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Does refraining from penile orgasms ...
  • help the Aneros work? If so, how long beforehand should I skip the penile orgsms?

    Wondering if my recent penile ejaculations have hindered the effectiveness of my new Helix.

    What say you all?
  • Red_ManRed_Man
    Posts: 36
    In my opinion, it doesn't inhibit success as long as you don't incorporate penile orgasms into the Aneros sessions or shortly before starting your Aneros sessions.
  • imperiumimperium
    Posts: 92
    somebody else can and will probably come by and put this into a good train of thought for you.

    read the wiki as it is a lot more well thought ideas than i ever get.

    put in a nutshell, the less often you have an ejaculation then the more sexual tension and build up it places on your body, making that release more likely and easier to achieve

    so no, having an ejaculation the night before an aneros session is not going to per say make it less effective, however the reverse is quite true in that abstaining from orgasms will help most people get a better result from aneros.

    my advice is to pick a number of days and not ejaculate untill you have reached your goal, start small and work up, imo its important to reach the goal so make it small and be sure you can do it in the start even if its only like 3 days.
  • Blown MindBlown Mind
    Posts: 43
    I've always felt, whatever feels best. Most of the times I end my sessions with a penile-O. It really doesn't take much after all the great flutters and contractions I've had for an hour or so.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    While abstaining is not strictly necessary for one's success, many have found it helpful. The concept here relates to one's level of arousal. Years ago I suggested that users begin their sessions with some measure of arousal. At this point I would go so far as to say that it is a prerequisite. Simply put being aroused encourages a kind of energetic fluidity that promotes better performance from the Aneros. That said, some people don't require any more arousal and/or don't require abstinence to achieve it. With respect the number of days required for optimum results, this varies from one person to the next. When this question has come up before I have told users to use their regularity of traditional masturbation as a benchmark. If one masturbates (to ejaculation) once or twice a day it may only take a day or two to build up sufficient arousal. If, on the other hand one masturbates more infrequently, say once or twice a week, it may
    necessary to wait a week or longer. This is something that you can can experiment with. Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? Yes, there definitely is, that is, one can actually be too aroused as well. Again, this is about being aroused, not sexually frustrated.

    BF Mayfield
  • RipTheJackerRipTheJacker
    Posts: 240
    [QUOTE=MILFHunter;99804]help the Aneros work? If so, how long beforehand should I skip the penile orgsms?

    Wondering if my recent penile ejaculations have hindered the effectiveness of my new Helix.

    What say you all?

    MILFHunter -

    IMO and experience i'd hafta say mayfield is right on ...

    i think avoidance of ejaculation for a short period - whatever that may be ya should know 'cause ya generally get hornier when you've withheld blowing yer load - enhances sexual tension and yer ability to make progress with yer helix

    ... however once you've got there and had prostate-induced super-O and have confidence you'll get there next time ... in my experience as long as yer horny enough to be motivated for another aneros session it shouldn't matter if ya unload

    also in my experience both before and after my introduction to the art of anerosing ... orgasm need not result in shooting yer wad

    - rip
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I am in my mid 50's and have discovered that for me refraning from ejaculation has helped increase my arousal greatly. After reading "the multi orgasmic man" I now practice seman retention and will only cum maybe once or twice a month. Even during sex I rarely come but now have dry full body orgasms which I find much more pleasurable than the traditional ones. It's not the one and done thing anymore.... I can go as long as I want and I find it keeps me on a "sexual edge" that I haven't felt since I was a teenager.
    I think this becomes more important as we age
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Let's try this:
    You are in the process of developing an appetite for 'something' that you've never tasted before.

    At the same time you are in the process of sensitizing yourself to experience that same 'something.'

    Worse yet, that 'something' isn't available on any store shelf or as a download from the web. You are going to manufacture that 'something' all by yourself with some help from an expensive piece of plastic.

    You are also trusting in a number of men, all unknown to you, to tell you how great 'something' really is.

    MultiD_eroticist summed this up quite well when he labeled this state of the Journey as "pre-linguistic." We simply don't know the words to describe intense dry-orgasms since they are 95% mental and less than 5% physical.

    Perhaps, as a child or young teen you had some inborn desire for prostate pleasure but it has remained undeveloped and is now overshadowed by other desires and appetites that you've learned to appreciate, nurture and fulfill.

    At this point on the journey, many of us found that long periods of ejaculatory denial and a GU system bloated with semen was a means to hype our desire. We would attempt prostate centered dry-orgasm as a means of satisfying that desire. Since it doesn't really relieve that bloating, we still desire 'something' and keep at it until our brain detects a path to orgasm that we can repeat. And that particular spark of desire and orgasmic fulfillment is different for each man who's opted for the Journey.

    Semen conservation has worked for many men since the Prostate is part of the GU system and can serve as an analog to the penis. I think it works since it keeps us 'driven' and active with regular repetitions of prostate massage.

    I 'pledged myself' (like stopping smoking or going on a fast for lent) to semen conservation for three or four periods, each two or three weeks long). At the same time I was having three or four Aneros sessions each week. while still satisfying my spouse's desires. Color me 'spread thin' during those three months of my life.

    Eventually, once I got into dry-Orgasm, I was able to identify the desire for dry-orgasm apart from my desire for ejaculation. This change in wiring happened slowly and was very subtle. At first, the 'horniness' for one seemed centered along the core in my body, 'horniness' for the other fell along my rib-cage. I then knew which I desired and semen conservation became un-necessary. A year later that changed and one was focused in my abs, nips, prostate and anus. The other was focused deep in my pelvis, penis and genitals.

    Perhaps if I were gay those urges would channel my desire to serve as a top or a bottom. Perhaps not.

    Now, two years into the journey, I 'need' ejaculation about as often as I 'need' dry orgasm. Orgasm is brain centered and my brain seems to like to be 'refreshed' with each form of orgasm once or twice a week.

    Now, wet and dry compliment each other and each has a separate effect on my internal tensions and sense of peace with the world and love of others. It took about two years to reach this point and I have no clue as to what's ahead. But, I sense the nature of the changes and know there's still more to come.

    For now, try semen conservation and listen to your body and brain. As you develop dry-orgasms you will begin to appreciate 'something.' And as you feel the force and attractivness of that 'something' you will develop an appetite and desire for it. Be alert to these changes. Then prepare yourself to distinguish your desire for dry-orgasm from your desire for a wet-O. Above all, don't hurry the process. Just let it evolve.

    Once accomplished, expand your scope of dry-orgasms to enjoy those focused in other energy centers of your body. Again, don't rush yourself -- just let this happen on it's own.

    During this period of personal growth, live life to the fullest, bless all the objects and sensations you experience and incorporate elements of their spirit -- Spirit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -- within your own being.

    hope this helps .... rook

    Gosh, I wish I had the vocabulary to express this in fewer words-- however, I remain "pre-linguistic."
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Please don't beat yourself up over the length of the above!

    You have expressed precisely what I have been feeling for some weeks and I was proposing to post a thread on precisely this subject. You have not only beaten me to it but you have expressed my message so much more eloquently than I could ever have done.

    For some time now, I have been limiting my ejaculations to about one every two weeks, although that was partly because, at my age, the refractory period following an ejaculation is the best part of a week anyway. Refraining from ejaculation for a further week allows the buildup of sexual tension to the point that every one I now have seems much stronger and more enjoyable than they used to be when I was younger.

    Another advantage of orgasms produced by Aneros activity is that there is no refractory period and I am just as ready for another session as I was at the beginning of the session I have just enjoyed! Indeed, the day before yesterday, I had a Helix session which lasted nearly four hours after going to bed, had a Peridise session of about two hours early the following morning, followed almost immediately by the Eupho for an hour, finishing up with an ejaculation. Within twelve hours I had experienced almost seven hours of Aneros activity. Needless to say, at the end of all this my body simply said "enough is enough you greedy bastard"!

    I am now taking a couple of days well-earned rest and will certainly not go near it again for at least another 30 hours, but I must admit that I am still looking forward to it! This is true, even though I am still well and truly within the refractory period from the last ejaculation. You are absolutely right. The responses to arousal for conventional sex are quite different from those for Aneros, (or should that be anal), sex.

    I do feel that it would be useful for those just setting out on this journey to be aware of this fact and to try and separate the effects of penile stimulation completely from other forms. We should also not forget the effect of nipple stimulation and its link with the prostate. So far I have not found any link between nipple stim and my cock. Maybe I'm wrong?
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    Hey, MILFHunter. I used to think waiting 2 to 3 days after sex with my wife helped, but more recently have had some of my most intense dry orgasms come the very next night. About the only time it doesn't work for me is in that first few hours' refractory period after traditional ejaculatory orgasm.
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    As always (thankfully) B Mayfield is right on. It has nothing do do with ejaculations, but rather it has to do with arousal. As an older guy my refractory period is longer than a younger guy's. Consequently it would take me longer to warm up for a super o after an ejaculation than it used to. However if I am super turned on by something, 30 minutes is good for me. But as a rule a couple of hours is what it normally takes to get me launched again.