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Your biggest breakthroughs
  • grayfoxgrayfox
    Posts: 81

    some of you may know me as one of the "less successful aneros users". I'm now at a point in my 1.5 year journey where I've learned a lot of things.

    - I've learned that there is no wrong and right in aneros use

    - I've learned that everyone's journey is individual and that I shouldn't compare myself to others

    - I've learned that I shouldn't watch out for this special technique that will get me straight to the super-O

    - I've learned that I can't actively force or induce the super-O by some physical actions

    - I've learned that my goal shouldn't even be the super-O but enjoying my sessions

    - I've learned about the concept of deeply relaxing instead of trying out weird contraction patterns or other things like that

    It feels like mentally I'm really on the right track. I'm very relaxed and able to enjoy my sessions but looking at it more objectively the next day, I'm still lacking physical progress for what is probably about half a year now. And this is sth which is really frustrating me in a longterm sense. I've tried out a lot of things in my life and usually I'm able to learn things pretty quickly so that I have complete control over my pace of progress. This is completely not the fact for my anerosessions and this really bothers me. Again, I'm not looking for the magical recipe which will get me to super-O land every next session but I'd like to have a tiny sign that I'm still on the right track.
    This is like learning the physical motion of sth like a tennis serve. I feel like my technique for performing a clean serve gets better and better whereas my serve will still keep hitting the net.

    How did this go for your journey? Was it a single breakthrough that really got you further or was it a slow and steady progress? Did you have a special trigger like a new technique or a new understanding of your device? What do you think hinders my physical progress then?

    Thanks in advance
  • It took me 20 months. I thought that was a long time, too.

    I had a hard time not having expectations, and I was always looking for something that I wasn't finding. But having it clamp down on my spot at the moment of truth was enough to keep me tinkering. I liked it, but I was disappointed with it overall.

    And then about a week or two ago, it just crept up on me.

    My advice to anyone is to just get in the habit of using it and stop thinking about all this stuff on the forum. Especially talk about the amount of time it will take to work. You shouldn't even be allowed to read the raves until you make it go because it just sets your expectations too high for you to pick up the required sensations that you need to feel in order to GET THERE.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889

    Micah is right. Reading raves on the Forum and thinking, thinking, thinking about what to do next are counterproductive. Regular practice is your best bet.

    You already know from a previous thread of yours that my "breakthrough" was accidental and you've already tried napping or sleeping with the Aneros, so that's a non-starter. One person's lucky break doesn't translate into anything for anybody else.

    I remember you mentioned somewhere that you don't have sex and don't get erections. You might want to focus on getting the basic "machinery" to work first, before spending a lot of time with Aneros. Just a thought.

    Best regards and wishes for you to make more progress,

  • brewsterbrewster
    Posts: 2
    My biggest breakthrough was switching from the Progasm to the Helix. ( I'm 5 foot 7 ). The progasm was overreaching and missing my prostate, which I didn't realize until I got the helix.
  • grayfoxgrayfox
    Posts: 81
    [QUOTE=ten_s_nut;96597]I remember you mentioned somewhere that you don't have sex and don't get erections. You might want to focus on getting the basic "machinery" to work first, before spending a lot of time with Aneros. Just a thought.

    I think you're confusing me with someone else because I can't remember having written sth. like that.

    Anyways, I'm using both, the Helix and Progasm and both provide quite different feelings but I wouldn't declare one of them as being "superior" to the other. But as ten_s_nut said, I will stop chasing those little "things" that made others succeed and just go my way.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Grayfox, :)

    You are right on track! Matter of fact you are well ahead of me when I was at the 1.5 year mark. So that should be happy news for you. I'm a bit over four years into my journey now and still no super-O, but quite pleasurable sessions with one mini-O about a year ago.

    It's never been one single break though for me. But slow and steady progress and revelations. One lesson built upon another. Keep at it and practice regularly. :)