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Something quite helpful....maybe?
  • I know everyone is different. I know what works for one person, may not work for another. And I know it's your own journey and you need to find your own way and what works for you. Having said all that....I was reading another post and I thought there was a couple of key points made that I would like to share. I myself found them to make a lot of sense and very useful. One was by TeeJay. He said (so elegantly lol)

    If I was asked to give one word of advice to new users it would be: Try to shit-n-piss while thinking about something that gets you real hot".

    As long as your bowels and bladder are empty to begin a session, this works. I don't think beginners realize that they are not really, really relaxed. Now this is not to say to push outwards like your having a bowel movement. Just let these muscles go. Try it. The other helpful piece of info kind of goes hand in hand and will help also. Ten_s_nut wrote

    Getting comfortable and truly relaxed are important. One other very important first step is, make sure you know what sustained prostate contact feels like. Then, when you use the Helix, remember that sensation. The rest will follow, eventually.

    This I believe is huge. I think a lot of people, myself included, don't think of "sustained" contact. I always thought I should be looking for a tapping or rubbing of the prostate. But this makes a lot of sense to me and very well could be the little advice I needed to have a SUPER-O. Maybe everyone else already knew this. I don't know. In all the posts and threads I've read along the way, I can't say I remember ever reading about "sustained" contatct. Like I said, maybe I'm wrong.
    I wasn't even going to write this but I thought, hell, if I thought this was helpful, maybe others will also. I hope it is.
    Thanks btw to TeeJay and ten_s_nut. This is great advice. I can only speak for myself, but these two pieces may be the most helpful I have read or been given. I hope not to offend anyone by saying that. I just think a lot can be learned from this info. It speaks volumes. At least to me. Thx and good luck everyone.
  • Thanks for this post, I'm really pleased you did decide to write this, I think that is great advice, my first amazing dry orgasm occurred when I wasn't really trying at all, just simply relaxing with the aneros just resting on my prostate.
    I love the idea of gently trying to piss & shit with the aneros in to relax the muscles, I will certainly give this a go next time!
  • artformartform
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    Hi craig030713 and goldenboyuk!!! :D :D :D

    Yes gbuk, that is indeed a great pathway that you, and many others, have found, butt for those who need a boost this sounds great craig030713, TeeJay and ten_s_nut!!!,! Thanks craig for putting this together.

    I find this is also part of what naturally comes to one during some forms of anerosless sessions, and just doing this, with nothing in there, can trigger many things and amplify more! :D So, a possible wider application to a wider audience.

    all the best learning the widest possible ecstatic body moves and rewiring for them all all