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Quick question?
  • Does the Peridise induce prostate orgasms? I thought I had read once, that it induces anal orgasms but that was about all. I bought a set of them a long time ago and haven't used them since I read this. I was even more inexperienced back then than I am now, so I never really got anything from them anyway. But I don't reallly want to waist my time if it isn't going to lead anywhere. I already have to many issues gettin places with the Aneros' that others swear by.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Don't consider it a waste of time, just go ahead and use them. You are right, they are not intended to massage the prostate, but what the hell?! They are still capable of producing feelings that are at least equal to those of full-on prostate massage.

    Follow the instructions and use the largest one for a while until you feel some response. Be assured, it will happen eventually. I started using them for relief from haemorrhoids but it doesn't matter if that isn't your problem. Make sure you use sufficient and suitable lubricant and just slip it in (overnight if necessary).

    Eventually, you will find that you wake up either in the middle of the night or early in the morning, to the most wonderful sensations which you will find difficult to describe. These will be anal dry Os and will come upon you with no input on your part. Just enjoy them when they happen. When you are frequently enjoying these from the largest model, move down to the next smaller one and so on. It seems that those who progress to the smallest one can get Super-Os on a regular basis. I haven't yet got to that stage but I am enjoying what I am getting from the second smallest one!

    Another wonderful plus with the Peridise range is that they produce echo effects which I find the prostate massagers don't do to the same extent.

    Just bear in mind that there are several users of Aneros devices on this forum who find that the Peridise thingies are the best of all!

  • Thanks Pommie. I'll have to give em another try. I have nothing to lose and only pleasure to gain. So what the heck.
  • Hey Craig,
    You bought the thing, you might as well use it.
    I remember I put on my blog before I got my Aneros that 'I hope I just don't chuck it in a cupboard and let it collect dust.'
    Well, I've had just 1 near perfect time a few weeks ago, but sadly I cannot acheive that frame of mind since, but I'm still using it every 2 or 3 days or so.
    Remember some have gone for 5 years before they mastered it.
    At least I've had a taster of what can be achieved.
    Good luck on your quest!
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    I'm one of those users that the Peridise has been my favorite go too model. Because of its smaller nature I enjoy its non evasiveness as well while the other models seem to sometimes be more of a distraction. The peridise may not touch your prostate but for me has provided full body multiple orgasms/super O's. Not sure what more you can ask for...