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Male ejaculation through anal stimulation alone -- but its
  • aaronaaron
    Posts: 1
    Hi i had an experience last night that will change my sex life for the rest of my life.I am in a heterosexual relationship and have always enjoyed anal stimulation and at times have felt on the edge of something new but have never quite got there. Last night i was by myself and very horny so i decided to explore. Now i dont have this 'aneros' , just a normal dildo, but the reason im at this site is that my experience was so full on that i had to find out more. I plan on buying one cause i want to have these orgasms without having to use my hands to hold and push a dildo in and out. With the aneros im hoping i can have these anal orgasms while im making love to my woman.

    Back to my story --- I was doing my normal thing when using my dildo except for one thing , i was not touching my penis at all.I was moving around trying different positions and it was when i in a doggie style position that i felt it coming on . The feeling at the beginning of this is a strange feeling -- hard to describe because it is unique, you might confuse it with pain and thats where ive stopped in the past.But once experienced you realise it as the starting point of explosive powerful pleasure.THE thing is i ejaculated but it was not semen and it was not urine - a clear liquid with no taste or smell.Now am i alone here or does this happen to any of you enlightened males out there because i havent seen it mentioned on this site.I did find some information elsewhere on this subject.Semen is composed of 5% sperm and 95% fluid from the prostate which acts as a carrier for the sperm.Now is this fluid that im ejaculating the 95% fluid from the prostate? I dont know for sure , but im betting it is.

    After the first orgasm i continued and came again in less than a minute and from then on for about an hour i came and came and came basically non stop from one orgasm to the other.Now im trying to think why some of you that are trying cant reach that point.One is the point i outlined above of not backing off from any uncomfortable or strange feelings -- i think you have to surrender yourself to these sensations , accept them and let them happen.The second point relates to the "PC muscle" . Control of this muscle or strengh seems essential for the success of the male g spot orgasm although im not exactly sure why.I learnt about the PC muscle when i was about 12.Sneaking through my parents room a found a pamplet called the "The Grafenburg Orgasm" which described in detail to find and develope the g spot in women and also had a section describing how to develop the male PC muscle.It decribe how to locate and isolate the PC muscle by draping a cloth over your penis when erect and making it rise and fall rhymically . Basically Its the muscle used to stop the flow of urine but also contracts the sphincter.The pamplet suggested exercising this muscle by increasing the number of times you contract.I took on that bit of information and it became something that i do unconciously. I do remeber at that age when first trying it that it was an effort to do 3 three contractions - and its more of a mental effort than a physical one. The path that controls the reponse from the brain to that muscle has to be made stronger.Just as we can tap our finger on a table controlling speed, strength and duration so to is it possibe to have the same control over the PC muscle.

    I hope this information can help ,anyone because this pleasure should be known and accepted by all men . If it was maybe there might be a bit less trouble in the world.I look forward to purchasing the 'Aneros' (as soon as i can get myself a credit card, doh!) and will post my thoughts on the product.

    ps - I was so blown away by by my expereince that when i awoke in the morning it seemed like some dream or a fluke. So i tryed again and came in a matter of minutes!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    The clear substance you've described may be the product of your Cowper's gland. It is generally clear, odorless, and slightly salty to the taste. It is a constituent of semen but may also be the principal source of what people commonly refer to as "precum". It's presence has been well documented by numerous users in this forum who have reported seeing it during the course of their Aneros sessions and at the moment of the "non-ejaculatory" orgasm (Super O). Although copious amounts have been mentioned, my recollection is that it has more or less oozed out of the penis vs. a traditional ejaculation. Hence the term "non-ejaculatory" orgasm. It hard to know what it is you're experiencing. It doesn't seem to fit either the traditional or "non-ejaculatory" models. With the traditional ejaculation, in all but rare cases, the orgasm is followed by a "refractory period" of 5 to 10 minutes or more during which an erection (or another orgasm) is not possible. These orgasms are very productive however, but normally contain sperm, prostatic and cowpers fluids. The "non-ejaculatory" model is not limited by this "refractory period" but is nowhere near as productive with regard to fluids.

    Some of your observations appear to be consistent with the Super O ("non-ejaculatory orgasm"), but others (namely that there is a large amount of ejaculate with each orgasm) don't. Sounds as if you situation, if I understand it correctly is somewhat of a hybrid of the two orgasms. Whatever it is.... IT SOUNDS GREAT!


    B Mayfield
  • beckettbeckett
    Posts: 56
    aaron...... Well I can't say it any better than you have, same in my posts. Same experiences I've been having for over 20 yrs.I find there is nothing better than having my hot juice flow over my skin, and lots of it, over and over till I'm soaked. Wow is all I can say, and you know what I mean. I'm sure you have seen my vids of me doing this with a normal dildo.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    B Mayfield, I'm not sure what evidence would suggest that aaron is ejaculating copious pre-cum one orgasm after the next. That is probably physically impossible and have never heard of such a thing happening (pre-cum tends to slowly flow out for the duration of stimulation, not all at once during an orgasm). What is more likely, and coincides with my experience and experiences of others (including the famous videos by beckett: hot juice fountain - XTube Porn Video - beckett51 ), is that he is ejaculating pure prostatic fluid, he is experiencing multiple male squirting orgasms with the use of anal stim. aaron compares this to urine which is easily confused with the watery consistency of prostatic fluid. I've had a handful of experiences that lead to squirting, although only my latest experience comes close to being a true squirting orgasm, but can't say for sure since it wasn't multiple and happened right before ejaculatory orgasm.

    In my poll thread I describe my sphincter is awakening and an interesting ejaculatory experience in more detail: Two days ago I was doing slight penile stim while massaging the sphincter. This lead to me ejaculating (with contractions) prostatic fluid, and it felt like a mini-orgasm/mini-ejaculation. Shortly after I ejaculated for real. The interesting thing here is that this occured without the use of a dildo, but simply with a few fingers on the outside of the anus.

    Will the Aneros produce this kind of orgasm? I think I've read once or twice this happening with Aneros use, but I think it's more likely that the Aneros will not do this. aaron, you have achieved something very beautiful in the world of orgasms. Try to recreate this a handful more times with the dildo before trying the Aneros so you really know how to make it happen and learn about your body so that when you finally try the Aneros you can tell why it may or may not give you this kind of orgasm.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Hello, Kork and beckett.

    Interesting old thread to revive, eh?

    Male orgasm is one of those phenomena that has scant scientific research to rely on. Big pharma companies that market ED-related drugs have sponsored some narrowly focused studies, mainly to assure themselves that the drugs are relatively safe and don't inhibit ejaculation. Brain function researchers have shown that orgasms do have specific signals and effects in the brain. Medical research on brain chemistry has proven that oxytocin and prolactin are released following ejaculation of semen. We've all experienced that let-down, fatigued feeling as a result of those neurohormones.

    Based on my own experiences and reading of anecdotal evidence from a wide range of sources including this website, I think it's fair to say there are at least 12 basic "flavors" of male orgasm:
    1. Penile stimulation to ejaculation of semen. Refractory period initiated.
    2. Penile stimulation to dry orgasm, no fluid released
    3. Penile stimulation to "dry" orgasm, clear fluid released; variable quantity
    4. Prostate stimulation to ejaculation of semen. Refractory period initiated.
    5. Prostate stimulation to dry orgasm, no fluid released
    6. Prostate stimulation to "dry" orgasm, clear fluid released; variable quantity
    7. Anal stimulation to ejaculation of semen. Refractory period initiated.
    8. Anal stimulation to dry orgasm, no fluid released
    9. Anal stimulation to "dry" orgasm, clear fluid released; variable quantity
    10. Nipple stimulation to ejaculation of semen. Refractory period initiated.
    11. Nipple stimulation to dry orgasm, no fluid released
    12. Nipple stimulation to "dry" orgasm, clear fluid released; variable quantity

    Of course, it's possible to mix and match stimulation methods and I imagine most guys do. My favorite combo is penile-prostate-anal via Aneros Vice or pegging with a hand from my wife.


  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    uhh... oops, didn't realize this thread was 7 years old!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    [QUOTE=Korkelz;100484]uhh... oops, didn't realize this thread was 7 years old!


    At the time that I made my statement I was but several years into my own journey. This forum had several hundred members, not the thousands that it has today and I was gathering together many of the resources that would form the foundation of my own knowledge in this area. Still and all I wasn't suggesting that this user was ejaculating Cowper's fluid repeatedly. I made mention of how Cowper's fluid generally ooozes vs. the spasmodic eruptions that are consistence with an ejaculation. I was puzzled by his account and I said so.

    For the record, the major constituent of semen
    is not prostate fluid (which is white) is seminal vesicle fluid which is clear and comprises 65% of semen by volume. This fluid tends to be more viscous however. While prostate fluid has a more watery consistency it's color is not what was reported by Aaron nor is what one observes in the Beckett video either. So what is it? The verdict is still out, but if I had to guess I'd say it's very thin seminal vesicle fluid, perhaps mixed with small amounts of urine leaking from the bladder and a little bit of Cowper's thrown in for good measure! This would be far more consistent with the copious amounts that have been described (and observed) as well.

    BF Mayfield
  • JesseJesse
    Posts: 2
    This thread calls to mind a couple of videos I’ve watched online: hands free cumming and shooting seminal fluid - XTube Porn Video - bottomfortop and No hand shooting with dildo - XTube Porn Video - thomas1fr Though I’ve never been able to cum from anal stimulation alone (granted the biggest thing I’ve ever slid up there is my MGX), perhaps these videos make good demonstrations of the possibility.
  • schitzschitz
    Posts: 33
    Hey everyone,

    I notice hasn't been any activity in this thread for awhile, but figured the title was appropriate.

    Short Story - Firstly, a shout out to Beckett, his video's are amazing, and I guess that's where my interest first got peaked with the whole idea of squirting through anal play.
    He's also been very helpful with questions ive had

    But here's the essential reason for my post. I've been making my attempts for going on about 2 years now, which is hard to believe, but i've noticed i get a very minimal or limited amount of pleasure from this practice. Which I find odd since of course when I use my aneros, I get some real pleasure from that.  So not sure if I'm not doing something incorrectly or not, guess I just really wondered if anyone had any tips or tricks to share to perhaps help the progress along,
    Cause just like the most recent video posted on this thread, I certainly like to be able to achieve that
    kinda effect.

    Thanks for any and all help.

  • Are the Beckett videosavailable any where? All of the links in this thread are dead.
  • Hi vids are on Xvideos or google( Male squirter)" Hot fountain"," Toys in deep" I usually kill threads after a while. ENJOY! take care.
  • Hey schits.....A big shout back, very nice for you to say that thanks, the pleasure is what counts, not the effect. I LOVE ANALPLAY.....squirting is just the explosive bonus!!! Keep on playing.