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Warning: Rambling ahead-->
  • 420E420E
    Posts: 16
    So I have been on this journey a few years now.
    Moderate luck but I have not been into it until recently.
    The occasional super-t to enhance the regular-ts and now I am more looking at it as meditation.
    It has been moving forward with almost every session which is great, i just need more of them.
    I dont have many opportunities at the current moment, so when i do, i make them count.

    This one just felt different from the moment i realized the stars had aligned and going to let me have a good, long interupted session.
    When the time came to get ready, every movement had a feeling of pleasure.
    From washing the tools, to setting up my lounge,
    the shower, anema, everything was a deliberate act in order to heighten the experience that was to come.
    I made sure think about what each step was doing, what it was for and how its making me feel.
    Time, time my friends is crucial. I was able to take almost an hour or so get it all ready.

    Well anyways back to the event.

    I was able to have full use of the house, which is not always possible.
    the recliner, the tv, i could be LOUD,
    oh and i could toke up and not worry about it.

    So i fire up the softcore on HBO, and put it on just loud enough to hear the subtle moans and such.
    and as a visual stim, but i wanted to focus on breathing and the feelings that come from inside.

    SO ya, things got to a good start, i got a hard and constant erection that just seemed to get harder as i let everything release and relaxed all my muscles and listening the aneros and the subtle sensations building up.

    Let everything go, all expectations and just let time and feelings flow.

    I found that wrapping my arms around my torso, with one fore arm above and below the belly button.
    Having them there allowed me to keep better track of my breathing, and when i squeezed my arms like a hug, i felt like i was able to get some good feelings exploding from my abs and groin being almost guided through out the rest of the body.

    Wow, i had never experienced this before.
    I have a hard time even putting into words.
    Just an extreme loss of self into a deep well of pleasure.
    Almost too extreme. I knew it would be good but god damn.
    I learned a lot about how my body handles extreme pleasure,
    and the best part is that i think that this is may have been just a dry-o
    well i shouldnt say just a dry-o, it was amazing,
    and at several times i remember thinking "what the fuck is going on, what is happening,"
    and then i would go under the surface of the pleasure well.
    this happens at least once, maybe twice, well actually maybe three times.
    Not quite peaking again like the first spike, the night wound down,
    I finished in a super-t, not sure if i meant to, but i just ran my finger over the precum on the head of my super sensitive still rock hard erection, and well, KA-BOoM.

    All in all. wow. i had expectations even though i know i shouldnt, but i will say this experience greatly expanded on the amount of pleasure i ever thought possible.
    And squashed all expectations.
    I felt different, the few moments after, a few hours later, a few days later,
    even now
    I feel somehow more in touch with something, not sure what.
    I just feel like im on a slightly deeper level of consciousness.
    I am not saying that it is anything really tangible
    something subtle, extremely subtle.
    as you can see i dont really know how to describe it.
    but i can feel it.

    I did my best to describe my experience.
    There is plenty more i could ramble on about that experience.
    But i wanted to open it up and ask a few questions.
    Feel free to ask me anything.

    Any ways.
    So while in the middle of the above experience, i almost felt like i was hyper-ventilating.
    I felt like my breathing was not shallow but i was breathing fast.
    I experience an shaking in my vision too which makes me feel like i am right in thinking i was hyper ventilating.
    But either way.
    It was such a good learning session.
    Am i on the right path thinking that i was hyper ventilating?
    or was all that part of it.
    I felt it in my lips too.
    An almost numbness, around my lips and eyes.
    I just know that i have hyper ventilated before and that had very little in common with what i had experienced the other night.

    Also, what do you guys think about starting a session after working out?
    I was running today with my dogs thinking i may have a chance to get a regular session, 1 to 1.5 hours
    not like the other night which all told was 3 hours.
    But anyways, i was focused on the thought of possibly having a session and my breathing and i got the idea that after i got home from the run, i would rest just long enough to get ready to insert,
    allowing the endorphines released during then run to enhance the aneros.
    Also because i was still breathing hard and deep and in rhythm from the run, it would be easier to maintain that pattern of breathing.
    And i feel that being hot and cooling down my cause some form of stimuli.

    just a thought.
    i was hoping to try that out,
    but i could not.
    hopefully someday soon,
    What do you all think?

    Oh wow what a ramble.
    Feel free to add your rambles.
    Happy journeys all!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,773
    [QUOTE=420E;99083]...snip ... Also, what do you guys think about starting a session after working out?

    A bit like asking how good you are in the sack after playing four quarters of Varsity ball. For some guys, the excitement of the game and the endorphins lead to great sexual performance. For others, it's, "gimme a shower and a beer (or three)."

    It's important to consider that orgasm increases energy consumption in both the body and the brain. So, when you run out of brain fuel, pleasureful orgasm is going to cease. I think that means it's good to enter one's orgasmic zone aroused, but with sufficient fuel in the tank to see you through to your destination. 'Fuel' being available glucose backed up by glycogen stores in one's muscles. Consider that 30-45 minutes in one's orgasmic zone running chains of dry-Os is about like slowly jogging a 2K -- it consumes Oxygen and stored energy. We convert stored energy into sexual energy and expend it. The greater the store and the more efficient we are at using it leads to longer orgasms. Some guys go on for several hours. Others of us run dry and fizzle out.

    So, if you are under age 60 and in good shape, a moderate workout before your session might be worthwhile. However, if your physical state is such that you have smaller available glycogen stores (smaller muscles, less total body fat, some circulatory impairment, etc.) it's easy to exhaust your reserves before you commence arousal. OTOH, you do want some fluidity in the form of increased metabolism as your commence your arousal so that your brain and body can retrieve and convert and use your glycogen store.

    For me (mid-70s), routine prep and a hot shower gets my juices flowing and some routine stretching exercises help make my energy reserves available. Slugging an occasional swallow of sports drink in the shower is also helpful. I prefer to gradually cool down after that shower. That keeps me relaxed and promotes an easy entry into meditation. A cold quench to close pores would probably disturb my relaxation but might spike another guy's arousal.

    Every man has to identify his own paths (plural) to orgasm and balance arousal rate with expenditure of reserves.

    My own path emphasizes increasing my sensitivity to very small levels of stimuli and finding stim techniques that are energy-efficient. (e.g. wired nip stim isn't too wasteful of energy reserves whereas, doing a series of intense anal contractions on all fours expends a lot of energy in the pelvic muscle groups).

    Usually my desire guides my readiness for orgasm and my desire isn't very high until several hours of recovery from intense aerobic or anerobic exercise. If endorphins yield a steady increase in your arousal, that might be an excellent path to orgasm.

    P.S. edit: Just saw ten_s_nut's post -- he's the refined athlete who has great stores and is efficient in both energy recovery and conversion. Despite his calendar age, he's one of our "Young Studs."
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 865
    Nice rambling post, E.

    Sounds like you're getting quite a bang out of your Aneros. Great!

    I don't know much about hyperventilating so I can't comment on that.

    As for having a session after physical exertion like sports, running or biking, I find that to be really satisfying. Many of my tennis matches are in the evening. I get home soaked in sweat, ready for a shower and bed. The Aneros session that follows is always excellent.

    Best Regards,

  • RipTheJackerRipTheJacker
    Posts: 240
    [QUOTE=ten_s_nut;99092]Nice rambling post, E.

    Sounds like you're getting quite a bang out of your Aneros. Great!

    I don't know much about hyperventilating so I can't comment on that.

    As for having a session after physical exertion like sports, running or biking, I find that to be really satisfying. Many of my tennis matches are in the evening. I get home soaked in sweat, ready for a shower and bed. The Aneros session that follows is always excellent.

    Best Regards,


    dave's right on - nothing like near exhaustion from pleasant maximal aerobic activity to maximize the endorphin baseline level ...

    my best sex is after a 20 mile bike ride followed by a mile or maybe 2000 meters in the fast lane at the y (a "fast" mile for me in the pool these days isn't much under 25 or 30 minutes but that keeps my heart rate maxed and my sweat glands flushed) - then a nice hot - cold - hot - cool shower and a more leisurely ride home and a gallon of ice water

    ... i can then get right into either a vigorous or leisurely 4play and fuck and my endorphins go nowhere but UP and ecstasy is not at all distant

    it's the same with self abusement (abuse that amuses) - either genital or anal/prostatic or even cerebral ...

    it's ALWAYS better when you start out fully horned

    ... and for those of us who are exercise and fitness junkies - vigorous presexual exercise is even better for our libidos than it is our cardiovascular systems

    - rip
  • 420E420E
    Posts: 16
    @rook, i can completely understand what you mean about the brain and energy. I have the same issue if i get too thirsty.Ill notice the feelings diminish if i let my mouth get too dry. Its worth trying. Ill get on it this weekend i hope.

    Thanks for the input
    Ill give it a shot.
    Its kind of cool how much i have learned about my body on this journey.

    Im in my early twenties and have roommates thus making it hard to devote a lot of time to this.
    I just started a new job and things look good to getting my own place:)
    I swear half of my thoughts go to using the aneros at the new place.

    Soon, must be patient.

    Until next time.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 836
    Congratulation 420E!!
    I LOVE your rambling post, the feeling IS impossible to put into words, so it's very appropriate!
  • makelimakeli
    Posts: 14
    hahahaha bravo bravo noice! image