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80's and 90's porn
  • makelimakeli
    Posts: 14
    So recently, Ive kind of started going back and looking at some porn from before I actually got into it. Alot of the girls I started checking out Ive heard of but never really took much of a chance to really look up, but some of these chicks were fuckin amazing. Ashlynn Gere, Celeste, Nici Sterling, Tori Welles, Serenity...and thats just a few. They didnt have the super tight bodies that some girls today have, but they were naturally hot and gorgeous, which Ill take over fake every day. I looked at alot of these girls scenes and some other random 80's and 90's stuff, I realized how much I hate it. No, not because of the talent, because there were a ton of remarkably hot girls, and its not even that actual quality of the videos resolution and picture, because I get that.....its the sheer amount of scenes that were completely ruined by horrible camerawork and directing. I mean, I get that porn has taken alot of strides, but I saw alot of scenes that were very good and thought "why cant they all be like this?" I mean, were most porn directors really that bad then?

    One angle that I hate, and never got how anyone could like is the ever dreaded "Nut Cam". To those unfamiliar with the porn of that time or the terminology Im using, Nut Cam is when the camera gets behind the guy in missionary or doggy, and the screen is overtaken by the guys bouncing bare ass and nuts, while you see very little of the girl. You see the penetration, but does WATCHING penetration alone do it for anyone, especially when most of what you see is the nude dude? Were directors at the time stupid or just gayer? Because I honestly cant fathom how it was ever popular. 80s porn I can somewhat understand, because alot of them had only one camera and they rarely moved it. Still terrible, but understandable to a point. 90s porn, especially getting into the mid 90s has no excuse, because there were multiple camera shoots alot of the time and they moved around freely. They willingly chose to shoot alot of nutcam. Its tolerable for about 30 seconds at most, but if you are completely heterosexual, any more than that just gets annoying or completely gross. I watched a Chasey Lain scene the other day, and out of the 9 minutes of fucking, 6-7 minutes were pure nutcam.

    All Im saying is that it would be amazing if these girls were actually shot by some of todays directors, who dont use at all or at least keep any kind of nutcam to a minimum. Because these girls were definitely hot as hell (if you can get past the 80s and early 90s retro big hairdos) and were great performers.

    Anyway, just wanted to get others peoples takes on porn of that era? Do you like it? Why or why not?image
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I'm not sure how this is relevant to Aneros use or activity!
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Whether it's relevant or not, I find it hard to believe many of us possess a history-major's worth of information on porn to reply, :D.
  • You should start watching 'stapodictomy' type lesbo fims then.
    Very fucking raunchy.
    Or maybe the idea is to protend that it' s your butt and nuts ?
    Me personally love the lesbo vids the best, or maybe the chicks with dicks are a bit of a turn on for me if they're feminine enough.
    However saw one the other day with a 'chick'
    With a vibe up her butt, she was absolutely gorgous, butt she had an hairy ass.
    Very fucking gross !!!
    You should get used to this site fellah coz 90% of it is talking about the male derriere.
    After all, that is what product is all about.
    I think
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    lol haven't watched any 80's to 90's porn in like a decade but I remember the nutcam. You'd be surprised at how many people may enjoy that shot... And at how many people are turned on by very close up penetration I'd be willing to bet quite a few. I remember a time when I was pretty fascinated with it hehe. But ya they may had overdone the nut cam a bit back then for sure.