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Rewiring - Now I think I get it!
  • TychoTycho
    Posts: 12
    I have been away from the site and my Progasm for a couple weeks because I decided to explore KSMO. (Key Sound Mulit Orgasm) If you are not familiar with it, I recommend you look at it if you are not making progress with the Aneros. Below is only my second session with the KSMO process, but it greatly helped with my next Aneros session. Up until this point, the sessions have been very faint. My last session engaged my prostate upon insertion and gave small spasms and slight movement within seconds. It only lasted about 10 minutes, but then faded. Because of my experience with KSMO, I did not try to force anything. I did a couple of small contractions and felt nothing. I mean I felt NOTHING! I couldn't even tell if the Progasm was in me. The whole area was not even numb it was just not there. I had to check with my hand that my anus and the Progasm still existed. I just considered this another step forward in my progress towards Aneros wonderland and called it a night. Read my entry below to get my view on this whole rewiring process. It might help those of you who are making slow progress and getting frustrated.


    Well my next session was not as intense. I got a little of that glowing feeling in my navel, but this time I got little muscle spasms in various parts of my body. I am talking about small fragments of muscle in a foot, hand, lower lip, calf and stomach and not the whole muscle or area. Very weird. I also got a huge shiver as my left thigh got cold with goose bumps and my hair stood on end. I was somewhat disappointed, but I have to keep reminding myself that I should have no expectations and accept each session as it is and listen and observer everything!

    ECHOS - This process made sense later the next day. Of course, in the car I started to get echos in my anus, prostate and navel again. Very pleasurable, but again I was careful not to pursue them much! Then in the office I was working alone yesterday and thank goodness. I started to get more echos in my anus, prostate and navel but I also got more of the small muscle spasms in various areas. Then something else happened that scared me at first until I recognized it as an echo. I have had over 50 kidney stones in the last 30 years since the age of 12. One of the worst feelings is the stone moving through my ureter and my back spasming horribly. The twinge in my back and then vomiting is a sure sign my body is telling me to hold on because it is going to be a rough ride! Well I felt my back muscles slightly spasm again and I thought, "Oh no! Not another kidney stone!". So I relaxed the best I could in my chair to see if I would need to grab a pain pill. However the sensation not get worse, but started to move up and down my back gently and slowly. When I put this spasm with the other echos I was having, I then realized that my body was preparing me for full body orgasm. It is like my system knows that I am not ready for lift off yet. Like a shuttle launch, my mind is slowly checking all of my components and testing them to see if they are ready to handle the launch. These small system checks are happening all over my body and giving my mind feedback that things are a go for liftoff. When it got to my back, it had to make sure my mind was able to distinguish between an orgasm spasm and a kidneystone spasm less it aborts the flight 30 seconds into liftoff. With this analogy, I let the spasm do it's thing and it even became pleasurable. I started to connect the various points in my body and was able to take the energy I was feeling in my navel and move it up to my heart and then my head where it swirled around and gave me a slight rush. I imagined it taking an elevator up to my brain and it did just that. I then noticed that my amygdala started pulsating gently immediately. Usually this takes a minute or so of mentally clicking or tickling it, but this was immediate. I then thought how profound! This whole orgasm process is really physical biochemical energy moving around the body and stimulating everything it touches. I then imagined the energy sliding down my body to my prostate. Boom! Well not a big boom, but a very pleasurable pulse swelled my prostate when it hit my bottom. I then moved it back up and I could feel the wave moving up and down my entire body and exciting the muscles and nerves along the way. The biggest sensations were in my lower abdomen from my prostate to my navel. Oh such wonderful sensations! They were pleasurable, but I could tell that they could be MUCH more. It was still not time for lift off. More system checks and testing to do, but I was very happy with my progress. This is what they must mean in the aneros forum as rewiring. The energy in these orgasms are very powerful. It has to do circuit checks and rewire parts of the body in preparation for the higher loads. (I work at a power plant by the way.) This is also why my aneros sessions are slowly getting better I think.

    Now I am much more patient and relaxed during my KSMO or aneros sessions. My body will do it's thing and when it thinks I can handle it, lift off!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,423

    Your analogy of the body performing systems checks is interesting and the points you make about employing intent to move the energy through your Microcosmic Orbit are also examples of how your body rewiring is affecting your mental outlook as well.
    [QUOTE=Tycho;98636]I then thought how profound! This whole orgasm process is really physical biochemical energy moving around the body and stimulating everything it touches.Well said.
  • ZenithZenith
    Posts: 22
    WOW Tycho,

    Absolutely great slo-motion playback of the Amygdala doing it's 'routing' action. That seems to happen so quickly for me that I'm unable to describe it in such exquisite detail.

    Thanks bud !!