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an interesting question
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    Hope its ok to mention something unreleated to prostate toys here, however lve heard some good things about a toy by fun factory called the Cobra Libra, from what l have read some have been able to obtain possible multiple orgasms using it..

    the reason l mention this is that l have tried stimulating the part of the penis that its supposed to stimulate while using some of the Aneros's that l own and have had some interesting feelings with vibes from the Vice's vibrator.. however the above tool seems to have been specifically designed for the job so lm wondering if it could be an interesting addition to aneros usage purely because its a hands off tool and that it is designed to hit another area which may aid in some way.. lm just wondering since mine should be delivered today if others had tried this and what their thoughts were.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    I just checked out (read about) that product after reading your post and I would lean on the side of thinking it would be more of an inhibitor to your aneros or rewiring process. I just feel like it would lead you more into HFWO (hands free wet orgasms) which isn't what you want to be seeking if you're truing to become multi orgasmic. Just seems like the toy is bringing too much attention and sensation to your penis for you to be able to hone in on the subtle feelings of the aneros.
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    regardless it seemed something interesting to try.. after some of the reviews it could be what l need on occasion when the old righty just isnt giving enough pleaure when l resort to it lol.

    my plan is to continue exploring as normal but to finish off with this toy once l feel that my session has gone on for longer than it needs to an becomes counter productive. tho l have read other reviews that some have obtained multiples thought using it which is something to explore however lm more interested in seeing how interesting it is with Aneros usage as to be quite honest rubbing one out without the aneros in these days doesnt seem to be as fulfilling as it used to be so l tend to finish off by hand when it gets to that point tho l cant tall them super Ts yet tho while it might help in that regards using this new toy who knows.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Without having tried it, I would agree that it would likely go against your Aneros re-wiring. It's just another way to masturbate your penis and induce an ejaculatory orgasm even if using an Aneros prostate massager at the same time. On the other hand, it would be a neat way to experience being passive while being induced into a hands free ejaculatory orgasm. I'm assuming from what I've read and watched in video about this that you do not manually manipulate as in stroke the device on your penis. You just lay there passively and let the vibration do the work. So that could be an interesting experience.

  • Geezer UKGeezer UK
    Posts: 61
    Hi Auroken

    Let us know how you get on with your Cobra Libre.

    Most of the reviews on my usual sey toy website are extremely positive about this fantastic looking machine. I've had mine for 5 or 6 weeks and to be honest it doesn't cut it for me.

    I had a session tonight with my Vice and Cobra Libre together but can honestly say I preferred the Vice (which is sensational for me).

    The Libre will bring me to harder than usual erection but after that I sit there waiting, only once has it brought me to orgasm and that was also thanks to the very hot girl on girl movie I was watching.

    As I say, all but one reviews on the website I use are favourable so I guess I'm in the minority. It's a shame as it's an extremely well engineered piece of art.

    Good luck with yours, I hope you're as receptive to it as I wish I was.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I was at the ANE (Adult Novelty Expo) show in Pasadena last weekend and visited the Fun Factory folks. I examined the Cobra Libre and it appeared to be a high quality piece of gear (as are most items that Fun Factory produces). Frankly I wasn't sure what it was about until it was explained to me by one of their reps. I have to say that I was a little perplexed by it. First, it is composed of a soft but somewhat rigid type of silicone, much like the VICE. I found this a bit surprising as most of the penile toys these days (Fleshlight, Tenga etc.) have a MUCH softer and more realistic skin feel to them. Furthermore the depth of Cobra Libre is only about 3 inches! Unlike Fleshlight and Tenga (which will accommodate your entire penis), there is a definite
    dead end to the Cobra Libre. Given that I can't really envision any heavy duty thrusting with this. Granted this device is intended to stimulate the tip of your penis, specifically the frenulum. The question is, is vibration on the tip of ones penis alone sufficient to trigger an ejaculation? Rumel noticed that while it allowed control of the intensity there were no variable patterns to the vibration. Frankly, I'm doubtful that this unit would provide one with a handsfree orgasm by itself. I suspect that one would have to manipulate it in some way. I'll be interested to read your comments on it.

    With respect to the Cobra Libre and the Super O, this will not facilitate your path to it. It may be fun for other things though! Let us know.

    BF Mayfield