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The beginng of knowledge...
  • TychoTycho
    Posts: 12
    Thank you to the men who have contacted me by private message and have sent me some helpful information and encouragement. I wanted to share my first breakthrough on what this whole thing is about and it happened without the aneros. Somebody in a post mentioned "The Multi-orgasmic Male" as a starting place for reading. Thank you for that tip!

    Yesterday I decided to take a shower and try this new breathing technique to take your sexual energy and transfer it up your spine and into your body. I started pleasuring myself and got pretty worked up. I then breathed in deeply through my nose, expanded my belly and core till I felt pressure on my lightly throbbing prostate. I then put more pressure on my prostate by tightening my upper stomach muscles and leaving my lower ones relaxed and held my breath as long as I could. When my heart slowed to a crawl, I then exhaled out of my mouth and completely relaxed everything. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. A pulse of energy shot up my spine and core as my heart rate jumped and my brain recieved the energy. With no place to go, it shot back down my spine and core. It did this in several waves so intense that it took everything I had to keep standing and not throw up! It was that intense! It took me a couple of minutes to regain my composer, but I knew I was on to something. Maybe I didn't do something right? Maybe first time jitters?, So I did it again. This time the waves were even more intense and I almost collapsed. So after regaining my composer I finished my shower, went to my den, laid down and contemplated what just happened. I decided to finish the chapter and vowed to not try anything more until I had read the complete chapter twice and fully understood what I was about to do. You see if I would have finished the chapter I would have read the warnings about too much energy and how to either circulate it or vent it. Otherwise it could cause issues especially people with high blood pressure. (me). Fortunately I am on HBP meds and I survived the incident. I determined that i had just released 43 years of pent up sexual tension in two 30 second sessions! I tried it again later without masturbating and the affects were much less intense, but more pleasurable as I noticed for the first time the energy traveling through me and then like a gleaming pin point of light, resting in my navel and radiating energy and peace. Wow! If this is foreplay, I'm a dead man!

    So, the next day I am heading to the airport to pick up my mom who is coming in for my daughter's wedding. On the way to the airport I was feeling aroused by the past few days of learning and how it would play out in not only the bedroom but in the lives of my wife and I. I decided to try to transfer that energy to my core before it became too powerful. I did it a few times over the hour's drive and then about 30 minutes into the drive, I got hit with what I can only describe as the gentle and subtle beginnings of three types of orgasms. Each one only lasted about a second. The first was a pulse in my prostate. The second was a wave of pleasure and buzzing that went up my spine and into my head that created a fantastic buzz. Third and finally a spasm of radiating energy from my navel throughout the core of my body. I burst out laughing and crying at the same time because I couldn't believe what just happened and that I was in the middle of traffic! I was glad it was brief because I am not sure if I could have controlled my ecstasy if it lasted any longer. That day I Continued to feel energy and flutters in all three regions. I was happy all day long and am still feeling it somewhat today.

    I have determined that after I have come to understand and master this process, I will be passing it on to my new son-in-law. He and my daughter both deserve to have this amazing blessing from God in their marriage.
  • That is great! You have achieved a level of sexual (tartaric) understanding that most people are too closed minded to achieve.