildo.


  • I've been using dildos far longer than Aneros. Even before dildos I had other, more creative, objects to get the job done. I've used several types of dildos and plugs. I've never had any issues with any mix. My favorite is a 12 inch double dildo that I have. I often use it in the shower alone. I'll stick one end into the part of the tub wall that has a little towel holder bar, right about the soap dish. The dildo is held in place by that bar and the soap dish. As already stated, lots of lube. I start with my fingers to get things nice and open that slowly start my own sexual enjoyment. Many of the plugs I use are rather large. I haven't had any issues with those either. Some have nubs or are spiraled. Any toy I use seems to be just fine and most enjoyable. :) As Ten aptly states, just start slow. Find what feels good for you, and explore! Have fun with your own body. If something feels uncomfortable or hurts, stop. The great thing is that you have full control at all times. Best of luck to you in finding your own personal preferences.
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    Isnt there dangers of going deep? I want to sit on it but fear going too deep, i think its about 6 inches insertable length.

    how would you recommended adding vibration to the above dildo?
  • legace;

    I think that company makes similar vibrating ones. If not, Vixen Creations does. As for depth, 6 inches should be fine unless you're shorter than 5' -6".


  • I've used a solid steel g-spot vibe before. It was girthy, maybe two inches thick? I don't know exact specifications. I do know that it stretched me open nicely. Then I could turn on the vibe and just buzz into bllissville. As far as something with a bit of length going too deep, I just stop when I feel I can't go any further or if I feel pain. It really doesn't take a significant amount of length to really enjoy the sensations. I don't need a monster 12 inch impaler.
  • I agree with rikaaim in that you will know when something is too deep. I have a growing collection of dildos of all types, and I have to say that they offer a whole new world of sensations that is every bit as good as the Aneros. I'll often start with a dildo and finish with an Aneros or other massager, or I'll go in the other direction. Be suer to check out some glass dildos. Any good Gspot dildo should be considered. This is one of my favorites:

    Sunrise's frosted head G-spot wonder - G-spot curved glass shafts - EdenFantasys

    A dildo more along the lines of the one that you were considering that is worth looking at is this:

    Grrl toyz silicone strap-on dong 5 1/4" - Strap-on dildos - EdenFantasys

    I have had some outrageous orgasms with this, and it has a great suction cup base that will stick to almost any surface...never imaged that I would ever be fucked by my wall, but alas this toy made that happen...
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    At the risk of, "giving medical advice without a license" here's my personal suggestion for safety.

    Assertions and observations with no stated basis:
    -- I think many of the plasticizers used in inexpensive (aka cheap) sex toys can leach out and be absorbed by the body.
    -- I've seen the plating on cheap metal toys slowly corrode then suddenly flake off, exposing the base metal.
    -- Glass if not chipped or cracked by abuse is usually very slick and its surface won't hold onto minuscule bits of 'food' to help grow bacteria or small "plantimals."
    -- I've discarded several plastic toys with embedded vibes because the heat from the vibe caused the plastic to heat up and exude smelly gases. I wouldn't want those to leach out in my rectum.
    -- Textures, poorly designed surface features and poor molding can entrap tiny bits fecal material.

    So, loosen your budget and consider toys made of relatively inert materials -- glass, silicone and some metal tools might fill the bill.

    Whenever possible, make your choice of a plastic vibe-dildo in a toy store where you can handle and operate a sample product. Turn on the vibe, hold it in your hand until the vibe motor warms it up then,smell the plastic. Take a close look and assess how easy it will be to clean the surface, over the long term.

    If you're new to dildo play avoid sitting on a dildo until you gain familiarity with differences in how you recognize sensory and tactile responses in the upper reaches of your rectum.
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    It looks harmless enough, that is to say that it will not rip you. The size looks fine, Rook has some absolute sound advice. Silicon has a good reputation and seems like a good material.