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Safety of prostate massagers
  • dunzdunz
    Posts: 53
    I did some reading about prostate massage and prostate milking and read that too much pressure on the wrong spots of the prostate especially the top where there are many nerves can be dangerous and even life threatening. If you have to be so careful not to apply pressure to the wrong spot then what do you do if the prostate massager hits the wrong spot?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,742
    Not gonna happen if one keeps their hands off the tool when it's inserted. And, there are no hard foreign objects in the canal when the Aneros is 'in residence.'

    Aneros toys are intended and designed to employ only one's own muscle contractions. Groups involved are: PC, Anal, Rectal, Pelvic and in extreme moves, with the larger tools, the glutes sometimes come into play. The shape of the toy puts the pressure in the right place. Fingers, dildos, enema nozzles and other foreign objects are far more likely to do the sort of damage that dunz has read of.

    Evacuated and properly lubed, the Human male finds it difficult to generate sufficient force to self-injure as long as the handle of the toy isn't touched. It's wise to keep any other object out of the rectum when the Aneros is inserted. Likewise, avoid any 'hyperinsertion' by sitting on it.

    For 'orgasmic' play, the rectum is very relaxed the forces are very subtle. Although rectal clenchs may seem very intense, I think that's more of a perception factor as a result of high levels of arousal.

    Hope this helps...
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,421

    Listen to 'rook', he is correct. Let's not be alarmist's with respect to this issue, if you apply "too much presure on the wrong spots of the" throat, chest or skull, those can be life threatening as well. An often cited quote is "Do not apply any more pressure to rub your prostate than you would to rub your eyeball." If you have a healthy prostate, I seriously doubt you will ever have a problem following that axiom.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 565
    The only case I can think of where caution would be advisable is in the case of an acute bacterial prostate infection, but in general, you will be ill enough in that case you would not be doing home prostate massage and would have already sought treatment such as from a capable urologist. Vigorous massage, such as a health professional might perform in other situations has generally been thought to be inadvisable with acute prostatitis. Also, it makes intuitive sense one would not want to massage an untreated cancerous gland. If you're over 40 or have any reason to have concern about your prostate, see a urologist or capable physician to establish the health of your gland. The Aneros massagers properly used do not provide massage that is vigorous in the medical sense such as described here.
  • dunzdunz
    Posts: 53
    Hello, but since I can't even locate the prostate I can't just apply pressure somewhere. I am really concerned somehow that I can't find the prostate. :(
    I tried it various times now and never "found" it and this stuff is really getting too upsetting for me.
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    I think you're far too concerned about this. I've been at this nearly two years, and I still can't feel my prostate with my finger, and I quit trying long ago. And yes, when I put my finger in there I feel things I don't expect. Remember that the intestines are packed in, compressed, and fold back and forth on themselves, unlike the deceptively clear and straightforward illustrations one sees in textbooks. Watch a few surgery videos and you will see how messy it is in real life.

    How do I know I have a prostate? Solely by the way it started glowing and buzzing once it had awakened. It's presence is now unmistakable. If anything, your anxiety is a major damper on your ability to develop the necessary frame of mind and heightened awareness.

    One other thing I have learned is that the pleasure-producing nerves are not just confined solely to the prostate - they are spread throughout the region. I think it can be a mistake to focus too intensely on that one organ. The most critical element is not so much the precise size and shape of the object being inserted, but learning to recognize and amplify the pleasure signals they produce. Once you manage this, even a cucumber will feel good (but don't use it in your salad afterward.)