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  • blazeinblazein
    Posts: 5
    I am a new user about 5-6 weeks in. I have been getting lots of jumps, jitters and thrusts. This morning I had the most fantastic feeling of pleasure, it was like I was on the edge of losing control. I think I thought about it to much and lost it. I hope I" can get over that last step. OMG! it was off the charts any tips
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Hello, blazein.

    Congrats! You're close.

    In case you don't already know, the tips and tricks in the Wiki, linked at the top of this page will help.

    The main thing, which you've probably heard over and over is, RELAX, totally. Melt into the bed. Stop trying to make anything happen. Let the O come to you. No chasing allowed.

    Best wishes and good luck,

  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    Your journey is well on its way!

    I completely agree with Dave, blazein. As my signature says, "Relax and enjoy the journey." Don't let expectations get in the way. Take everything that comes as a blessing. But, don't be shocked at feeling things you could never imagine happening. Every session for me includes some new surprise. Some are huge, some are very subtle. AND give yourself plenty of time!

    Have fun!

  • priapusonepriapusone
    Posts: 257
    lots of time man....just take it so slowly...
  • SirSlamzSirSlamz
    Posts: 7
    I'm just gonna leave this here,, best advice I've gotten from these forums and what personally helped push me over the edge
  • dunzdunz
    Posts: 117
    This somehow sounds scary. What does "over the edge" mean? What happens if you totally lose control and start to jerk and then somehow hurt yourself or fall off the bed or bang your head against the wall? Or what if your heart gets faster and faster or your blood pressure goes through the roof?
    I don't want to lose control to be honest.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Hello, dunz.

    I've been doing Aneros for almost 8 months and have Super-Os every session. Since I don't enjoy losing control of myself and thrashing around, I consciously suppress the energy waves in certain parts of my body, like my large muscles and my head. Doing so probably limits the intensity of my Os, but I'm OK with the trade-off. I don't think it takes any special talent or training to exercise control over the Aneros. Very occasionally, the O will "get away" from me and I'll have full-body spasms for a moment. That only happens when I'm not paying enough attention to the signals. So, I think it's safe to say that if you want to, you'll be able to control your Aneros experience at whatever level suits you.

    Of course, if you're not willing to take some risks, Aneros isn't for you and you'll be well advised to continue jerking off instead. :)