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Chat Room Energy Transfer
  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    I've heard a bit about the transferring of energies (don't know what else to call it) in the chat room... I have not partaken in this yet, but it seems like people get a kick out of it and actually get off on it too. I am straight, but also very open to new things (and for the record have been entertaining fantasies of getting done by a dude). Does it touch on the realm of cyber sex? Are there any straight guys who have done this/enjoyed it/gotten off on it?

  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    BTW, I'm not only asking the input of straight guys... all input is welcome!
  • It's like some jedi power voodoo magic trick that involves the sounds of cha cha cha chi. :P No seriously, it sounds complex and I don't have a lot of patience for "moving the energy" anymore.

    A trick I used to use was thinking about a bright blue and orange light. This light orb would start out in my head and I imagined it moving down towards my cock, ass, and ultimately my prostate. It would be very dim at first and the closer it got towards my prostate it would be glowing very brightly. The more I focused on it glowing brightly it started pulsating in brightness (this would be when the aneros took over all by itself with the uncontrollable contractions). Then all of a sudden it would change colors when I was getting close to Super-O. However, I had fun with it and moved the glowing orb out of my prostate and down to my feet which resulted in some amazing uncontrollable shaking of my entire body which scared me initially but now it's fun.

    Hopefully, that makes sense. It's a weird energy for me but it's a lot of fun. Another fun few are with my nipples, the moon, a pyramid, gold, and a tree. LOL don't ask how... :P

    Ok seriously, try this: Rub the palms of both your hands together for 30 seconds, after 30 seconds hold them ever so slightly apart palms facing each other and see if you can concentrate on that energy you just created. Now feel it flow from your hands up your arms to the middle of your back until you feel your hair stand up :). Just like this you can use the same techniques and mind tricks to move your energy. It's that easy :D (I am being sooo sarcastic, it's late!)
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    I'm a straight and have been using my Aneros for 16 months. I've had the "energy exchange" experience twice. The first time was nice, but not spectacular. Most recently I had a chat room exchange with a fellow Anerosian. It was pretty great. In my opinion, it is not cyber sex, but based on a conversation between two guys describing their experience and feelings. There is nothing about me trying to arouse or entice the other, nor vis a versa. I honestly don't know if it is meta-physical or just having an active imagination and being an Anerosless MMO guy. But the this last time I actually reached Super-Os and Calm Seas Os. I would encourage guys to give it a try some time. Yet one more of the unexpected and wonderful benefits of the Aneros and prostate stimulation journey.

  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    Thanks guys, those are interesting perspectives. I'm really starting to get that the Aneros journey revolves around a relationship to one's self. I'm starting to generate arousal from within myself as opposed to an external force, and can now get the context around energy transfers. It doesn't relate so much to arousing each other, but rather being connected as sources of energy while each individual generates their own arousal from within. I'm sure there are other points of view on the matter, but that's what it is for me.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks jocco, ArcticWolves and brine for launching this great thread!!! :D :D :D :D

    This is a very central topic/capability, just beginning to be widely shared, experienced and understood, IMHO. I hope this discussion really blossoms. As do each of us experiencing this added level of possibilities from awakening one's prostate and learning the opening to, and gradual gaining of intentional influence and direction of, these energies and their amazing sharing/amplifying powers.

    As one of the pioneers and proponents of this practice here, I can say that the majority of those that I know of participating and growing with it are straight men. That does not imply any exclusion of this working with bisexual or gay men.

    This is a male/male approach to this energetics sharing practice and its shared potential. It is not a kind of bi/gay sexting at all. This is orientation neutral. There are other techniques for male/female sharing, which mrs. a and I thrill to as often as we can!!

    Another Anerosian, straight, whereas I have identified here as straight-bi, (someone with an exploratory gay relationship in my youth, and who has been monogamously hetero-married for over 40 years!!) decided to do some experiments with transmitting orgasmic energies at-a-distance using minimal text chat here and later at Yahoo too. He has background in Tantra techniques; and I have some knowledge of Tantra and a successful Taoist sexual kung fu practice for a few years, twenty years ago.

    Being at the stage where we both could feel our own orgasmic energies as independent sensations inside, and used some methods (eg KSMO, Tao, Tantra) to amplify and direct them with mental/spiritual intent within, we decided to begin by attempting to cause a concentration of orgasmic energy to focus/appear in some part of the other man's anatomy. This was all dry hands-off for both parties, no other form of stim allowed.

    It worked!! With statistically much higher than chance accuracy, we were able to do this many times. Exhausted, exhilarated and encouraged, we expanded the range of the experiments, and began to share the idea with Anerosian friends when only those we thought might be interested were in the chat room here (with apologies to chatguest!). Some of those encouraged us to try group exchange experiments live in the chats, and lo and behold, they worked too!!!

    So that is how this practice began and expanded as another high level Aneros practice response: part of The Tao of Aneros. I'll add more posts here as this conversation expands, particularly on the metaphysical and scientific dimensions of the what and how perhaps of all this ecstatic energetics and its at-a-distance sharability.

    all the best sensing, learning, triggering, amplifying, travelling, uniting, sharing, sustaining orgasmic energies all

  • Posts: 0
    Hey Jocco!

    I’ve always gotten a lot of energy and excitement from chat room discussion. As a gay man, what I really like about the Aneros chat is that most of the men are straight, bi or bi-curious, so it brings another dimension to the discussion.

    I wouldn’t say that chatting about one’s general aneros or sexual experiences in general chat would be called cyber-sex, but that would depend on how far it goes. Usually, if someone wants to go private with another, then you’re probably going to be engaging (or asked to) in cyber-sex.

    I enjoy the whole fantasy of the role-play, the back and forth, getting off and telling him about it. Have I done this with a straight guy? I don’t know, but I am willing! So, Jocco, if I see you in chat one night, don’t be surprised if I private you! :)

  • I would like to make a simple statement, and see if this holds true. As we read each other's posts and thoughts, we are connected with that person, even if only in a slight manner.

    Essentially, we put energy into our thoughts, which we then express as written text on to this forum sight for others to read, digest, and then absorb the energy of that thought.

    The only context about this particular thread inquiry which is a bit challenging is the fact that the energy connection trying to be shared and expressed becomes one of a physical nature instead of an intellectual nature. Meaning, we want our bodies to react to someone else's energy, instead of just observing and reacting to that person's free flowing energy. When I read the posts, I read what someone has put out in the open and kept there. It dangles. It stays put. I come to it, and then take from it, but it still stays for someone else to share and take from as well. The question being asked is really, how can I take that energy which someone puts out there and use it to cause a physical reaction?

    I do like Artic Wolves suggestion that visualizing a focus point can help. When options are limitless, sometimes the energy we build up and express can disperse greater than what is truly desired. Having this visual imagination can take that energy which has been created and apply it solely to the goal first conceived.

    For the longest time I questioned myself on how to build energy. I felt this was the first step in directing energy. Yet, it is when I am sick, and have little to no energy, that I realize how much energy I have on a daily basis. When I am ill, all of my conscious energy is directed subconsciously to my cells to fight the infection or illness. This is why I lay in bed all day and sleep to recover. This is only my speculation, as I cannot quantify evidence. Yet, this premise yields a very relieving belief. I do not need to create energy. I only need to reassign it in a way.

    Example, during sexual activity, I expel a significant amount of energy. My heart pumps, my thoughts are locked on the moment, everything but the act of sexual pleasure and performance is at a distance. In other words, all of my energy is focused on sex. Does this act alone bring me to orgasms or pure sexual enjoyment? For me it does not. It does heighten the act, and increase the pleasure, but there is also direct physical stimulation. This could be due to the fact that I have a partner assisting me. This "partner" could include my Aneros device, my significant other, or even myself. The idea I'm trying to convey is that a
    secondary force is also stimulating.

    I am assuming these guidelines to try and illustrate a few points which I shall shortly make. Please forgive the ramble.

    Going with the idea that I have the energy I already need, and the idea that in "moving" the energy in a manner that will become stimulating, I have been trying to have hands free ejaculatory orgasms with no physical stimulation, but only mental "moving" of energy. The results have been several sessions that result in genuine orgasm, but no ejaculation, such as with an Aneros orgasm. I feel all the sensations of an orgasm, but do not have the physical friction that causes an ejaculatory orgasm. While in this state of "mental" orgasm, I have a much heightened physical sensation. If I touch another part of my body, the feeling felt is much stronger than normal. While this in and of itself is enjoyable, I have yet to reach my goal of ejaculation. I understand that multiple male orgasms do not need ejaculation, and this method has caused me to have several male MMOs in a single session, I have set it only as my personal goal to ejaculate in this manner.

    With the experience gained from my own personal energy moving and stimulation, I am curious about person to person energy transference at a distance. I have the benefit of being quite sensitive to the energy that I create. I use Arctic Wolves method of energy visualization quite often in this regard. Also, to begin sensing the energy one creates, I feel it is important that one learn to be still and "listen" to the body. I am proposing two states of energy in this manner, the mental, which you are reading my mental energy now, and the physical, which is the stimulation of the body. It is a fundamental fact of physics that for work to be accomplished two forces must move in parallel motion. When it comes to moving mental energy, I believe this to hold very true. In attempting to share and receive energy from another person, both must be in a parallel path. Both must be open to giving and receiving simultaneously.

    I believe it is this reason that Artform has had such great luck with a partner who is on a parallel path to him. He understands the basic nature of energy movement, and has found another person who understands as well.

    The only part that I find challenging in turning mental energy into physical energy, specifically in the context of sexual orgasm, is the physical nature of the body. As the body reaches orgasm, many chemical reactions take place, causing a physical change. It is well known that chemicals can change one's mental status. Plenty of examples exist to prove this, such as mood stabilizing medicines and even mind altering illegal drugs. A person can be tied and forced to have an orgasm from sheer physical stimulation. This may be against their mental will and cause anguish if the person was forced against their wishes, such as rape.

    So, my belief, which I encourage all to challenge in order to find something that holds up as truth, is that one must find a balance if the metal energy and the physical energy. If the body can be physically stimulated to change chemical distribution in the brain to fell an orgasm, then a means should be able to exist to turn a mental thought into a chemical change in the brain that would in turn stimulate the body. In other words, if stroking my dick causes my mind to feel pleasure, my mind should be able to tell my body to feel pleasure without stroking my dick. I have had several hands free and device free MMO sessions to prove this idea. The only caveat is that I have not ejaculated as per my own personal goal.

    My techniques for achieving this stimulation follow the premises that I have described.

    One, set up a mental and physical goal that work in parallel to one another. In order for work to be achieved, two forces must work in parallel motion.

    Second, once the goal has been established, realize that all the "energy" one needs, they already have. The world around us has a bountiful supply of energy
    that overflows and shares without. As we consume nutrients and sustenance, our body makes ample energy for us to use.

    Third, after accepting that all the energy that is required is available, change the focus of the energy from a widely dispersed general usage form into one that coincides with the parallel goal of the mental and physical energy that was established in step one.

    Fourth, use a visualizing cue to focus the energy. Arctic Wolves said he uses different color lights, and that he changes the "brightness" of the lights to increase the intensity. I find this to be a very valid method.

    Fifth, listen to the body's response to the energy being supplied. This is perhaps the hardest step as it requires paying attention to physical stimulation as well as mental stimulation.

    Sixth, transfer the mental energy into physical energy. This is the step that I am currently in the process of perfecting, if there is such a thing. I have had a moderate amount of success by doing the following. Once I reach step five, and I know that my body is responding to the mental energy I am sending it, I try to convince my body to feel physical stimulation by "remembering" physical stimulation. I think back to a time of physical pleasure, or have a fantasy of a sexual encounter, but the true goal of this is to try and mentally "feel" the physical stimulation I am thinking of. This method has given me several hands free MMOs, but I have not found the proper stimulation to reach my goal of ejaculation.

    I must express that ejaculation is not the end result of this technique. This is only my exclusive goal. This goal is my focal point. Please choose a goal that is suitable to your lifestyle and situation. Use that goal as your focal point.

    For person to person energy transference, I would imagine that a parallel link could be established where the end result of both partners was equal. At which point, the energy can be shifted through that link from one person to the next. Once the energy from person A has reached person B, I would imagine it to fall upon the recipient to transfer that energy just received mentally into a physical energy that causes stimulation.

    If this post is too long, I am sorry. I got a bit carried away, but wanted to explain as clearly as I could a concept that has no tangible means of measurement. In the end, it's all just a feeling.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    Wow, thorough! I just let it happen.
  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    brine, I couldn't say it better. It's meditation to me, which requires a certain detachment from all thoughts. When I start analyzing things is when I lose presence to the energy and feeling becomes stagnant. Let it flllllowwww!
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    I agree, jocco. But I also like analyzing things to explore reasons, pathways, etc. This whole concept/issue is fascinating and exciting. Hope to enjoy more energy transfer sessions.

  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    Right, I suppose the access to being able to let it flow comes from an initial analysis. Then, once whatever it is you are analyzing becomes second nature, you can turn of the thought process.