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  • Hi, I'm new user to the Aneros mgx. What you feel when the sphincter is clamped? because I do not feel nothing but feelings of fullness of the bladder (only when tightening the sphincter). Do I will if I trained, I will feel something more?
  • wisdomwisdom
    Posts: 38
    make sure you empty yourself first before using the aneros......if you have done that and fill like you have to pee when you insert it, then the aneros is hitting the right may take some time for the rewiring process.....i have a MGX and i've progressed quite a lot, but still not at super O yet (i don't think)'s worth the wait though
  • rckrck
    Posts: 32
    yes, that feeling is normal. But, if you are relaxing before beginning any contractions, and then creating some light to medium contractions you will feel that fullness, but also a "buzz" or warmth. That's what you want to concentrate on. The Aneros is not like sex where you thrust or stroke away, and the harder and faster you do the more pleasure you get to the point of triggering orgasm. To me, the Aneros is much more mental. It's recognizing a very small sensation and concentrating on it to let it grow. Then use light contractions to amplify it further. It's one of those things that is a marriage of the mental and the physical (whereas the feelings in typical penile masturbation are totally physical).