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Shower vs. Grower
  • I have not seen this topic discussed before, so I am not sure if anyone else has experienced this or even thought about it. Just in case you haven't heard the expression before, a shower is someone whose penis gains very little length and girth when erect. For instance a shower may be 5" soft and 6" erect. A grower on the other hand, is smaller when soft but can double in length when erect. For instance a grower may be 3" soft but 6" when erect.

    Anyway, I have always been grower. But I have noticed that after aneros sessions, since I am left in an aroused state, my penis is left in "show" mode for several hours. Maybe up to a half day or so period of time. I definitely feel like I am packing a little extra, which has helped with my body image.

    Anyone else experience this?

  • Haha, I suppose I would classify myself as a "grower". Perhaps it is the kegel exercises, the overall increased attention and bloodflow to my genital area, or it could be all in my mind, but I do feel like I am "packing a little extra" as you say (permenant? who knows since I use aneros too frequently to get a real comparison). Whatever the case since my aneros use, both my physical and mental well being has improved significantly. I absolutely love the feeling of summoning arousal and pleasure at any point in my day, and I definitely have more frequent spontaneous and prolonged erections.
  • I am familiar with this expression.
    I wonder what the evolutionary reason for some men being growers and some being showers?
  • I once heard that shower vs. grower is pretty much a myth, and that the average growth from flaccid to erect was 3", regardless of the initial or final size. I think I read it at the soft-hard gallery. Google it if you're interested; there's some decent pics on there as well that contrast flaccid penises with their erect counterparts.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    New to the terminology yet first witnessed the characteristic in 10th grade.

    "Unknown" to the coaches, our High School JV football team 'sneaked' weekly circle-jerk meetings of all JV ball players. Always in the shower after Tuesday afternoon ball practice. I was amazed that, once erect we were within an inch of each other, lengthwise. Reasurring event as I was a 'grower' and when flaccid felt inferior to the hung-studs who packed a lot of volume.

    The play was always 'whistled dead' when the Strength Coach shouted over the public address system, "OK men, clear the showers, we want to close down this gym and go home."

    In reflection that was a pretty cool team-building drill. It got penis status out of the picture and bumped up the self-confidence of a lot of 16 year old athletes that for one reason or other were JV rather than Varsity players.

    If that was discovered in today's educational system there would be screams about student hazing and heads would roll for lack of 'student supervision."
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    Great observation Rook. Our culture is often viewed as being far less inhibited about sex than in earlier times, yet in some respects we seem more puritanical than ever, thanks to political correctness. It reminds me of the time the secretary of HEW (Elders?} was forced to resign after recommending the teaching of masturbation. There was a woman who truly understood the value of the practice.
    RE shower vs grower, I guess I was always a grower, but since my aneros awakening, my tool has become more dynamic, and has become more of a shower. I think it's because during my waking hours I am now more aware of the subtle sensations in each part of my genitals, sensations that were probably always there, but which I had never learned to appreciate. I think this stimulates blood flow, which I imagine I can feel circulating through the various organs, and it's a very fine sensation.
  • artformartform
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    Grower here!! And even more so since taking up an occasional penis retraction/male-clitoris/mangina practice. See my vids and pics at (artformed) Thanks hairy sack for launching this great topic that touches on even wider questions!! :D :D

    Thanks rook for your great story!! Never experienced a cj, although several times at university, dorm talk would explicitly suggest that butt no balls to actually drop trouszzz!! :D :D
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I have no statistics to back up my point, but I suspect that most guys are growers. I am part of that group. I do know that during times of semen retention and multiple Aneros session, I can look like more of a shower
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    Definitely a grower here. Sometimes, I'm only about 1.5" soft and I grow to about 6.5". And it works for me!