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Over a year and still nothing!!!
  • I am kinda pissed. I have tried everything. All I can do is make it increase the orgasm just slightly. NOTHING MORE! No G spot stimulation or anything. When it does work its only for a short period and it is because I am moving the device to touch the "area" by hand!

    I posted for help when I first got it and ive tried everything.

    Dry fucking the pillows or bed
    flexing of the sphincter
    flexing of the buttocks
    repositioned in many ways
    not fully inserted
    fully inserted to where it can not get any closer
    walked around with it in
    slept with it in
    tried the so called hypnotherapy disc

    So why wont it work. Dont say I tried too hard its been a year ive prolly spent 75% of my time with it NOT TRYING! Just using it as a mild stimulant.


    So what the hell do I do? Is there a better device to use or what?
    I got the MGZ or the SGX from what I can see of pictures. I gave up on this thing long ago but I am like whatever maybe if I bitch bad enough one of you lucky bastards who found a way to make one of these overglorified products work, will have a tip that will actually work.

    Good thing is I think I have tried nearly every piece of advise that is complete bullshit so I will not be able to spot someone who has advise that could be beneficial and not a waste of 12 months.

    Also pain or discomfort is not the problem either... I have tried many ways to achieve this O in many ways. Just the ways I achieved it could have been dangerous or damaging and just a pain to reach because of obvious physical limits of where it is you have to reach alone. That is why I bought this thing in the first place
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Good Morning aner0snoob and welcome back to the Forum !

    Sorry for the difficulties you are experiencing; however, in looking back at the advice you received from some very experienced guys in this Forum, you seem to be 'fighting your journey' by tooth and toenail.

    This is your third post. On 12/30/09 you made an honest request for help and received several responses. The following day your second post tends to show that we either went over your head or that you didn't understood what was being said by several very credible gents in this Forum.

    There's no record of any further requests for help or for clarification for 14 months. Now, your hackles seem raised and there's both disappointment and hostility here that is really counterproductive. So, here's what I'd propose:

    1. Take a deep breath.
    2. Take a look at your prior posts at this link: -- --
    3. Make some notes about what wasn't clear or understood...
    4. Read the pages (some of them are admittedly long) that you'll find in the beginner's section -- here's a link to that:
    -- --
    MEMORIZE the major points in Cockadoodle's page, "PENIS_NOT" and, swear to yourself that you'll not violate that anytime you have an Aneros tool inside you.
    5. If something doesn't make sense, look to the glossary in the Wiki for clarification. The link to the Wiki is at the top of this page.
    6. Knock off pillow thrusting and any attempt at or thought of ejaculation while you are inserted. After you dry-O a few times you may consider a Super-T.
    7. Calm down and don't wait another 14 months to make a request for help -- waiting to communicate is time wasted and causes needless frustration and anger.
    8. Pass on to guys who attempt to PM you that the "O" in is actually a 'zero.' Perhaps gents who tried to help wound up with their messages going to another member who is named .

    Hope this helps get your started out on the right foot.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Have you ever tried to enjoy a beautiful scenic vista with a grain of irritating dust under one eyelid? It is so minute that it doesn't really affect your vision but it is huge in its ability to spoil your aesthetic appreciation of the experience.[QUOTE=aner0snoob;84536]Why isnt this working???you asked in your initial Forum post and at that time I advised that you just be patient. Now, 15 months later, that advice doesn't seem to have helped so there must be something else at work here. You said I have tried everything., while you probably have tried many techniques, expecting something to work, it is obvious you are still frustrated and even angry about your lack of progress.I am kinda pissed. ...bastards... overglorified products... advise that is complete bullshit...Such comments do not endear your fellow members to help you nor does such an negative attitude bode well for any future success. While enhanced Aneros practice techniques may be beneficial, instead of asking for more techniques to try, perhaps it is time to ask yourself why none of these existing techniques have been successful?

    What is the bit of dust that is creating your obstacle to clearly seeing your way to enjoyment? Here is a list of obstacles which may be contributing to your 'bit of dust'. Any one of those listed elements could be interfering with your journey. I think you may need to clear the obstacles before further progress is likely.
  • 15 months sounds pretty patient dont you think? Thrusting was giving up prolly about 13 months ago. I did listen, tried all your poses, read all your replies, clicked on all your links, etc etc etc.

    I am just done with all this hippy hibbity jibbity because it just goes in circles and leads absolutely nowhere. Not like I refused your help before and still wont. I tried your advise and its been 15 months so I am ready for sum new advise such as. Your doing this wrong or this product is not for you use this.

    You DO NOT need to be in this whole relaxing on a beach meditation mind and ease body is free crap to reach this O. I know for a fact and there is no argument because I have reached this O with a freaking normal vibrator and proper movement and angling.

    But the meditation way gives you a better one. Ok maybe it does but its not working and not worth it to me I just want that big O.

    Ive read answer and question websites. Some so far back as 2003. I have read the wiki, read the manual, I remember even reading a manual someone else made for those who cant get it to work by reading the manual that came with their product.

    I am just saying giving me the short and simple version and not the hippy version. 15 months is too freaking long. Waste of my hard earned money. Overglorified product and I am not the only one dissappointed in it after hearing about all its hype to get you to buy it. When you get it, you feel like a kid who bought a pack of fruit gushers expecting your head to change shapes and then when you bite into it... it does nothing.

    Wouldn't you be "hostile" too?
  • anal funanal fun
    Posts: 51
    Hi Aner0snoob,
    Sorry to hear of your problems,but rook and rumel have given you good advice there.I think the root of your problem is your frustration and anger,although understandable,you will never obtain your goal of the super O until you get in the right frame of mind,probably 90% of reaching multiple orgasms and the sometimes elusive super O is state of mind rather than what's between your legs.You must learn to not focus on your genitals but on pleasuring the whole body.
    The fact that you are experiencing some pleasure shows that you are capable of achieving multiple orgasms,every man is ,it's just re training your mind and body to experience them.Anger and frustration are killing your sessions.It may help if you attended some meditation and relaxation classes to learn how to reduce the anger and frustration.
    I hope you achieve results soon,another thing to think about is whether the aneros model is suiting you body,try experimenting with different models to find which gives you the most pleasure.
    Hope these replies are of help.
  • Like I keep saying I have followed this age old advice and i doubt its cuz of frustration. I stated in the first post do not accuse the problem being that i try too hard. Like I said after the first few months I stopped trying and gave up. I still used it, just I used it as a secondary form of pleasure during the ejactulatory period. So it can not be from frustration either. The frustration came last night when I realised its been a year and this stupid piece of shit still has not worked. They should advertise that it takes over a year before it becomes useful before you buy it. Instead its omg its awesome. Worked miracles. Guarunteed to work. Doctor approved etc etc. I would not reccomend this to anyone...

    I do not need to reprogram myself to reach the O. Again I have proven that LONG before aneros... I need to reprogram myself to use the Aneros maybe. and if that is the case I deserve a refund and a referral to a device that does not involve all this hippy spiritual bullcrap. So what device flat out stimulates it. Don't tell me there isn't one cuz ive used multiple objects and got that effect...

    and no I am not this NAT but thank you for your unwanted pointless and flat out useless reply. You kinda seem like the aneros... worthless
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 876
    Hello, aner0snoob

    You know, if I'd tried to make something work for over a year and got nowhere, I'd be mad as hell. Actually, I'd have quit after about 90 days. Going over a year shows you have a lot more patience than me.

    You don't need any hippie-dippy philosophy to get Aneros to "work." Plain old hedonism will suffice.

    The first key to success is getting whatever model Aneros you have to make firm contact with your prostate. Obviously, you know what prostate contact feels like when you use a vibrator. Once you have the Aneros on the spot, everything else should fall into place if you can keep your hands off your dick.

    Given that you know how to use a vibe on your prostate, maybe you should try the Aneros VICE. The vibe in that device drives me straight into super-O land within minutes.

    Best of luck to you, and...


  • THANK YOU DAVE! Finally someone got it... You are exactly right. It can hit the spot if I adjust it right but 2 seconds later it losses contact. I will give that device a look and order when I got sum cash to take a risk with again... and ya the vibe ROCKED just having to stretch my entire body to apply pressure sucked lol
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    aner0snoob, I feel your pain. I've had the aneros over a year and have never experienced a dry-o yet. I'm just now noticing signs that something might be happening. I used to use the MGX, but got the progasm and felt it was much better for me. If you've experienced a dry-o with a vibrator, that's great! I'd love to hear your experience if you ever get the vice.

    I personally feel like I've learned things that I could share with you that you most likely wouldn't come by the forum... but the main thing I've learned through all of my trial and error is to be grateful for the smallest things and turn any negative into a positive. Instead of feeling envy for someone who has experienced super-o, I turn that into a positive intention and desire, and I imagine myself experiencing that O, and feeling a sense of happiness.

    At the end of the day I feel like my mental attitude and wisdom is more important than the aneros, as I find lots of pleasure outside of aneros use and am able to apply my wisdom to other areas of life, especially solo and partnered sex.