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Different Perspective - Super Hands On
  • Hi Everyone!

    I'm not denigrating the famed "Super O" or "Hands Off O" much discussed in other threads; Congratulations if you experience it.

    But my bell isn't rung that way.

    I get overwhelming pleasure from using my Aneros combined with traditional masturbation. Both the original Aneros MGX and the Progasm are very mobile, massaging my prostate in ways that no other device or hand can. When using the Aneros, either slow & tight masturbation, or a fast & slippery whack-fest, produce a shuddering orgasm that completely drains me.

    For many years, I've used one or the other about once a week (although I do have other sexual outlets), and have no need or desire to devote the time necessary to relearn my sexual stimulation pathways to achieve the "Super O".

    Anyone want to discuss the pleasures of using the Aneros while masturbating in a traditional way?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,786
    Hello Ayounguns and, welcome to the Aneros Forum!

    Congratulations on your joy and pleasure in applying stimulating massage to your prostate during masturbation.

    Most members in the Aneros Forum enjoy this action for occasional mental, emotional or physical release. While individual styles vary, many of us combine the Aneros with a sleeve like Fleshlight or plain old Merry 5-fingers to achieve what we call a "Super-T." Generally, this is a progressive edging that balances penile stim with prostate massage to build extreme arousal prior to orgasmic release. More advanced use also employs Tantra or other spiritual techniques to build energy levels.

    A basic approach to the Super-T is detailed in section 1.13 of the Wiki, -- Advanced Skills - Aneros Wiki --. Please check it out. Should you employ a few tricks that aren't mentioned there, please share by sending them as suggested additions to the Wiki. -- Aneros Wiki --

    Those of us who use the Aneros for therapeutic massage (perhaps for bph) employ the Super-T finish to maximize our, "clearing of the tubes."
  • Sometimes after having multiple Super-O's and wanting to have the traditional orgasm, I have a somewhat hands on ending.
    I take the Hitachi magic wand set to low and place it just under the head of my penis. Works every time.
    So I guess it is hands on but technically my hand never touched a thing.