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VICE Videos for sharing (Couples/singles)
  • 5SpD5SpD
    Posts: 8
    Hello all.

    Awesome group of dedicated members on this site. I just ordered my VICE and was wondering if there are any videos out yet on the VICE. It'd be real interesting to see one, preferably with one engaged with the opposite sex. Can't wait to get started with the new gadget and look forward to future discussions. Cheers!
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 876
    Hello, 5SpD.

    Welcome aboard.

    My wife and I are big fans of the VICE, but we don't make videos. Even if we did, there wouldn't be much to see except a couple licking, sucking and fucking. The VICE would not be visible once inserted. The vibe effects are great for both partners. You'll get the prostate stim and she'll appreciate the buzz on her G-spot.


  • 5SpD5SpD
    Posts: 8
    Thanks for the greet Dave.

    There was a vid with a blonde gal and an obese elderly fella introin' an Aneros device. They were far from being 10's but I have to admit the vid did turn me on. Perhaps someone could volunteer to create/supply some member snuff. I'll be glad to submit after I turn pro with my VICE.