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First Eupho try
  • ....and may I say, wow!! What a success. I've heard a few people say on the forum boards about what heights one can reach using the Eupho and then the Progasm to "finish you off". OMG!! I've had real success with my Progasm and decided on getting the Eupho, I consider myself a little experienced and have been using Aneros and some other products for prostate massage for about 12 months.

    I was thinking about using it all day long so I was beyond ready. When I got home I saw my package on the table and could not wait to use it that night (the wife works nights). So, I took a nice hot shower then went to the bed where I have the routine of putting out the towel, get out the olive oil (works best for me and it's really cheap). I then lubed myself and the Eupho up and away I went. I noticed it immediately!!! Within 10-15 minutes I was well on my way to a Super-O. 35 minutes in while doing the "nothing" method the Eupho it had a mind of it's own. I could really feel it moving and I concentrated on that feeling. My knees literally started knocking together, I moaned so loud, my penis felt like it was "a sleep" almost numb and I could feel myself burst with a Super-O and with that I thought I was finished. I then realized about what the forum was saying about using the Progasm. I have the Ice, I inserted no problem as I was WAY ready. After 15 minutes the fullness feeling was so much I had yet another big one. I wasn't prepared for such an explosion of pleasure, it was almost to much. I never even finished myself off using my hand. I was very content with the experience I had.

    I highly recommend the combo and my many thanks to the fellas who posted it. Thanks for reading , I had to share. Hope your journey is as fun as mine.

    Blown Mind (still awaiting this name)
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Blown Mind, aka for now, aneros_user44352!! :D :D

    Congratulations Blown Mind!!

    Blown Mind said: ... 35 minutes in while doing the "nothing" method the Eupho it had a mind of it's own. I could really feel it moving and I concentrated on that feeling. ...

    There, IMHO, is the key to the Universe, potentially the full spectrum of energies of which our orgasmic energies are a part, and the open access to Universal Love as the essence of all these energies. In my case, the redoubtable wonderful MGX got me into low Earth orbits and EUPHO is the Starship Extraordinaire; just let it take you there. Welcome Aboard! :D

    And YES, ICE is SO nice and give yourself the freedom to feel all the feelings and sensations it can unleash without being threatened by them. At twelve months we have had about the same timeframe of development. Now into early fifth year here... and it just keeps expanding outward/inward/ caressing and embracing ALL. Blown Mind indeed, "still awaiting this name", and already a true Adept Anerosian!

    all the best experimenting and sequencing to find your journeys through the orgasmic skies and ecstatic energetics galaxies all

  • Nice to know that in your fifth year you still have the journey "alive" in you. What a great future for those of us in the early stages of our journey. We are all together in this great...........well, Artform!!
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Hello, Blown Mind.

    Glad to hear the Eupho worked well for you. I love mine.

    Thanks for the idea of doing back-to-back sessions with Eupho and Ice. I don't have Ice, but the VICE should have the same effect so I'll give it a go.


  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Dave!! :D :D

    My experience with both Ice and Vice is that they are quite different models, with very different response profiles. Ice is SOOOOOOOO smooth and slick that it is highly mobile, particularly in-and-out, butt generally. Vice with me settles in and does wonderful massaging things with only the slightest movement, even if I use the Vibe, which I like leaving out for pure Vice sessions. For me, Ice is closer to Eupho than to Vice, even given their Ice/Vice related shapes. YMMV of course.

    As an aside, mrs. a prefers that I have the Ice in compared to the Vice. She likes the transmitted "bump" of the Ice slamming me and my prostate (1/2"+ in-out travel at least!), ahead of the vibe buzz from the Vice in me. Again, we all have variations in anatomy and responses and YMMV :D :D

    all the best coupled sharing and transmissions all

  • priapusonepriapusone
    Posts: 257
    ummm, i luve it man
  • Blown MindBlown Mind
    Posts: 43
    Update!: The combo still remains. I've been averaging about 1.2 sessions a week, I've just let my body tell me when I'm ready. Anyway, I was about 45 minutes into a descent session and was interrupted by a phone call and then my wife came home from work early (She knows I Aneros anyways NBD). Another 2 hours went by and the wife left to go shopping. By this time I was still well into the mood. I went back upstairs and in the Eupho went, Good Lord!! It hit me right out of the gate. I went rock hard and the numbness went into my penis. I was having a Super-O about 15 minutes end. I then switched to the Progasm and I went to another level, almost to much. This went on for about another 30 minutes. The pleasure never really went away, I was just exhausted. Reflecting back I have noticed a couple things:
    1)Let my body tll me when I'm ready, don't force it.
    2)Stick with the "combo". Can't wait to trey others.
    3)Relax and let the Aneros do it's job.

    I love this journey, I hope you love yours as well.

    Be well,

    Blown Mind.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 862
    Love the Eupho, it's what got me to super-O land for the first time.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Blown Mind;

    I tried your sequential method with Eupho and VICE. Wow, that is an amazing combo. Thanks again for the suggestion.

    Best Regards,

  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    I find the Eupho gives me the best ride of all and I don't need to switch to a different device during my sessions. I believe it is because it is slightly longer that the other models. Its slimness enables it to move more freely.

    I have just started to use the Home made Flax lub, which has been discussed here earlier. I find this to be the best lub I have used so far and has lifted the game even higher (if that is possible).
    Posts: 41
    If you like Eupho->Progasm you should try Eupho->Progasm->Eupho. The mobility of the Eupho seems even better the second time around.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    And for the more 'tight-assed' in the group, my favorite, Maximus->Eupho :) :) :) :D
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well rook!! :D :D

    And ALL!! :D

    After several months of not using Eupho nearly as much, while exploring all the Ice, Vice, Tempo possibilities, and just coming off an intense period of Vice use in particular, therefore more "opened"(though never loose, always able to stay tightly shut), I have had several marvellous Eupho only sessions that seem almost as open and extra mobile as Max>Eupho or Ice>Eupho, or....

    Have had amazing elegant long chain Super-Os with my legs or just thighs quivering at high speed very small amplitude vibrations that trigger all sorts of other orgasmic ecstatics bodily enriching the otherwise still-body-like Super-Os. Is there no end to the variations possible here??? A resounding chorus shouts NO!!!!!!!!! :D

    all the best high mobility multidimensional aneros massages and sequences all

  • Blown MindBlown Mind
    Posts: 43
    [QUOTE=RJT;97706]If you like Eupho->Progasm you should try Eupho->Progasm->Eupho. The mobility of the Eupho seems even better the second time around.

    I was just about to get to that, lol. I did as well go back for seconds on the Eupho during the same session and the contractions were SO intense. Two thumbs up (or butts up haha).