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Male Sexual Orientation Here
  • View Poll Results: How do you define your sexual orientation? Voters: 1017

    You may not vote on this poll

    Transgendered or Intersexed 5 0.49%

    Gay - bi 36 3.54%

    Straight 360 35.40%

    Straight - curious 203 19.96%

    Gay 224 22.03%

    Bisexual 78 7.67%

    Just figuring it out 18 1.77%

    Straight - bi 92 9.05%

  • Gay as a goose! I have slept with women in the past, before I started sleeping with men. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think it helped me with the sexual path I am now on, the one I was destined for. Used to love going down on women! Thay may sound strange to some but it's true. I've not slept with a woman since I first slept with a man. I would therefore describe myself as 100% gay, rather than gay-bi. I can appreciate women's sexuality but I know for me it's all about the firmness of a man's body beside me rather than the softness of a woman's. Plus I love the smell of (some!) men.
  • Hello, artform.

    I voted "straight" a week ago, I think. Didn't realize there was a giant thread following. So...

    Aside from fooling around, touching only, with other boys when I was pre-pubescent, I've been hetero without any attraction to, or interest in men. First two marriages were short and got ugly. Third marriage is great; going on 23 years together. Three kids, dog, two cats.

    Ever since the first time while in college, I've always enjoyed having my partner play with my butt. One of my girlfriends in college trained to be a Yoga instructor and she introduced me to Tantra, and my prostate.

    I initially got the Helix to assist with treating my BPH. Then, it turned out to be VERY fun.

    Interesting group of folks here.


  • i forget how i responded to this poll initially butt i consider myself probably 85% str8 - and 15% queer ... i guess i'm bi - butt i don't want to share my woman with another dude ...

    i was probably mildly homophobic during my teens due mostly to peer pressure married at 18 and am 49 now

    ... for 20 years from about 20 to 40 i was 100% str8 arrow but not homophobic

    about 10 years ago i resumed frequent solo masturbation (in addition to frequent conjugal sex) and got into internet porn - as i've gotten more and more into my genitals i've identified more and more with other adult males and their masculine equipment enjoying male and m2m porn ...

    which is what introduced me to aneros and kindled an interest in my backdoor - i'm definitely not a bottom to anyone ... except my progasm!

    ... i enjoy this forum and the brotherhood of fellow hedonists - wish i was free enough to explore something more than fantasy yet safe, butt i don't anticipate getting beyond this fantasy stage ...

    butt i'm hopeful that my pro will become more of a satisfying lover than it currently is ... we're working on our relationship

    - rip
  • Me too, Rip. Fantasy is a part of it, a nice part man!
  • Artform invited to cross post over here from the following thread:

    [QUOTE=The New Yorker;96850]I totally agree with that. My wife and I are on different levels when it comes to sex drive. Too often, I'm in DRIVE and she's in PARK. To me, the Aneros has become a way to pleasure myself and explore a few fantasies without having to engage in an extramarital affair (hetero or homo).

    The big fun for me with the Aneros is the feeling of getting penetrated like a woman and getting that massive Dry-O that almost takes my breath away. I imagine myself as a woman having a massive G-spot orgasm. I get hot just thinking about that. I'd be curious to see how much greater of an experience it would be to have a man do that to me.

    But in regards as to whether a piece of plastic can change your sexual orientation, I don't believe so. But I do think that getting that much pleasure from behind using the Aneros can cause someone to question his sexual orientation. At the very least, you find out something about your sexuality that was previously hidden in your sub-conscious. In my case, I'm straight, but found out that I have slight bi-curiosity.


    I took this poll a while back, early into my Aneros usage and clicked off "Straight" without any hesitation. Now I would click "Straight - Curious". I used to wonder what was in it for the male "receiver", now I know!

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,474
    Thanks very much The New Yorker, priapusone, RipTheJacker, ten_s_nut, and Bobby B!!!!!

    NY, thanks also for including the thread link, since that thread extends this discussion further, and your experience of opening to a wider view of yourself and your potential is illustrated there by numbers of other. In addition, this opening phenomena is currently being discussed from various perspectives in several threads in the General Discussion area.

    all the best exploration opening and honest wider wonder all

  • Tycho
    Posts: 12
    I am straight, but I have had a couple of dreams with one man. During the dream I was on fire and filled with pleasure and desire, but after the dream I just thought, "Wow! That was different! Cool, but not in this lifetime!" So I think that puts me at Straight but curious!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,474
    Welcome Tycho!! :D :D

    Thank you for your succinct opening declaration and its open endedness, which as you can see from others is appropriate here! :)

    Enjoy your journey here and with your wife. I treasure mine/ours(mrs. a and I)!! You and you two are off to such a great start!! Keep us updated please as your journey proceeds.

    All the very best to you two!!


    PS to ALL Note that we are now at 380 having voted/declared here. If you are reading here and have not yet voted in this poll, PLEASE VOTE NOW. As a survey, the more voting here, the more representative and therefore significant the results are. And post your sexual development story. Many have commented on how helpful these stories are to them in placing their own sense of themselves in their story.

  • I am straight but I enjoy anal sex through use of sex toys. Therefore, this form of therapy or play is pleasant for me.
  • I'm straight but since my wife doesn't like sex and hasn't for several years, I've learned through the aneros and other techniques that I would describe my sexual orientation as a multiorgasmic man ( therefore my handle). I love it!!
  • priapusonepriapusone
    Posts: 257
    Yes, same here multi...I do too luv it!
  • Priapusone, how do I make my posts be seen in the new posts section? Yours was there but mine wasn't. Do I have to push a certain button?
  • priapusonepriapusone
    Posts: 257
    Hmmm, I think it is a matter of time, Multi! Oh, oooo!
  • l¤ve h¤le
    Posts: 55
    Well I've managed to get into this forum by trial & error. Forum settings I used. Avatars? Never heard of 'em. This is all sci - fi to me.
    I've always considered my self straight. I have a new girl friend. ( In fact she's 3 or 4 yrs older than me and I'm 50 ) She's from Texas, but slumming it over here in England.
    For the very ignorant, Texas is in the USA. :)
    In fact the Aneros is made there .'Houston, we have a problem'.
    As I was saying I'm straight, but I have had 3 or 4 sex sessions with a school pal of mine in the mid 70's.
    He was quite feminine so I was fairly attracted to him. He was small ( in both ways ) so if he was gonna ram it up there I don't think it would have hurt too much, but he never did (sadly) and I never gave him one either.
    He sucked my cock for a bit but he finished me by hand. I could not give a BJ because he was uncut down there and it put me off. If he had been I would have done only too gladly.
    I think I got circumsised when I was a small kid I got it stuck in my zip. (I know, too much info.)
    That basicaly put me off becoming gay. A gay who does'nt like doing gay things is not very gay if you ask me.
    Another time, been boozin with this older guy,( he was divorced ) and he asked me back to his pad for more to drink.Scotch whisky. Anyhow I was too drunk to go home so he said there was only one double bed so I decided to get in with him. He was a big fat guy about 30years my senior and in the middle of the night I felt his hand tug at my boxers, I was crapping myself by then, but nothing happened, sadly for me.
    A few weeks later the same happened again and the same result. Maybe I was wanting him to give me a good rogering deep down, it certainly was'nt to do with his looks. To me he had the sex appeal of a brick.
    Not something I'm proud of, this was after an old girlfriend of mine used to stick her finger up my ring and was rather pleasant to say the least.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,474
    Welcome (again some) Getting There, MultiOrgasmMan, priapusone, and love hole!!!! :D :D :D :D

    Great you have voted and posted here, sharing your orientation development history and current perspective! It has helped form a basis also for our great times chatting here in the Chat Room!!

    We are also now nearly 400 votes in here and should be able to get to 500, if the many new members will visit this poll, vote, and also tell their personal orientation stories if comfortable sharing.

    You might also like to visit the great discussion of anal eroticism at ten_s_nut's:

    thanks again all and all the best to all orientations all

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,474
    Well we are now at 407 votes here and on our way to the 500 milestone!! :D :D

    Lots of new members flooding into this great community and many obviously have yet to vote and post here.

    Also several speculative polls on potential straight male behaviour shifts and flexibility. Great fodder for reflective posts here by both newbies and by previous posters here catching up!!

    all the best contemplative discernment of who you really are in all your subtleties all

  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 116
    I'm surprised there are only 21% gays here. I guess they prefer natural methods.
  • Hi all,

    I'm one of the apparently enigmatic gay users of the forum. I wonder if there are relatively few on the forum because they don't feel they need the advice/support/whatever. For straight men, on the other hand, there's a fair amount of stigma attached to anal play, so that may add some incentive to join.

    Anyway, I'm glad to see Margaret Cho was right when she said straight men love it up the ass! Kudos to all the straight men here who are sharing their experiences and breaking down barriers. This is a great forum!
  • So...... here I am 3 plus years into prostate orgasm practice. Prior to this latest turn in my sexual journey I would have responded to this poll as straight - heterosexual. Now after experiencing anal pleasure, prostate orgasm, multiple orgasm, dry orgasm and having realized the immense erotic power of my thoughts and the linkage of those thoughts to my body and my sex organs ..... I am rewired.

    What does it mean to me to be rewired? It means that I have cast off an outmoded narrow view of my sexuality and replaced it with something much deeper, richer and emminently more powerful. I am now a sensual man. I am attuned to the exquisite elegance and torid sexuality of a beautiful woman's body. But it also means that I am equally attuned to the uniquely masculine sensuality of an erect cock and the unmistakably powerful passion of a man.

    I have enveloped myself in layer upon layer of erotic pleasure and sensual rapture alone. I have kissed and licked my lady's nether lips and experienced the sweet rapture of deep penetration between her thighs more times than I can count. But I have yet to experience the passion of a man. I hope to someday soon.

    So what does that make me? Hetero - curious? Straight - ambivalent? Repressed gay? I think none of the above. I am a sensual man experiencing a sensual world and all it has to offer.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,474
    And even MORE again!!! :D.............:D!!!    Nov2011............. no action until now Mar2013!!

    High time we have all newbies know about this poll and VOTE and add your personal stories and thoughts to this thread!!

    This is a key understanding of our growing community here at Aneros.


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • Noob71
    Posts: 12
    trick question really...i'm totally hetero, but enjoy anal play.  Guys do nothing for me at all, however i am curious to have sex with a shemale, that might be super hot

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,474
    Great to see we are now very close to 1000 votes here! And also to see that the proportions of votes per category has remained very similar to date. Great community here indeed!! 

    More life stories on orientation please men, if your care to share. 

    Should add shemales to the trans and intersex group.

    all the best whole male health and whole male being all ways always all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected
  • I've been noticing that there isn't much input by the gay/bi/non-straight identifying members of this forum and I count more than 30 percent, that's 300+, of us are not completely straight. it's true that most topics aren't gay-specific so there's no need to come out. I know of a few of us who are "not straight" (I'll use this expression to not exclude anyone in my community) because they have said so in their messages or to me privately. But nowhere near 30 percent. I wonder if there's some reluctance to coming out in this forum? This is one of the most open and accepting places I've found to talk about male sexuality that isn't specifically targeted at non-straight men. Aneros would seem to be a natural fit for non-straight men. And it also frustrates me not to know what, if anything, I can about it. So I'm putting it out there.

    Someone could start a topic specifically for non-straight men and anyone could contribute. Or is there an option to have a private conversation? Is that what "chat" is? It seems to me that there are some areas of aneros use that may generally concern non-straight men more than straight men. I am really just asking what's going on and if anyone else has felt the need for this.
  • Ok, so I have had mixed experiences with the aneros.  Mostly because I don't have the time needed to fully experience it.  I enjoy it very much when I can have a session.  I have also found myself becoming curious about the real thing and have answered the poll as such.  Anybody else with the same feelings?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,474

    I've been noticing that there isn't much input by the gay/bi/non-straight identifying members of this forum and I count more than 30 percent, that's 300+, of us are not completely straight. it's true that most topics aren't gay-specific so there's no need to come out. I know of a few of us who are "not straight" (I'll use this expression to not exclude anyone in my community) because they have said so in their messages or to me privately. But nowhere near 30 percent...

     ...Aneros would seem to be a natural fit for non-straight men. And it also frustrates me not to know what, if anything, I can about it. So I'm putting it out there.

    Someone could start a topic specifically for non-straight men and anyone could contribute. Or is there an option to have a private conversation? Is that what "chat" is? It seems to me that there are some areas of aneros use that may generally concern non-straight men more than straight men. I am really just asking what's going on and if anyone else has felt the need for this.

    Hi euphemistic!!

    You seek the total of "not completely straight" here and I agree that is key. That means that that number is 980 - 348 = 632 Therefore over 64% of us here are Bent! – ie "not completely straight" My vote/declaration here is Straight-Bi, definitely Bent  :D  :D

    I find that reflected in many of the threads and chat discussions, and the willingness of all including many Straights to have open honestly very detailed discussions on all facets of this astounding journey.

    This Forum supports Conversations which any two members may starts and keep private or invite other members to join in by invitation. I will start one with you soon!!

    all the very best feelings within and without with all as we all explore our whole male being all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • We probably need to make this a poll where you can change your answer.  I know I need to change mine!  I just blogged about my journey of exploration and: Opening Up
  • Bi is the most accurate description for me I suppose.

    I have two "core fantasies" (I realize this is a contradiction): one is me as a man being with women and the other is as a woman being with men.

    I like men-men and female-female a lot too though don't get me wrong. I'd love to be a woman but I also love being a man. I don't cross dress though. Not into me as a woman; into me as someone different.

    I love the idea of the singularity and the even vague possibility we might one day get to try it all out. Even just future VR stuff could be amazing.

    I'm not really attracted to men that often but love the idea of being fucked by a man often.

    I don't understand the lack of Transgendered on here. This seems like it should appeal to them a lot more. Any I have met haven't even heard of this. Baffling. I sometimes enjoy a fantasy of training and teaching a TS to cum like a woman. (Actually I love the idea of helping men and women discover multiple orgasms a lot. I'd love to have an AFK friend to either talk about or play with multiples.)

    I don't understand why I don't post here more when this is a relatively big part of my life. I think my cum game slips when I don't read here enough. I get complacent with just average super o's. Need to up my game. Think that needs to be with another person maybe? Tantric. Can you only go so far solo? Can't get wife interested (although she is aware of what I do and "joins in" to help me but hates idea of tantric sex) so that sucks. Who doesn't want to have multiple orgasms? "One is enough" she says. Everything else great though.

    Rambling a bit. High a bit.

    So does that answer your question? I think I forgot to actually vote in the poll.

    Straight-bi-gay-lesbian-ts ... can l answer "all of the above." Yes to them all. Fuck it. Why not? One day?
  • What does liking transexual porn mean? (Shemale is derogatory right?) Either way I'm a fan, at least of the really feminine looking individuals who can get rock hard. I've heard that gay men are generally not attracted to trannies though. Don't know, it's late, I'm tired, and currently the only one in the chatroom!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,474
    Great varmint!!  :)  :)

    You are not alone in announcing your change here in the thread of this Community Poll. Very Nice.

    You blog here is wonderful and your latest post an excellent balancing of your self-realization man!!

    all the very best self openness as we freely continue our fullest aneros journeys all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,474
    And so too you both, RTGoose and HopefulMMOer, in feeling the range of responses and possibilities while journeying here!!  :D :D

    RTG, regarding the paucity of Transgendered here, my initial thoughts were similar. I have spent several years assisting a MtoF friend to get the approvals and funding for her Orchiectomy first, and then her full  Sex Reassignment Surgery. I had several discussions with her about the great benefits of Aneros Prostate Massage with her, since MtoF' retain their prostate in place and their new vagina connects directly to it too. I though having hers awakened would be an positive prospect for her, The answer was "No."

    I have also worn my Aneros T-shirt to LGBTTQ seminars and Pride Picnics and there is surprisingly hestitant and very cautious responses; few if any saying they would take a look at this site.

    Is "going solo" limiting? Not in my experience. I find my solo explorations are stimulating and contribute to my wide ranging sensuality interests, therefore exceptional energies building, thereby contributing to my great "mutual prostates/Gspots" practice with my dear wife!!

    HMMOer, I too like transexual porn and do not think of Shemale as derogatory, if the shemale is genuinely happy and settled in that body/eroticist and interpersonal relationships mode. I like gay and lesbian same sex porn, only if it is high quality too, since same understands same much more for many, not just exclusive gays or lesbians. Gays are usually focused on the the same/same sharing and I understand and respect their lack of interest in variations like shemales. 

    Like varmint, RTG and HMMOer, we four are examples of man who have found that wide-ranging sensualities and physical variations can be a quite natural part of our aneros journey and living with all the immense gifts from a fully awakened prostate, and the full spectrum of orgasmic energies access!!!!

    Hallelujah ALL!!!!


    as we journey let us have the courage to feel everything and work respectfully with all the astounding gifts of the fully awakened prostate and energies all

    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,474
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays in every other Tradition ALL!!!! :)
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 161
    Transsexual/transgender isn't a sexual orientation rather it is a modified sex/gender, just pointing that out. Instead, the category "transphilic" should be used as that is the word for those who attract to transgender/transexual people.

    Source: (second answer).

    P.S.:Also, the list is missing the "Asexual" category.
    P.P.S: It can be argued that transsexual is indeed the correct terminology for one that attracts to trans men/women and that the general populace are indeed using the wrong word XD as the word transsexual fits right in with Asexual/heterosexual/homosexual/and Bi-sexual. Meh i change my mind transphilic sounds too close to pedophilic i'd say it's good as is.


  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,474
    Thanks Trei
    for your linguistic comments/meditation. It is a developing vocabulary field, and I share your sensitivity to categories ending in "...philic". A poll investigating specific objects of desire is another kettle of fish, almost so many possibilities as to be unwieldy.

    The object of this poll was to focus on each man's self identification as to range of activities/expressions, as compared with typologies of love focus. I have helped a transsexual friend, m2f who found herself in adult life, obtain assistance and ultimately her SRS surgery and post-op support and adaptation.

    I agree Asexual should appear here too, although I do not think I can
    edit the poll given the new site software. Pansexual and or Omnisexual are other candidates. I'll look into that technical

    Great moderne avatar, btw!!

    Happy New Year ALL!!!

    all the very best explorations and deep re-balancing as we experience all the dynamics of the awakening prostate all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 161
    Beautifully said artfrom.."I really" like your sig! it is very neat ; ) Happy new year!