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  • newbie1newbie1
    Posts: 4
    WOW! After at least 2 years of occasionally trying to achieve the super O. Today was the day! No one was home and I hadn't been home all weekend, so I haven't had sex in a week. My biggest problem was relaxing. So, today I found some pot and I had a few tokes in the garage. I then went and inserted my MGX. I had previously done everything including cutting off the handle. I just thought this darn thing was the wrong size. So, I lay down in bed and put on some relaxation music. Almost instantly I felt something I had never felt before. I believe I felt this thing rubbing my prostate. The sensations were so different than anything I had felt before. It was almost like the pot brought my mind to focus on the prostate. This felt terrific, as I was holding it in the feelings got more intense, however they would only peek when I played with my nipples. I started trembling like a crazy man. When I stopped playing with my nipples the feelings subsided, but as soon as I started touching them I was off to the races. I could not believe how much I had the desire to have that aneros so deep inside me. It was amazing. I could not believe I had taken so long to feel that wonderful feeling. I was almost angry that I could not feel this without the pot. I am hoping now that I know where I am to feel those sensations I can track them down without the other stimulant. But let me tell you I will not try long without the pot because I want to feel that feeling as soon as possible. I hope no one is home tomorrow. WOW!
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  • stustu
    Posts: 43
    Maybe they could bring out an Aneros + marijuana bundle.