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Close to sleep feels great then I wake up...HELP!!
  • Hello everyone. Not sure how I ended up with a generic name never remember seeing where I could choose it..anyway.

    Background and Bliss:
    I have lurked on the forum for quite a while without posting but I have grown tired of reading others success. I have almost every model, used them for years but have not achieved super O since the first couple of months of trying. It was such a profound experience however that I had to keep trying. It was amazing and beyond words but "out of body", "surreal", "unbelievable", "euphoric" would come the closest.

    Again, words cannot properly express the early success from that experience. I glowed and had a smile for days afterward. When I achieved the bliss like state previously I was using the "Classic" and was deep breathing while reading a book, believe it or not. It hit me out of nowhere. Back then I had No real idea of what to expect (no expectations),

    I can now could see where my expectations and then frustrations ruined attempts after that but I have moved past that now, yet cannot get back there. Not being able to get back to this delightful state I have recently noticed a glimmer of hope. After a long period of not using I had been looking for stress relief. I resorted back to the Aneros models trying to find the magic formula for me.

    The Glimmer of Hope?:
    A few times during extended sessions I would feel twinges of pleasure but nothing sustained. During a couple of sessions after work I started to nod off. In the state between asleep and awake I would receive the most pleasant feelings reminding me of the experience I once had. The problem is that I snap out of this state upon receiving these feelings. Deep breathing and relaxation have not been enough to get me into this state of mind. I have failed on so many attempts that expectations are low from the start.
    Often during sessions I will get a pressure from the muscles around the prostate and the experience is exquisite but I cannot maintain it. Anticipation kicking in perhaps?

    Just seeking some advice that I am having trouble locating. I have read the forums and tried what has worked for others, yet here I am.

    Questions that I can think to ask: :confused:
    Is it a state of meditation that I am not achieving until this dream like state?
    Less brain activity letting my body take over or a different state of mind?
    What has worked for the rest of you that may have experienced the same things?
    Is practicing a form of meditation (which I have not) the answer?
    Am I sabotaging myself somehow? Anticipation of what Could happen?
    I had been depressed in recent years (won't go into details) but did not take meds for it. Snapped out of that funk but still not there. Do I need meds,or should I seek medical attention to be safe?
    Something else I am missing?

    *** "Okay now I feel frustrated but still hopeful after putting it into words"

    -Thanks in advance
  • the norm male orgasm is almost pure physical. this however is almost pure mental.
    try this for your next session, helps me quite a bit.
    clean yourself out, take a long hot bubble bath, really feel the heat penitrate your body, while doing this give yourself contractions and get your prostate awake. go to your room and masturbate for oh, 10 or so minutes. you should be fairly warmed up at this point. now heres the tricky part. turn everything off but some super soft music. get some body lotion and just rub your body feeling yourself your chest, your pecks, your pits, your thighs, your groin. once your comfortable enough just lay back and zone out, turn off the music and lay there not thinking about a dam thing. after you get the, yeah lets do this moment, bust out your anero and just forget about it position your legs in a way so your cheeks dont restrain it," i pull mine apart andlay on my back with a pillow under my upper but/lower back". sometimes depending on how "horny" i am i read some good erotic storys check out "literotica" they usually got some good stuff there..

    its really important to fght the urge to go crazy with the anero for it will just defuse the bomb. you will notice very quick you get super strong urges to contract, the fun part is, feeling those urges rip over your body but dont squeeze instaid suck your gut in and out and holding with your abdomin sucked in you will feel strong pressure on your prostate. rip theses for a lil bit and just let it take you where it wants to go.. NOT where you want it to go. anero is a tool to help preswade your body to orgasm. not to make you orgasm. and just because you dont end up with a lap full of jizz doesnt mean your session sucked. ohyeah an when you get that omg im going to cum feeling ride it dont rock it. chances are your not going to cum so just enjoy that sensation.
  • ohyeah if your in an area and a profession where you can do this.. smoke a small joint. it will keep you in your trance for like 2 or so hours.. i cant do it because things get way heated and i end up just freaking out for 3 hours lol..
  • CarolinaguyCarolinaguy
    Posts: 67
    Sometimes it's quite similar to one of those "magic eye" posters. Where there is a hidden image amongst the patterns . If you allow your eyes and brain relax you will suddenly see the image. Aneros before you become rewired, is a lot like that to me. One rewired, it seems to come very quickly and easier.
    It seems to me that a lot of people who have not reached the super-o tend to get bogged down in minutiae that really doesn't have that much of an effect. I was guilty of this. It took me a long time to get there so I can empathize with the frustration. Over-thinking this is very common and an impediment.
    You know it's possible from earlier success and I know you can get back there.
    There is no definitive roadmap because we are all different and respond in our own ways.
    For me, no outside stimuli like porn and total relaxation with an "if anything happens, it happens" attitude worked for me.
    Others do the total opposite with porn going and various other things and they have success. The good news is that you have been there.
    So there you go. Find what works for you.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 876
    Hello, 826.

    Man, that sounds frustrating as hell. I can tell you from my own experience that the ability to meditate, Zen-style, is really helpful. I tried learning that from books, but it took face-to-face lessons with a Zen Master for me to "get it."

    You said that when you're in the dream-like, semi-sleep state of mind you start to get going. Have you tried just nodding off to sleep with the Aneros in? You might find yourself waking in the middle of a Super-O. That's happened to me many times over the 6 months I've been using these devices. Just be sure you're using a lube system that will hold up for however many hours you might be sleeping. Bear in mind, sleeping with Aneros is NOT recommended by the manufacturer or the experts here for numerous health reasons.

    Best wishes for renewed success,

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 765
    [QUOTE=ten_s_nut;97823]You said that when you're in the dream-like, semi-sleep state of mind you start to get going. Have you tried just nodding off to sleep with the Aneros in? You might find yourself waking in the middle of a Super-O. That's happened to me many times over the 6 months I've been using these devices.

    It's never worked that way for me. I just wake up with a start, like that falling dream you have as you're drifting off into slumber. Never anywhere near any kind of O. THAT'S frustrating.