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"Why isn't this common knowledge?" -- Putting together an Aneros intro handbook
  • For reference, here's a thread from the Testimonials section.

    So, why isn't it common knowledge?

    We all know why, and it's very simple: because sex is fairly taboo, and nontraditional sexual exploration is very taboo. And for guys, anal penetration is the ultimate taboo.

    But we can spread the pleasure by spreading the word. It's a win-win: more people feel more pleasure, and the taboo becomes lighter, and then even more people try it, and all the while the knowledge base is expanding--a self-compounding cycle that begins with us, and how we go about spreading the word.

    "But... there are those PROBLEMS! It's taboo!" And yet, we got into it. So if we want to let others in on it, the real question to ask isn't "why not," but rather, "why did we get into it"?

    What was the hook?

    It's been different for different people. For many of the older guys in here, it started as therapy. It's really great that they have a solution to a problem, but many people don't have that problem of an enlarged prostate. And even those that do have other ways of solving the problem, like therapy from their trusted doctor.

    The real hook that makes autopowered prostate massagers like Aneros special is the pleasure: prostate pleasure, a type of pleasure that the vast majority of guys have never experienced in this way. But the real kicker isn't just a little prostate pleasure, this alien and unusual thing that sounds kind of mystical and uncertain like crystal balls and tarot cards. It's the "super-o" an orgasm that's ten times better than the orgasms you're used to feeling, and lasts ten times as long, and can happen ten times in an hour or more. Pursuit of, desire for, THAT thing is what will make people perk up and take interest, even if they're not entirely receptive to the idea of a sex toy that you put inside your anus.

    Cynical people like me would say it's all hype... until they read the countless testimonials and see a large body of evidence before them.

    The thing is, I would be hesitant to link my friends to that material because some of it is perhaps unnecessarily descriptive and it might turn them off the idea because of the taboo-ness of it all.

    What I need, and what is needed by whoever wants to tell their friends about the Aneros, is an effective introduction to the concept of the Aneros and the Super-O that is approachable even to someone uncomfortable with sex toys and anal sexuality. In my eyes, this would consist of multiple accounts of the Super-O that are not more explicit than necessary. (Some material I read here is pretty raunchy... it reads a lot like erotica in many instances. Which, in a moderate degree, is probably good--if you can pique sexual interest without it being overwhelmed by the taboo alarm bell, then a private follow-up is likely. However, some of the accounts are too extreme in this way.)

    I really want to give Aneros free advertising! I want to open the way for my friends to experience this "journey." But I don't feel like I have the tools. This thread is meant to become an effort from the users to collect a base of material suitable for use in introducing this sexual world to newcomers who wouldn't automatically be comfortable with it.

    It can be as simple as collecting testimonials that get the point across without making it sound like overhyped BS. Any other ideas you have, post them! Let's do this. My objective is a succinct document or email that can be sent to close friends to suggest a further investigation and provide them with the ways to learn more, as in links.
  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    Hi MTs!

    >What I need, and what is needed by whoever wants to tell their friends about the Aneros, is an effective introduction to the concept of the Aneros and the Super-O that is approachable even to someone uncomfortable with sex toys and anal sexuality.<<br />
    If you have friends of a sensitive disposition and you wish to introduce them to the idea of multiple male (and female) orgasms-on-demand, the Aneros is not the only route to achieving the Super-O. There are other very effective ways to train yourself to experience practically continuous orgasm without employing anal insertions or any other unnatural devices. Take a look at Jack Johnston's KSMO forum.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I invite you to copy your post into the existing thread Ideas for Spreading the Word... rather than continuing this new thread. One of the short commings of this Forum is the fact many topics have been repeatedly reintroduced in threads only to get lost amongst numerous other threads. If we all make a concerted effort to post into appropriate topic threads we might establish some truly significant threads that can get added to the Cherry Picks. IMHO, this too would help make the Aneros experience more common knowledge.

    Some of the issues you are concerned about have begun to be addressed in the Sticky: New to the Forum? Start Here! thread and in the Aneros WIKI. We are always open to hearing suggestions for adding specific information to these resources.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    One of the problems we face was pointed out by "Multi_D_Eroticist" when he posted that our best experiences are "pre-linguistic." We experience the feelings or dry-Orgasm before we have the words to describe the phenomena and we stumble upon techniques for managing our sexual energies before we possess the words to describe them. We then internalize those feelings and actions so that we attain Orgasmic Bliss without being to describe it. So, others never learn of what we felt or how it happened.

    Perhaps though the difficulty is with some shortcomings of the English language. When I Googled for I came up with:

    -- --

    Ah, the French !

    And thanks to Frenchy Boy, it's been done.

    Vive le France !
  • Rumel: Will do. I'm all for centralization as opposed to fragmentation. It looks as though the Aneros Basics part of the Wiki is one part of a good introduction, while, in my opinion, the Super-O page is another. However, I must admit that the while the Super-O page explains a point, it doesn't come across quite the same way as when you hear a personal account of the experience in a testimonial thread.

    Rook: So my question is, for us that speak no French beyond "parlais voux francais?" (or however one spells that--) is there an English version of the ebook? I take it there isn't, based on what you mentioned about "the shortcomings of..."

    Now, to the other thread!