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Question about 'moments of erotic intesity' with and without the Aneros
  • Hello there everyone. :)

    (Apologies in advance for the length of the post. Once I get to writing, it's hard to 'leave it at that'. I do eventually 'get around to it' ;) )

    I'm fairly new to the Aneros; but pretty well experienced with anal play. A friend introduced me to the Aneros; loaning me his Progasm (and then Helix) as he has been unable to use them for some time. (I believe I've only been playing with them for a month and a half)

    I sort of feel like I am running along two different tracks (maybe three) of learning/discovery having to do with these (holy wow, I want to tell all my friends about it level) devices. One with the toy; and surprisingly enough one without (that sometimes seems better than having the toy in!)

    What I'll do is describe what happened, and try and phrase the question(s) I have as best I can at the end.

    Without the toy:

    Not too long after I started using an Aneros, I started experiencing various sensations the day after; usually just after waking when I sit and have a coffee and a smoke; I just relax to allow myself to wake up before I 'have at' what I need to before I leave for work. (Usually am slumped in the chair with a leg on my desk/table, and foot of the farther portion of it.)

    I will try and sum up the two distinct, very similar experiences I had. Some contributing factors may be out of sync.

    When I feel up to it, I'll do some breathing excersizes and simply focus on sensations or simply just focus on sensations and breathe normally. The first time something... intense happened I started focusing on this electric twinge just to the right of the base of my penis (I think there's an artery there that ended up getting very... happy.) Quite often my balls will roll around, and I can actually feel the hairs shifting; I believe that also had a part to play. In addition I believe my heartbeat came into play, I had started focusing on, I think, my prostate and felt this rolling sort of pulse. (Each of these started triggering an erection)

    I focused on that pulse for a bit, alternating between the varied sensations. I believe some involuntaries in the generalized area began as well. I think there were some interesting penile sensations. Like a sudden vibration in just small patches along the underside? I started to get this sense of something building: increased warmth in the area, and an overall tightening of the prostate? At some point it reached a peak of full contraction, which, well got my butt right up off the seat.

    That contraction held for.. many many seconds; and the moment it let up, that region just started pulsing; pretty rigorous involuntaries and would peak a peak again, then fall back on some more.That lasted.. maybe a minute and a half? Kinda hard to keep track of time in such a state, you understand.

    My question about that is: Was that a dry-o? It was similar to a regular orgasm, though I have seen a few descriptions in which it sounds like one of those might be more intense? Whatever it was.. that was a heck of a lot of fun.

    Something similar happened a few days ago, when I tried applying the focusing (and some small muscle clenching) technique to each group of muscles I can identify. The set near the root (PC muscles?) the prostate region, what I think is the sphincter set and the anus. I don't recal which groups were fully responsive; but it seemed like most of them reached the peak; and subsequent 'hot pulsing' after. (This actually ended up making me pelvic twitch a lot here and there.) It was pretty massive (to me at least!)

    I just want to know what all that was! and.. if anyone has any suggestions on where I might be able to go with it once it happens again.

    With the toy:

    This was last night, when I decided to have another go at the progasm. After experimentation I'd decided even though it felt generally better than the Helix, it seemed to be 'doing less'; even though I kept wanting it more. Last night was a night where I really had a craving for it.

    I could call this experience similar to the 'without toy' experience above. I'll leave out most details of how I got there because it'll fill the screen. I more or less spent time blending various techniques I found in the wiki: slight contractions, breathing and focusing on spontaneous results, as well as manually induced ones. (Inspired by what the website text blurbs said on the Progasm page) I will say I tried to mimic the position I am in when in the chair; save this time I was on the bed. On my back, head and upper back sightly elevated with some support underneath at the top of my cheeks. Legs bent, feet on the bed.

    At some point I started getting bodily shakes here and there; and again, a sense of something building while overall each muscle group got tighter and tighter on it's own. (I have been at a similar point t with the Helix before, just not as lasting) Until the whole area was just seized, completely locked up (I could barely contract any more, at all, on my own) The seizure around the Progasm itself was very, very pleasurable on it's own. I decided to follow the body twitching. Also, a certain rolling of the pelvis in a 'milking' fashion.. (which really seemed like it was following some cyclical heart beat pattern)

    The severe contraction lasted a very long time. The shakes were pretty extreme and the pelvis movement was as well. (in hindsight, having read other advice, this probably wasn't all too safe!) However, there were no spasms after the seizure ended. like the toyless events. (I attribute that to me following the shaking and pelvic movement.)

    Question here is: Any advice on where to go from there? From all accounts I can figure through various forum posts is that maybe something more.. sedate, or relaxing should follow? I'd ask what the heck that was, but I am pretty sure it was the same/almost the same thing as the other experience.

    I'm very sure, however that wasn't a super-O. A step in there, perhaps but, doesn't feel right based on what I have read so far.

    I haven't had a super-o; but I'm in no big rush since it seems almost every time I find something new. A good percentage of the time I do find something new it seems gratifying for an extended time. (I think I am lucky in some respects; I theorize my general outlook kinda helps this.)

    Overall, though I want to say this: I love these things. I could almost say they are addictive. (I had to calm myself from trying them too often!). Honestly, masturbation had gotten very, very, very boring; and I don't think I fully realized how much so till I started playing with these things. It was all mechanical. but these.. whew. These are fun, and engaging and terribly rewarding. Even if nothing intense particularly happens, it's almost like it sets me up for something else. Phenomenal, simply phenominal. I can't think of another word that covers it.

    Anyways, thanks in advance for any words you may lend. I hope the post itself is even helpful to others.


  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, Fox.

    I hope you've studied the Wiki, linked at the top of this page. Based on what you wrote, it seems you are well on the path to a Super-O. Your experiences are common to many here.

    One thing stands out in your writings about your Aneros sessions: it appears you are thinking a lot about what's happening and intervening, coaxing things along. While that might work for some, you should also consider taking a back seat and let your body and the Aneros do their own thing. Once you are relaxed enough and the involuntary contractions start, try to stand outside yourself, conceptually, and just "watch." I know, maintaining a relaxed, detached mental state while various muscles tense themselves is very difficult, but worth learning.

    Good luck,

  • Hey there Dave,

    Thanks for the reply. Sounds about right; also from having delved deeper into the forums after making my post, I came to a similar; less detailed conclusion. Easy to fall into a common rut of wanting to take a more active role in things. Both in a personal sexual matter (by myself) and.. well I tend to be that way on the job, in life; ect. It's a big motivation for me. I don't see it as insurmountable, thankfully. I've had some luck in sidestepping some of it; so i figure it'll just take some time.

    I find it a little amusing, due to the fact that when I am partnered with someone in a sexual situation; it is so, so easy to just 'let things happen' (From what I have noticed. a good deal of people gravitate to an opposite role in sexual situations than the role they choose or are in personality/life wise.). I'm thankful this amuses me rather than frustrates me. Always good when you can laugh at, or be amused by yourself. :)

    I plan on giving your advice ago; and I really do appreciate it! After nosing around through a decent handful of the posts here; I seems you are a pretty fun bunch, and extremely helpful. Yay for that part of the human spirit, eh? ;)

    I think in some ways I'm almost scared of a Super-o; which I am sure would be counter productive. In some ways it is a rather silly fear. Again, amusing, like, 'What if my brain explodes?'' -laughs-. Completely unrealistic in a physical manner; but from some of what i have been reading sounds like metaphorically it could be close to the truth.

    Hell, not even having had one yet, just from the other experiences I've had so far; I'm left aghast every other time I give something a go and most of those times I'm either invigorated completely or totally calm: both in lasting manners. Really floored too. -grins- Glad it's helping stoke my sense of wonder. It really is a wonderful state of mind to be in.

    Best Wishes,


    PS I may ask you about TENS stuff sometime. It's something I have had some curiosity about for awhile.
  • I don't want to compete or anything, but I did estim a couple of years. Feel free to ask me anything!

  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Fox and Par;

    The "ten" in my pseudonym is part of "tennis," not a TENS unit reference. I do use my TENS occasionally for edging but mostly to treat lower back pain, for which it works wonders. In terms of results, my LG Medical 3000 represents the best $29 I've ever spent for a health product -- highly recommended.


  • and it should have been so obvious; you only have a tennis ball and racket right there in your icon... -shakes his head- Lord, I am slipping. Must be that Aneros fun. ;) Hee

    Thanks Par, I may do that. :)

    Ten_s, I tried just 'letting it ride' last night (the phrase is way too apt) and just letting things happen. I won't get into the details, but I do have this to say:

    - I think have discovered the more 'effort' you put in to a session, the more frustrated you can get. Meaning, it wasn't frustrating.. at all. I loved it. (Course i loved the other sessions too.)

    - It provoked headier responses. Several sessions ago I'd experienced this.. stationary electric kinda buzz inside. This time, it appeared and seemed to.. either jump around or move. That was darn neat. I wonder if it can get to the point that it seems you are having an electrical storm in your butt. -grins- Course, i part say that because it sounds silly and am amused by that; but it would be amazing if it could happen.

    - While things didn't progress as fast, everything was a lot smoother. I think I really get the whole 'involuntraies feeding into each other' part now in application on a larger scale, rather than just being able to imagine it.

    - I think the coolest part was, the very little I tried to do; slight touches here and there, maybe a browse of a hand, was really tremendous; and kicked things up. That's where those electric buzzes cropped up. If the most I'd need to do is the equivalent of pushing a button or flipping a switch, as it were, heh; I'll be even happier.

    There is such a wide variety of reactions I have gotten overall, in all sessions. It's so dynamic... damn; I don't think I'll be able to get bored with this. :) And it'll certainly be more enjoyable every time if I stick with just chilling. -content sigh-

    Anyways, thanks for giving me a push in the right direction. :) Thought I'd let you know.